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Monthly Report : August 2022

Project Name: (Propulsion Writing)

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Astrodao: near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near

Link to previous proposal: [Proposal] Propulsion Writing

Stage 1 - August to September 14, 2022

Realization of the bounty.
Status: completed.

Selection of questions/provocations.
Status: completed

Payment of the authors of the selected questions/provocations.
Status: finished.

Preparation, mapping of the urban drifts
Status: Completed

Execution of the drifts:
Status: To be held on 08/09, 11/09 and 14/09.


  • We conducted the bounty foreseen in step 1 and there was a community interaction that exceeded our expectations.

We received 68 questions that were elaborated according to three thematic axes determined by the proponents: Civilization x Biodiversity; Human Rights and Production of subjectivity.

From these 68 questions, three were selected:

Who are you without your masks?

“How does the future you imagine looks like?”

How do you define justice?

We chose these questions because they are simple and striking within the proposed thematic axes and because they have the potential to serve as triggers for spontaneous dialogues with passers-by.

Link: [CLOSED Bounty] Propulsion Writing - #59 by ritamaria

  • Paloma Klisys created a web page in Portuguese and English about the project.

Link: https://www.labirintoonirico.com.br/en/propulsion-writing

Metric reflection/ Community engagement:

The authors will begin publicizing the Project on social media when the urban drifts begin. For now the dissemination has been concentrated in the Astrodao Forum and in Telegram and WhatsApp groups run by members of the Near ecosystem.

- How many community members participated in the activities

21 members

- How many community members were rewarded

The artists Paloma Klisys @palomak , Fernanda Paixão @fernandapaixao , and Gabriel Felipe Jacomel @gabrielfelipejacomel who will be responsible for registering the drifts in photos and videos, and the three bounty winners.


  • We are in an embryonic stage. We believe that the learnings will appear more clearly as we move forward in the realization process.

Accounting (Still to be paid out/Already paid out):

  • All three bounty winners have been paid out. Gabriel Felilpe Jacomel has already been paid and the artist Fernanda Paixão has already had 170 DAI paid as half of her fee and 50 DAI to cover travel costs.

Next Steps:

Urban Drift schedule and locations:
Day 09/09 Human Rights >
Luz Station - Júlio Prestes - Deops
11am to 14pm

Day 09/11
Subjectivity Production > Minhocão
from 1pm

Day 09/14
Civilization x Biodiversity > Santa Generosa Viaduct (Exit of Paraíso Subway Station) from 2 PM

And the realization of the other stages planned in the initial proposal:

Stage 2 - September 15 to October 15

In this stage the artists will organize all the material generated from the three urban drifts planned in the first stage.

  • Systematization and editing of the registration material (images).
  • Production of texts.

Stage 3 - October 15th until November 30th

Editing, layout and closing of the bilingual e-book file (Portuguese and English) and launch.


The next report will be made after the urban drifts have been performed.
The drifts mix performance and urban art intervention and are naturally open to the general public without any age restrictions. All members of the Near Ecosystem who are in the city of São Paulo and interested in participating are welcome to join this experience.

See you
Best Regards

@palomak and @fernandapaixao


Essas derivas serão fenomenais! \o/