[Proposal] Propulsion Writing

Proponent: Paloma Klisys @palomak and Fernanda Paixão @fernandapaixao
NEAR account for payment: palomaklisys.near
Project duration: August/september/october/november
Requested amount: US$ 760,00
Project name: Propulsion Writing

Feat Fernanda Paixão and Paloma Klisys

The artists Fernanda Paixão and Paloma Klisys, began to interact through the development of proposals in the NEAR ecosystem and detected a series of affinities and connections related to creative processes that both have been developing throughout their respective trajectories.

Written language, performance in public spaces, driftings and sound art compose the universe of tools directed to the duo’s artistic research and are the basis of a common territory of exploration of new possibilities of creation in transdisciplinary character, translinguistic and in a transmedia format.

Mini bio
Paloma Klisys is a writer, poet, sound and transmedia artist. An INTERdependent creator, she has transited in the last two decades through a series of artistic collectives with different characteristics and develops cross-languages creative processes in which she explores possible intersections between urban performance/interference, the audiovisual and the spoken and written word.

Fernanda Paixão is a traveler, artist, researcher and educator. She has been combining art and education for 12 years and has worked in several projects and cultural centers such As an artist, her practices involve encounters and walks through the city. Currently she has created the digital platform Talk Away that connects language tutors and people from all over the world with a focus on walking.
“Cabaret concert”, “conversations with the land” and the installation “Crossroads” - held in Festival Novas Frequencias, are three of the artist’s works made from drifting and listening to sound through space.

Project name: [Propulsion] Writing

To affirm an approach simultaneously ludic and conceptual, the artists choose the title Propulsion Writing to nominate this proposal.

“Propulsion is the process and result of propelling. This verb refers to the impulse that is given to something to move forward or move, whether in a physical or symbolic sense. Propulsion is a displacement that is produced by the action of a force.”

Articulating the concept of propulsion with the frequent use of the term “proposal” in the NEAR ecosystem, the duo evidence and establish the desire to treat the realization of a “proposal” as a process of creation capable of propelling new movements between what happens in a virtual environment and the endless possibilities of resonance of these interactions, reflections, and events on the streets.

Complementing the concept of propulsion, Fernanda and Paloma wish to explore in the realization of this work poetic connections between the element earth and the concept of thread.

The name ‘Earth’ comes from Tellus, goddess of fertile soil in the Roman pantheon. The word canvas comes from the Latin tela,ae (canvas) “thread, fabric, web,” another derivation is to weave, to make cloth, to interweave.

The idea is precisely to operate in the sphere of interaction, of the interweaving between what may come up as propositions in the NEAR ecosystem and to take these propositions/provocations to the public space where the social tissue is woven and moved in a more explicit way in the diversity of ways of being, thinking, existing and feeling.

This proposal has as its main objective to connect in a performative way propositions that at first arise from members of several DAOs active in the ecosystem with the urban public space of a large metropolis, in this case, the city of São Paulo.

The virtual space as a propellant of realities in the physical space and the physical space as a provider of virtual space through responses to the provocations arising from the ecosystem.

As a final product of this proposal, a bilingual e-book (Portuguese and English) with twenty pages in each language will be produced and released.

Below is the program of the performative action to be held in:

A bounty with the objective of defining 3 questions/provocations that will serve as a motto for the realization of three drifts in public space.

From the set of questions/provocations selected, the duo will put into process the following proposal:

Perform three urban drift in different public spaces with large circulation of people.

During the drifts, the duo proposes to perform the following performance: write the questions/provocations on the asphalt of the locations where the walking will take place in performative actions open to the interference of random audiences, using paint made organically with land.

This ink will be produced by Fernanda, using clay and some natural elements to replace the glue. The white clay is a material rich in sodium, potassium and iron that reduces skin toxins and balances the electrons, causing regeneration. This ink will be used by the artists and by passers-by who are interested in participating in the action.

