[CLOSED BOUNTY] Cover art for guild profiles

Hello, creatives!

After last month’s logo bounty, now we need a nice cover image for our social media profiles, especially for Medium, where we are going to share the results of our projects and related content, but also for Twitter and even Astro, so we’re offering a bounty of $150 DAI for the selected design.

We don’t want to limit your creativity, so the briefing is the same as our logo: something elegant and stylish that represents things that are important to us: communication, innovation, self expression, a deeper look to reality (even besides what our physical eyes see)… well, now we have some kind of briefing =)

We know that writing is a very old, ancestral thing; and we also love pen, ink, papyrus and all that old stuff — but we’re working on a blockchain, we’re web3 pioneers! So, if you want to use elements from this ancient writing-related imagery (and this isn’t a problem, really), please keep the 21st century in mind as well, right?

Note that we’re going to need some versions of the selected image, because the sizes and ratios change from site to site, as you can see below:

  • Medium’s publication cover image: 3000px wide and 1500px high (2:1 aspect ratio).
  • Twitter’s banner: 1500px wide x 500 px high (3:1 aspect ratio)
  • AstroDAO: 1000px wide x 135px high (don’t worry with this here =)

You don’t have to submit all, just one so we can understand your proposal — in this case, let’s use Medium’ specs, because it’s the bigger one —, but keep in mind that after the selection we will need some adjustments for other platforms (or the selected designer can send us the open project file, so we can make this ourselves).

To participate, please post your image/proposal in the comments below.
(You can upload a smaller version than the size above, just to make things lighter, but keep the aspect ratio).

This bounty will be open until June, 7th so hurry up!

The Writer’s Guild is a new community in the Near ecosystem that intends to bring together people from all over the world who share the passion for creative writing, poetry, literature and other word-related things, like songwriting, scriptwriting, visual poetry, etc.

Our main goal is to support and stimulate projects from our members through mentoring, funding and networking. We also intend to create spaces for discussions about the role of writing and writers in the times of blockchain, web3 and alike.

If you have any doubts, drop them in the comments, or reach us on our Telegram to stay in the loop.

We are looking forward to seeing your entries!
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Writer’s Guild Council


I cant even win here. :smiling_face_with_tear: Too bad for me :pensive:

Question.? Was the banner need to be highlights the logo new design in writers guild.?

not really, because all three platforms have a place for the logo next to the cover art, so it should be more like an “extension” of the logo ideia.

thanks for your question!

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Oi Baga, could u pls share the logo anyways? Tnx.

here it is.

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Please can I get the logo so I get something done please

Hi @Cthumbs123,

The logo is on the post above, just click on the images and select “download”.

Hey Baga, can be proposed gif or MP4?

Hum, I don’t think so, L… I guess all platforms just accepts jpg or png =/


Hello. Here my suggestions. The idea is of a path that leads to countless possibilities. Made with the logo, so that the message is: write, go far, converging with the guild’s ideals. I also did it in color but think in b&w it looks more like a writers style.

ALL here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qVeAduBFZaU9g74W8

Hope you like


Heres my entry for the bounty of “Cover Arts for Writers Guild”

Creator : Jami2017

I created this different design to have a different option for Writers Guild Banner and cover.

Near Wallet : jami2017.near


Astro Cover

Twitter Cover

Medium Cover

Explanation slide

Art Concept: This is an illustration of the writers’ guild space on the metaverse,. It is a community of writers with pontential collector of their NFTS

Book Shelf; represent how organize and professional the writer’s guild stand in achieving its goals of formation

Branded FLoor: represent brand consistency across event element/ programs/ project cariried out by the guild

Guild Logo: represent ownership and dominance of the space

Users/Colletor : represent collectors/potential collectors of the writers’s NFT / Book NFTS

Books: represent the wide are of publication and product of the writers’ guild available as NFT in the metaverse

see slide 4 for reference

I hope I am considered for this creative work of art



This is my entry for the Cover art for the guild.

Main cover

Twitter cover

Astro Cover

This is inspired for futuristic concepts.

Near Wallet: louietism.near

  • Medium’s publication cover image:

  • Twitter’s banner:

  • AstroDAO:

*Background image taken from the NEAR brand.


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hi… here’s mine. Hope you like

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here’s my entry for this bounty.

i started from the idea of the Tower of Babel, mixing different ancient alphabets like Persian, Sanskrit and Chinese with more modern ones, like Latin and mixed it with visual representations of concepts like decentralization and blockchain, using textures and overlays in search of something visually rich and diversified.





Hello everyone! This is my suggestion. Hand-drawn in digital format, a book about ancient legends, just under the theme of your community. If there are any adjustments or tips - answer me
near wallet - winstag.near
нир райтерс дао