[Closed] Feb-March 2023, Near Guerrilla Marketing on Quora ( via QA) & Altcoinstalks (Debate) to increase the Blockcain social presence and relevency in the industry

Hi Near Community!

I’m excited to share with you a growth strategy that will not only increase your social presence, adopters, but also foster the ecosystem’s relevancy, accessibility and understanding around the world via key social forums that plays a big part in leading knowledge and opinion such as Quora and Altcoinstalks. [e.g: social marketing and blog ]

  • What’s thenethypers [dot] com?

Thenethypers is a collective group of blockchain based project growth marketers. We offer inclusive social marketing strategy, from community building, management, engagement, project awareness and social growth via guerrilla marketing, copywriting QA, debating on forums, sharing contents on top crypto platforms and […]. We aim at helping project scale through a diverse social platform to raise believers and potential adopters.

In short words, we do what media cast on their channels but with a difference of triggering target audience on the right platform through engagement.

  • The Proposal

I’m proposing a simple strategy that worked with crypto project such as Wbroker ( a crypto and forex trading app based on HK), Waykichain ( Blockchain project available on top crypto exchange, DMX( a liquidity mining and yield protocol) and others.

It’s based on 2 sessions. (1) session is about copywriting series of short articles(150-200 words) based on QA format, from 200-500 unique copies embracing all possible community questions, development structure and other aspect the Team would want to share to the world. (2) session is about creating and debating on recent news, events and new thriving projects in the Near ecosystem.

  • How does it work ?

By this, we strategize the work through activities and profiles.

>/Team Work!

(1) QUORA - session is made up of 3 team, copywriters, 5 in total, to diversify the writing language and level of understanding, Questions posters, 10 in total, and end 20 Answers posters. 35 collaborators to get the first session done! Here, each team is successive. Content writers will conclude the work and get approval from the core team first. Furthering, the QA posting starts organically; 2-3 QA /DAY on Quora with linking cryptocurrency and financial forums to follow SEO rules.

(2) ALTCOINSTALKS - session is made up of 2 Team, Altcoinstalks topic builders and posters, 10 in total and 20 debaters or chatters around the topic to significantly trigger more viewers or readers. 1-21 TOPIC+DEBATE/DAY in Altcoins, Coins and Blockchain related forums and respect in regard to Altcoinstalks spam rules.


By this, we determine the time to spend on each forum to fulfil and or complete the task. Per experience, 1 month per forum is convenient to lay great emphasis and welcome new believers.

  • Budget

The budget is not standard and might change based on requirement and need. Below follows the norms adopted by other partners.

(1) QUORA - QA (200 MAX WORDS/ARTICLE) : $3 ( USD) /ARTICLE (QA) & $1 / QA/POST. 100 Articles minimum to order… Thus, a total budget of $400 (USD) for 100 QA Articles and Posts.

(2) ALCOINTALKS - TOPIC+DEBATE : $5 ( USD) / TOPIC+DEBATE. Including Topic creation and 10 organic Comment -Debate format. ( scheme by time frame). 50 minimum to order. Thus, a total budget of $250 ( USD)/ Topic+Debate on altcoinstalks.

-Total Budget including both QUORA & ALTCOINSTALKS: $650/ MONTH

Near ID: simebat.near

  • Other offers: Thenethypers offers more strategy to ensure community growth and management through engagement to social presence. We are creative and do change tactic to thrive in the Crypto Space. Helping project visibility and social engagement will always be our focus.


Please this is supposed to be a private proposal, however, Near Foundation requires all proposal to be sent on the community Forum. Kindly, respect it and let us keep serving in the blockchain industry.

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Link posting aren’t supported, so i can’t share the - Past Experience:

Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

Thanks for your proposal,

Can you provide more information on the makeup of the teams? In particular, I’d like to learn more about:

  • The experience that the teams have on NEAR protocol. Do they have the depth of understanding it would take to draft these messages on this platforms to a high quality?
  • How the topics for each post will be chosen? Can we align them with the strategic goals for NEAR?


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You should have an email by this time!, wondering why , it’s not delivered right here

Hi @fortune1 – did you email the MarketingDAO? You can reach us at marketingdao@proton.me.

In general, I think the idea of leveraging Quora is interesting - not a use case we have funded before.