The passers-by will be able to touch the clay and eventually answer questions - provoking an action of symbolic regeneration of the urban tissue and at the same time concrete, since clay really has healing potentials.

The city of São Paulo has an excessive amount of cement, asphalt and pollution directly affecting the collective, so the questions coming from the ecosystem will act in several fields of the physical, mental, corporal, spatial and emotional reality of the people Fernanda and Paloma will be in contact with.

After each drift, the artists will revisit the registers of the experience, dedicating themselves to the production of texts in the format of short chronicles, reflections, provocations, and poetic texts. There will also be a stage for selecting images of the respective drifts in order to illustrate the texts and compose the graphic project of the e-book.

Stage 1 - August to September 14, 2022

Conducting the bounty.

Selection of questions/provocations

Payment of the authors of the selected questions/provocations

Preparation, mapping and realization of the drifts.

Funding details:

Payment for the 3 selected Bounty questions: US$ 60.00

Transportation, transfer and meals Rio de Janeiro x São Paulo X Rio de Janeiro: US$ 100.00.

Photography and video recording of the drifts (@gabrielfelipejacomel ): US$ 100,00

Payment for the artists: US$ 500.00.

Total funding august: US$ 760.00 paid in DAI.

This proposal have 3 steps and we would like to make a monthly request to Writer Guild.

The next steps will be:
Stage 2 - September to October 15

Systematization and editing of the registration material (images);
Text production.

Beginning of the translation into English

Stage 3 - October to November 15

Editing, diagramation and finalization of the bilingual e-book file (Portuguese and English) and launch


Editing of texts and images;
Diagramation and finalization of the e-book file

Production of promotional material

Launching event in the metaverse and with simultaneous transmission on YouTube

Launch of the e-book in late October in NFT
NFT (minted at UniqArt with a secret link, the person who buys the NFT will have the link unlocked)

The artists are keeping open the possibility of making the e-book viable in print format with a limited print.


Wonderful proposal, happy to be part of it! :two_hearts:


Thanks for the enthusiasm :slight_smile:


I Love you @palomak :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Só love @LulucaL gracias pelas boas vibrações !!!

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Amo!! Que lindo tecer poesias nesse ecossistema. Grata Writers e Palomita!


@fernandapaixao It will be a pleasure to execute this proposal with you. Connecting the virtual with the urban space in a poetic way is a beautiful challenge. I hope the proposal is approved :slight_smile:


Open Bounty:


[REPORT ONGOING PROCESS] Propulsion Writing Step 1:

The next report will be made after the urban drifts have been performed. The drifts mix performance and urban art intervention and are naturally open to the general public without any age restrictions. All members of the Near Ecosystem who are in the city of São Paulo and interested in participating are welcome to join this experience.

A webpage for the project is now online in English and Portuguese. Follow the news about the creative process there. Feedbacks are welcome

Link webpage in Portuguese: https://www.labirintoonirico.com.br/propulsion-writing
Link webpage in English: https://www.labirintoonirico.com.br/en/propulsion-writing

See you !

Best Regards @palomak and @fernandapaixao


From these 68 questions, three were selected:


Who are you without your masks?


“How does the future you imagine looks like?”


How do you define justice?

We chose these questions because they are simple and striking within the proposed thematic axes and because they have the potential to serve as triggers for spontaneous dialogues with passers-by.

We thank everyone for participating and invite you all to join us in the realization of the project :slight_smile:


That’s gray questions!! It will be a good propulsion for our walking!


Hello folks!

Publicizing the information about the urban drift sequence.DRIFTS> DATES, LOCATIONS AND TIMES

Human Rights >
Estação da Luz - Júlio Prestes - Antigo Deops
das 11hs às 14hs

Production of Subjectivity >
Minhocão - à partir das 11hs

Civilization x Biodiversity > > Viaduto Santa Generosa (Paraíso Subway) 14hs.

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Hello folks,

Sharing here the link to the Ongoing Process Report of the Propulsion Writing proposal (September 2022) for anyone interested in following the implementation stages of this project.

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