[APPROVED] Createbase Website Management

Previous Work (March 2021)

I continued working on building and developing the createbase.community website for the month of April 2021. During April, the main focus for website developments was on building the Hackathon page. Some other tasks that were done this month include:

  • Creating multiple contact forms across the site

  • Building/adding the "Submit an Event" page

  • Hackathon page building and consistent updates to the page based on feedback

  • Adjustments to navigation/main menu

  • Adjustments to home page

  • Adding numerous events for the hackathon and createbase community to the events page/event calendar

  • Minor SEO updates

  • Basic aesthetic improvements such as site loader (also good for SEO/UX)

Payout Request:

100 NEAR

Payout Target:



Thanks @bianca for the report! The website is looking great, I send people there all the time :wink: It’s super useful to have the information available in a well organized and attractive way.


Thank you so so much for the website help for createbase.community updates. It’s a great support system for the creative community @ NEAR (and the web3 ecosystem in general hopefully)

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Thank you @lenara!! I am so happy to be able to help the community in this way :relaxed:

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thank you @chloe !! Glad that I can help out in this way and support the creative community. Looking forward to adding more to the website and keeping it updated.

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