[Bounty] Pixelparty Collaborative Drawing - Earn NFT Royalties and Support Charities

Bounty used to be run here: [Bounty] Createbase Gigs - EARN NEAR for Supporting the Createbase Community

Bounty Info
createbase.near manages 12 frames (94-157 in a grid) in the https://www.near-pixelparty.co/ Dapp. These frames are meant to be used by the community as a way to support and showcase the creativity of the Createbase Community.

Please reply to this forum post to note your interest in being a frame contributor and mention your near account name (near account: ???.near)

  • It is greatly encouraged that contributors work together to collaborate on group works
  • If there is a month’s theme, please follow this theme in your pixel frame.
  • Contribution rights can be revoked for art that doesn’t follow the Createabase community vibe

At the end of the month, the whole 12 frames will be minted as a single NFT and will be auctioned, with revenues going to charity.

All the collaborators will receive split royalties from the NFT sales.


Hi !!!

I want to apply my drawing to the 156th frame in July! I drew the 156th frame in June and am very happy about it!
I would like to introduce the development of the Near ecosystem to everyone.
My close account: trendheo.near
Thanks !!!

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yep, happy to do a frame, thx
no problem missing out if there is too much demand

hello. I’m very happy to contribute drawing in 95th frame.
My near account: nguyenhoanganhkhoa2321997.near

Can i continue drawing on frame 96 in this month. Thanks
My near wallet: dangkimngan.near

i apply drawing in frame 125. Thanks
near account: otoke.near

Hello. I really want to join in. My near account: ericchou245.near

Hi !
I want to apply my drawing to the 157th frame in July!
Near account: fmk.near

Any more position? I want to be a frame cotributor. Thanks for helping
My near account: narutodebayo.near

Hi. This event is exciting. Can I be a Frame Contributor?
Near account: ellyphuongnguyen.near

What should we do next?

I am making a list of all the currently interested people, to see who has drawn frames already and who hasn’t, then will mint the first NFT with the current contributors. Next step is to start assigning frames to people who have not participated yet, after they are done will mint a new NFT.

Depending on interest and how fast people draw, we might do this 2 times a month.

Will keep you all posted, thank so much for all the interest!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would love to keep contributing to frame #97 for July
My Near account is shokeii.near and I have been granted already
Thank you <3

hello. i would like to countribute.
My near account: justinmice.near

@lenara last week i posted in old post. I see myself as the 12th, can the program launch

we need one more position.

I’m intertested in being a frame contributor. My near account: mrkrazy.near. Thanks

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The event hasn’t happened yet? Half a month has passed

I also hope this event starts soon

:smiley: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: