[Closed] [Bounty] Createbase Gigs - EARN NEAR for Supporting the Createbase Community

Here is a list of the “gigs” that the Createbase Community has available. If you are interested in completing one of these tasks, please reach out to either @lenara or @Chloe for more details.

After you have been approved to take on one of these month long gigs, please reply to this thread with confirmation that you are accepting a certain gig, the month you will be working it, and your NEAR account.

For example: “I will be working on the Createbase Learning Center Upkeep (Cryptovoxels) bounty for the month of April. chloe.near”. At the end of the month, edit the same thread outlining the tasks you’ve completed for your gig during the month.

Your reply thread will be used by the Createbase SputnikDAO council to decide on your proposal so please check back for updates.

Bounty Submission Guide: Createbase Bounty Guide - Createbase
For more info on the Createbase SputnikDAO: Createbase SputnikDAO info - Createbase


I designed and built the Createbase websitefor the month of March. As part of this bounty, I worked on creating and redesigning multiple pages on the site. I redesigned the theme, as well as created the following pages:

  • About
  • Events
  • Community Calls
  • SputnikDAO
  • Videos

I also redesigned the following pages:

  • Home
  • Blog
  • Contact

I have also set up Google Analytics for the website. Additionally, I have enabled SEO and have done minor SEO tasks.

Going forward, I plan to work on the following:

  • Migrate website to WordPress org from WordPress com (improved features and functionality)
  • Install better plugins to make the website faster / optimized
  • Improve SEO
  • Add a gallery
  • Add Hackathon page

Hi Chloe.
Yes please.
Frame 94 first preference. Otherwise 157…or 100…for the Pixel Party Frame Contributor - 5 NEAR / month (April),


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Frame 94 approved! Please add your mainnet nearname to the thread so I know which account to add as a contributor.

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Ok great, thnx

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Ok, I’ve put something up while waiting for some neighbours to work with… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Chloe.
Would like to sign up for the Pixel Party Frame Contributor - 5 NEAR / month (April),

Will be happy to contribute to #97

I would love to help with multiple squares should the need arise



Awesome, approved for #97 for April. Thanks.

Awesome, when you are submitting your payout proposal to the Createbase SputnikDAO, please use: Createbase Gigs - EARN NEAR for Supporting the Createbase Community - #3 by zeitwarp as your forum discussion link.

Hello Chloe, would be happy to manage one of these pixel party plots! Perhaps 95 ?

Pixel Party Frame Contributor - 5 NEAR / month


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Done and approved for the month of April.

Hi @chloe! Can I be a Pixel Party Frame Contributor for the month of April for square #124?

My near address is bianca.near :slight_smile:

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Approved for frame 124 for the month of April!

Hi Chloe.
I would like to sign up for the Pixel Party Frame Contributor - 5 NEAR / month (April),

Will be happy to contribute to #96


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Approved. Pixelparty frame #96 for the month of April! Please feel free to submit your 5 NEAR payout proposal to Createbase SputnikDAO whenever you have completed a drawing.

I am interested in the ambassadorship program. I don’t know if the local live broadcast media in China is accepted. Like this, it can be replayed. In fact, the platform is a professional blockchain live broadcast platform, and the amount of blockchain-based live broadcasts will surpass mainstream such as Youku. media. The playback volume is about 1000-2000.



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If there are any frames left I’d love to contribute to the picture :crayon: Any spot is fine :nerd_face:

Will you be minting the month? I found that the entire board is delivered to browser client as a single image (if you’re trying to get at clean pixel art) :petri_dish:

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Approved! Will get you on frame #125 for starpause.near.

As for minting, yes, that’s part of the plan. Mint the collective piece on Mintbase and have the split royalties/fees go to frame owners/contributors! Createbase would mint them on the community store and use DAO funds to purchase/send funds to the artists.


Thank you for reaching out with interest in the gig.

Looking through the video links you have shared, it seems like the content you are providing could be useful for the Createbase community. Personally, I think that it would be reasonable for you to get started for the month of May and do at least one onboarding video/session a week about onboarding onto near.mintbase.io for creatives.


i plan to fix the time at 8 o’clock in the evening every Tuesday, and the time is about ten minutes. This is a series of albums. But the content may not be limited to mintbase, including current and future ecological projects, it may be difficult to get support.
I believe that ecological prosperity is a common prosperity. Outstanding prosperity is not a spring. All the best

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