Open Call for A New Council Member for ReggaeDAO

Hello Everybody,

We at ReggaeDAO would love to encourage the general and likeminded members of the ecosystem to apply for the position of a council member at ReggaeDAO.

For a while, we have been intending to bring on one more council member for decentralisation purposes.

If you feel you have interest, kindly drop your applications right here under post and we shall follow up.

Things to include:
Your experience in web3 and Near protocol
Your contributions to Near Protocol
What you are bringing onboard as a new council member
Your influence and partnerships with related organizations on web3 and irl.

After submissions and deliberations, the chosen applicant would be announced.

Thank you.
@Jahzonemusician @BigM007


Good Luck in this proccess. I suggest that you create a numbered list of steps, in your governance, of each function of the councils members.
It’s a easy way to know exactly the work and Help in council’s payaments value .
In the final, each member can send the numbered step of function that made and be more equal for each one.
Council is not easy

This Will Help in the Future.

Good vibration.

@BigM007 You don’t have to share all the steps here, just as a friendly suggestion for the administration. But it would only help to post those that you think are a prerequisite to help with the choice.

I wish you well


Thank you Frado, that was a good one. We will work towards that.


Hello, I’ve helped in the Test runs of different tokens And some Nft projects, I’ve purchased an inexpensive NFT to test out a community
My plans for this DAO includes:
Brand Management, keeping up to date and new ui trends of the and also having a constant feeling of what the community council wants.
Collaborations with artist and Music producers on the DA0
Uploading of instrumentals for use of the DAO…

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Hi good day to all parties, I just saw this post now and I’m thinking about applying

I’ve participated in quite a few events & bounties via the near protocol

Worked with various daos such as; beat dao, nxm dao, kalakendra dao, procd dao, near onboarding etc

In regards to working with related organizations I’ve worked alongside spirityut dao

As to what I can offer as a council member, I’m a graphic designer/fashion designer/digital artist/ui ux designer so I’ll be able to supervise &/or design all content that might be going out for promotions & ads, I’m also a Google certified digital marketer so I can share my knowledge on social media marketing and how to move the brand from point A - B.

I can also design merch if there would ever be need for such

I’m also good with community management

Please let me know if more information is required


I’m a Brazilian tattoo artist, illustrator, designer, video editor and music producer.
I was a Spiritual DAO and Metaverse DAO member and worked as a designer and video editor for their Youtube channel. I also did several jobs for various NEAR ecosystem rewards that you can check out in my activities.
I’m currently working as a social media designer for some companies.

In the NFT market I have done my own animation work for more than 2 years;

I believe my work can fill some needs.

My collections in the NFT market:

My Commercial Portfolio.

My works in the NEAR ecosystem:

I am at your disposal to talk more about the project!

@Jahzonemusician @OfficerLehLeh_01 @LordKenny79

Thanks for your contribution sir