[CLOSED] Legal Wrapper and LLC

Guild: CHARM3D
Treasury: charm3d.sputnik-dao.near
Council Members: rhymetaylor.near @qsa.near

As we move forward with our initiatives with partners and within the near ecosystem, it becomes increasingly important to have all legal filings and protections in order.

We are asking for support to establish the legal wrapper and LLC for Charm3d.io


registering fee for Tennessee: $199

operating agreement, EIN & licenses: $200

Legal Zoom filing fee: $349

Total requested: $848

Thank you for your support.



@creativesdao-council just wanted to tag the council for visibility.


Hello, @rhymetaylor!

Unfortunately, we cannot support this proposal as Creatives DAO only funds community-based initiatives and not a project. Feel free to establish your own DAO and let’s see if we are able to support it. To do so, kindly refer to this link: How to submit a funding proposal on Creatives DAO

It is a DAO and is actively operating in the near ecosystem?

I would appreciate the opportunity to respond before my proposal is closed without conversation or acknowledgement for almost a month.

Go on, we can open it once again :slight_smile: although it is a DAO, but this is an individual project and not a community-based one.

What part is not community based? Our dao purpose is literally onboarding and educating for the near ecosystem and building web3 integrations for communities looking to move their communities onto the blockchain, and working with numerous other daos and projects to accomplish such.

Can you share with us your introduction? Feel free to use this as reference:

I had attached the introduction to this proposal already. Here is the link again.

With the Asher Roth community, we have been holding educational sessions in his discord to set members up with wallets, NFTs for token gated access and intro into daos, which we will be formally establishing for them at the conclusion of their community music project.

We are also setting up an NFT campaign for the upcoming mini tour in which ticket buyers can receive a free NFT that can be redeemed for a discount in the merch store, that we have made web3 compatible.