[CLOSED Bounty] Propulsion Writing

Propulsion writting titulo

What question would you put on the sidewalk of a big city, today?

Artists Fernanda Paixão (@fernandapaixao) and Paloma Klysis (@palomak) will carry 3 selected questions in this bounty to the streets of São Paulo. The provocations generated here in Near’s virtual ecosystem will be written in organic ink in performative walkings in 3 different public spaces in the city of São Paulo.

We ask you to choose one of three themes: Civilization x Biodiversity, Human Rights and Production of Subjectivity

Develop a question/provocation considering the objectives of each of the themes listed:

Civilization x Biodiversity > Awaken reflections on how the civilizational directions are affecting the planetary ecosystem.

Human Rights > Awaken reflections related to people’s understanding of the theme of human rights.

Production of Subjectivity > Awaken reflections related to existential dramas and the production of subjectivity. Micro/macro relationship, “psychological” questions, deeper questions that provoke reflection on the human condition, that stimulate the imagination, reflections on desires, freedom, fears, and feelings in general.

These questions are part of the following proposal:

Deadline to send questions: 08/23.
The submission will be made in the comment of this thread.

Each selected question will receive US$20.00 paid in DAI by Near Wallet transfer. Payment will be made after the selection of the questions, with a deadline of September 15.


May I ask how many entries a participant can submit?? Thank you


Hello @cedrick.near ! As many as you want. We will select only three questions, one for each of the listed topics

We are glad that you are interested in participating :slight_smile:


Ohh I see, thank you​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Já dá pra perguntar? Adorei essa propostaaaaaa :fire::sunglasses:


Olá! Pode sim, está aberta a convocatória!


Gracias @LulucaL
Estou curiosa!

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nice project up here


Welcome!!! What question would you do? :slight_smile:

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Hey hooo lesgooooooo!

About Production of Subjectivity.

As a post-invisible amateur and non-artist persona I would love to see your interpretation of what is not. Is it necessary to be present to be absent? How to disappear completely? Nothing here, nobody What does this concept means to you?

I hope you like my tease.



Hello @IBJolly1 Welcome!

It will be a pleasure to receive your questions :slight_smile: We glad you liked the proposal :slight_smile:

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Hello Luluca @LulucaL

I would like to work with shorter sentences because we will be writing them on sidewalks. Anyway, I really like the reflection you raised :slight_smile:

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Oke doke, In that case you can choose a sentence from the ones I proposed :heart:


Thank you Luluca!! Amazing these questions


yeah, podes crer. gracias again

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Como o meu corpo pode viver livre nesta cidade?
Posso querer comer a cidade?
Como não ser engolide e petrificade pela selva de pedra?

Traduzi no Google kkkkk, perdoem se tiver algo errado:

How can my body live free in this city?
Can I want to eat the city?
How not to be swallowed and petrified by the stone jungle?


Production of Subjectivity: Qual o gênero do nosso futuro? (I won’t translate to keep the ambiguity of the word “gênero”, which in Portuguese translates to both genre and gender.)

Civilization x Biodiversity: Quanto custa seu ar? 7 Reais? 2 Near?
How much does your air cost? 7 Reais? 2 Near?


Perguntas que podem ser colocadas nas calçadas próximas a esses lugares.

Eu marquei um encontro entre o cruzamento do rio Tamanduateí com o Anhangabaú, vc sabe onde fica?

Em vias de rios:
Aqui passa um rio?

Você sabe onde fica o rio Saracura?
Você sabe onde fica o rio Anhangabaú?
Onde está a Cachoerinha na Vila Nova Cachoerinha?

Região Anhangabaú/Sé
Você sabe se é aqui o caminho do Peabiru?
Onde fica a aldeia Tibiriçá?
Onde encontro o parque do Parque Dom Pedro?

No tampo dos esgotos: você escuta o rio passar por aqui?

Desculpa minha gente, mas São Paulo me gera mil perguntas diárias.



Thank you so much for this propulsion’s questions!


Muito obrigada Thais!! Adorei inclusive as sugestões de lugares! Grata!