[Approved] Merchants of Near 2022

Hey there Partners, Fam, Neareans & PioNears :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for all the support you have been giving to the Near Community @marketingdao-council

I will share some background first

The Merchants Guild Leader had to leave the Guild for personal matters, so this was a process on how to keep growing our unofficial Near Telegram group, on where we get initiatives from members like @Mansa.Keita here:

The key point we evolved from that proposal is that now the leadership is shared with the whole community, we have a council group with the 18 most active members :cowboy_hat_face: and we have now 11 councils on the Merchants DAO, so now we are giving example to all the on-chain communities on how we all can take good steps into decentralization and democracy, allowing everyone to participate and grow.

With that being said, I am excited to know your feedback and use your advice on the following proposal we all agreed on during an open meeting with the whole Merchants Guild.


Special thanks to @David_NEAR for joining one of our meetings and giving us advice on what we could do to help Near Marketing in general

  • Guild name: Merchants of Near
  • Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:

We will like to keep growing, we have one of the biggest unofficial communities all over the Blockchain Ecosystem, with more than 2.300 members, where Neareans can speak freely and share any off-topics, and mostly discuss price predictions, tokenomics, and other financial related topics.

Vision: Biggest Trading On-chain Community related to Blockchain

Mision: To allow all the growth of the NEAR Community by providing a space for any topic discussion

Goals: To grow the community’s awareness of financial tools and price predictions by running price contests and providing educational content

The main activities to carry on:

  • Price Prediction Contests
    → Deliverable: Social media outreach with Tradingview + Medium + Twitter
  • Content Creation
    → Videos and Publications made by the community and curated by the councils
  • Educational Growth
    → Webinars, Meetings, and educational documentation construction with the goal of a Near Certified Trading course creation.

Expected impact

  • Increase in the social media interactions related to NEAR on Twitter and other social media by spreading information about NEAR tokens and price predictions.
  • Professionalization of the members, guiding them through the educational content and the trading course.
  • More participation from the Neareans in activities that help the growth of the Near Ecosystem.

Metrics for measuring success

  1. +20% growth in the next 2 months
  • 2.600 → 3.000 members
  • 80 → 100 participants
  1. Near Certified Trading Course documentation → at least 10 hours of content

  2. 1 Partnership with an educational team on Near Ecosystem like Near Academy.

Funding Details

  • Total: $5.000 USD

72% of the funding request is for the whole community + there are few tasks for the councils and there was an open call for the councils, related to taking care of the communication channels like Twitter, Medium, Reddit, and the telegram.

Funds will be received on The Merchants DAO where we have 11 council members.

  • Guidance for the use of the funding (taking into account OWS experience):
Focus Activity Reward Nominated Budget
Leadership Shared with the community No reward asked Councils $0
Course Near Certified Trader - Materials will be created to build up the educational / documentation $1000 Mansa $1000
Contest Organization and Structure for the Contests No reward asked Fritz $0
Contest Price prediction rewards 400 USD per week Everyone $1600
Content Editor and Creator >8 own publications + curating other publications 400 USD Yuppie $400
Content Articles including trading analysis about NEAR tokens on TradingView + Medium + Twitter 50 USD per 500 words Everyone $500
Content Create a video over NEAR price-related topics, technical analysis tutorials, guides, etc 50 USD (3-5 minutes) Everyone $500
Community Responsable for the Group Safety / Moderation 200 USD Thanos $200
Community Twitter + Reddit Community Management 200 USD 9ce $200
Community Organazing members activities / Video&Articles Review 400 USD Monish $400
Community Sharing teachings, suggestions to improve trading and updating the guild with news on webinars/meetups 100 USD bi-weekly Mansa $200
Community If more content is created + Backup + Solve past contest situation - - $1000

*The activities will be related to NEAR tokens
*Contributors will need to request approval before starting any activity.
*Everything will be posted on social media, interaction will be taken into account, and the council members will have the final decision into rewarding those activities.
*In order to withdraw the funds, there is always a report or post on the forum. All payments will be sent from the DAO after the report is received and the community will have a chance to provide feedback.

