Welcoming Charm3d.io

This is an introduction of a new project to the creatives dao. charm3d.io

I have spoken to members of the council and others about our new endeavor, but wanted to take the time to formally present our project to the NEAR Ecosystem

We are using Charm3d.io to bridge web3 and pop culture through workshops, live events, multimedia and the metaverse.

Our goal with Charm3D/Charmed 3.0 is to support the development of individual web3 ecosystems and empower aspiring web3 communities through application, education, and events. There is a massive void in resources and opportunity that speak to and engage the less experienced, as society as a whole, moves towards life on the blockchain.

We are approaching this umbrella brand through several lenses.

  1. Education and empowering the next generation is the core of everything we do. Whether we are hosting in-person workshops or online in the metaverse, offering tangible and consumer-centric experiences will be a key to educating communities.
    This would range from beginners and how to get started, to how to fully immerse yourself in a web3 economy. The best ability is availability and we want our networks to feel accessible to knowledge.

We have had deep discussions with Nearhub.online (@jefedeoro) about a multitude of activations that will give aspiring web3 participants the opportunity to learn and experience all things web3 and the metaverse.

  1. The curation of multimedia content, which we will use for education and engagement purposes. Video is the NUMBER ONE source of information for 66% of people. Not everybody will be able to attend a physical workshop, or even a metaverse event, but everybody watches video on their phone and it is our responsibility and opportunity, as leaders in this space, to create content that can live online forever, or until the chosen centralized platform collapses. To do this, we are collaborating across the NEAR ecosystem to highlight people, projects and possibilities in various contexts.

  2. Events in practice. We are positioned to be the living example for what a foundational web3 ecosystem can look like. So that is what we are going to do. This will include curating our own experiences to demonstrate the utility and value of blockchain technology and NFTs, in practice, to larger audiences. These will be less intimate workshops, more displays and application of our tools and concepts in action, integrating into concerts, pop-ups, boutique galleries and other experiences.

Rather than creating new routines for audiences, we are aiming to improve the existing routines of target demographics. While, curating some pretty dope new experiences along the way.

The web3 space is still foreign and intimidating for the overwhelming majority of people, people that are going to be active participants in this space eventually, but arent right now, because of a lack of resources and knowledge to do so.

That is why we want to provide the platforms for those across the spectrum of understanding, with a large focus of our approach predicated on community-based workshops with strategic partners. Ultimately, we look to put into practice the different tools that facilitate web3 experiences.

Currently, we are working on putting together our first series of workshops/educational events in Nashville, Louisville, Los Angeles, Evansville and Indianapolis, with several other locations having opened preliminary discussions.

In addition, one of our first projects and undertakings has been developing the NFT and web3 strategy for platinum-selling artist, Asher Roth (Login • Instagram)
Asher Roth Spotify Link

We have been emphasizing the benefits of operating on NEAR and the features we are able to create for his community and others, and would love to assemble the NEAR Avengers to launch his project into the stratosphere.

We have a plethora of ideas we have presented, but I’ve seen what this ecosystem can do when we all come together, and I think we can make a lot of noise, as the conversations and planning stages thus far, have been auspicious.

That is just a little bit about what we are moving into. I would love love love to hear from the community, and welcome any insight they may bring.

To list some of our current working partners include:
The Auction
Harmonic Technology Guild
enrollmint.io (an NFT membership platform built with Arroz Estudios, Harmonic, and Dao Records)



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Much appreciated. We are excited about what we have brewing.

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hey @rhymetaylor Welcome you and Charm3d.io to Creatives DAO.