A few things that would help me understand more about the project:

  • Do you have any past examples you can share of previous campaigns you’ve carried out?
  • Do you have any projection/expectation around metrics and reach via a campaign like this?
  • Is there anything about the team’s background that allows you to have authority on Quora? Like a past track record of responses there?

You should also fill out the Marketing DAO application form if you haven’t already:

Thanks for your questions!

First, we are copywriters and marketers. We have worked with a couple of project in the space already and have a track of work. We have developed that strategy for many projects. Furthermore, we were’n’t their core ecosystem users first, but we basically went through the documents and read as well as learning in the perspective of the task. Of course, most of the content we are sharing are majorly directed by the top manager or head of marketing. The contests of writing are chosen by the core team, and we proceed based on our finding and learning as short as possible to make lots of unique versatile contents that will be checked and verified by a brand manager first. At that stage, we just work out the contents. However, Altcoinstalks is a welcoming environment for all debates about crypto (if only users can follow rules), the discussion might look personalize and challenging to build a diversity of opinion about a matter and how the problem is being handled.

  1. Honestly, I personally bought and traded near coin, have experienced with minting nfts. Held for a couple of months before. Never used it for interacting with the dao ecosystem. I’d really like to submit this proposal the other way, since it’s all about the growth marketing. But, I understand the process and must follow it. The other team members, as copywriter, posters, chatters are all crypto enthusiasts, understand, research and opine. Each platform has a speaking canva, Quora would require, high quality contents on QAs, that’s why, it embraces lots of process to comply with the team need. Alcoinstalks is basically for critic thinking. Of course, users must be knowledgable ones. Indeed, we are not active Near protocol users. ( sorry for being direct)

  2. Yes, and that’s all about the work. We are free to write the QAs based on a perspective, or team will design a scope of the contents title for us to focus on. The Altcoinstalks’ everyday’s topics might fail in lign with the team actions, news, updates or the strategic plans. Altcoinstalks can have over 2,000 viewers in less than an hour and more. To say that, almost knew something about Near protocol on altcoinstalk. Near protocol might have a forum on the Blockchain list when it comes out to be a recurring topic on the platform. Definitely, the content can be aligned with the strategic goals for NEAR?

We just help at increasing social presence by the right way as the team wish. That’s how we help the crypto ecosystem. Fairer and cleaner way accepted by all. We don’t impose our work, the DAO can also build such a thing to enforce presence on other platforms. It’ll be a win for the industry.

Bellow, you can see a sample file of designed scope of work from one of our client ( may this be considered private) [ the file couldn’t send due to some reasosns i may not be able to explain]

Hi @fortune1 – thanks for answering the questions. I’ve reviewed this proposal, and I cannot support it. I want to share my reasons:

  • The idea behind this is not a bad one – I think using Quora and the methods you’re describing could be useful as a growth tactic. But for a campaign like this to be effective, you would need to be directed by a specific project. You mentioned working in the past under the direction of a head of marketing. The MarketingDAO is not set up to direct and manage a team like yours at present, and without the oversight and management, I do not think this campaign will be as effective as it would be otherwise.
  • If you were working closely with a specific project in the NEAR ecosystem, and that project team came to use to request funding for growth hacking along the lines of your proposal, I would be more confident in being able to support it (obviously it would depend on the specific circumstances).
  • I also cannot support a proposal when I am not able to see examples of work – there are no links or examples of your work available here on the forum or in the form you submitted.

Those are my key reasons. I encourage you to keep participating in the NEAR ecosystem. Thanks!

Thank you for your proposal! Unfortunately, I can’t support your proposal at the moment! Could you please reach me out on telegram @kmotiv ?

yes sure, thank you!

unfortunately, i can’t share any file on the forum, and all my replies via emails are never delivered on the platform. [maybe you may want to have a look at this.] , so basically, my early user status doesn’t let me send in any form of files or links!

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Hi @fortune1 i have reviewed your proposal and the comments from council.

I like your proposal but would echo the suggestion from @so608 to start by reaching out to an existing project that is building on Near to test out your ideas. I note that you have been unable to share any past work and feel that i am unable to support at this stage.

Please feel free to continue to develop your ideas and reach out again in the future.

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