Info about past contest situation

Copy of Merchants of NEAR Contest Tracking - Google Sheets

Cheers, and



Merchants of NEAR is a great community within our ecosystem, I would love to see them in operations again, and thanks to @FritzWorm and all the new council members that are joining forces to make this happen :+1: :beers:

PD: Agreed with the funding proposed. I see big value and fair amounts.


Great to see it resume.
Very happy to see more and more tasks for more involvement of community.

You will be needing more funds for contests.
You are aiming 100 person. Means for monthly participation in 4 weeks you will need 200 near tokens which is 2500$+ as of now.
Plus weekly and monthly rewards.


The way the contests will be done will be changed??


Great proposal guys. Happy to support .


Hello, with the $400 we will be able to reward the best 10 price predictions.

Hello, there will be changes yes, no more need to fill a form to participate, but the participation will not be just on telegram.

Participants now will have to share a tradingview.com analysis on twitter.com using some tags and hashtags, the idea is to help more to create awareness outside our telegram group.

I am happy you see this as an improvement and that now we have more open opportunities to all.

Big hug and cheers :beers:


excellent ! 100% support!
I’ll serve to this initiative with my collaboration.


So we will be removing the 4 weeks regular participation rewards of 2 near which was given to those who posted their analysis every week for being consistent


We can run a poll on the Telegram, and discuss this further there and come later here with the final outcome for this month.

And yeah I think that at the end of the month the best 10 consistent good analysis can get additional reward from the 4 weeks.

Big hug :beers:


Well written proposal. Also happy to support


I am delighted to know that this project has taken a new direction and is on the way to growth. I would love to participate!

The best is yet to come!


Nice to see the Merchants of Near Active again…


Thanks for the thorough proposal and the clear budget breakdown. Happy to support this. It is now approved on the Forum. You can post on Astro.


Hello, thanks for the support :hugs: :partying_face: :beers:

Here the link to astrodao poll: Astro

@Dacha @cryptocredit @so608


First Weekly Contest Report

With the new setup for the contest, we are doing a lot of $NEAR promotions on Twitter and Tradingview social networks.

Here is what we share this week (16-22 May):


Feedback: Tradingview link missed



Feedback: Good partner. You can add price target on the same Twitter thread


Feedback: Price Target should be clear


Feedback: Tag Merchants :wink:



Feedback: Tradingview link missed


Feedback: Price Target should be clear, add $NEAR and $USN, and add tags for Merchants and NEAR.


Feedback: Nice one! For more exposure of $USN you can say: my prediction for next Sunday at 23:59 UTC is $4.5 $USN

Spreadsheet: Merchants of NEAR Contest Tracking (Fritz) - Google Sheets


Second Weekly Contest Report

So, we are improving, and now we get many more predictions, but I take the time to review deeply each one of those, to check if they really did a Tradingview post.
I discover several Twitter account who where just created this month.

Orange: Rules not followed
Yellow: Possible fake or brand new twitter account

If you want to check the spreadsheet directly here:

Also, shared the following message on our Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @merchantsofnear

I’m sorry that this prediction was disqualified :speak_no_evil:

  1. Tradingview Chart instead of Publication (I know this may not be clear on the telegram message but I shared an example so you should check and follow the example)
  2. Twitter account was created in May (just now). I believe all experienced traders use Twitter to follow up on the crypto news + the idea of the contest is to spread the word that’s why a Twitter account is needed, and we also should protect the contest from bot spam. I hope you can understand this is for the best of the Guild.

Congrats to @mr_free first place this week


Thanks Fritz. My name is Serhii, but this username was unavailable when I registered, so my username on forum @mr_free :slight_smile:


Wow, great results :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Plus we are getting alpha on horses.
Group is also helping people to connect to Ecosystem more and more.