[CLOSED] Book Fair - Brazil - Oct/Nov


Funding scheme: One-time


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The Porto Alegre Book Fair, Latin America’s largest literary event, has been a consistent annual tradition since 1955, and it’s now preparing for its 69th edition in 2023. It’s renowned for its democratic approach and its dedication to promoting literacy and fostering reading enthusiasts. Moreover, the event’s cultural program is entirely free to attend.

In the previous year, the Fair attracted approximately 1.3 million visitors, showcasing its significance and popularity.

For 2023, the Fair is scheduled to run from October 27th to November 15th, spanning from 10 am to 8 pm daily. It offers a diverse program suitable for all audiences. The event features numerous writers, illustrators, storytellers, and other professionals. Activities include autograph sessions, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, and artistic presentations, among other engaging experiences.

For more details and updates about the Porto Alegre Book Fair, you can visit their official links:


The Project

Our exciting plans for the Fair involve collaborating with the event organizer to introduce innovative elements:

NFT Book Release: We intend to launch an NFT Book in partnership with a renowned writer. Currently, we are in the testing phase with platforms like Mintbase to ensure a seamless NFT experience.

All the buyers will receive a physical book and other experiences. These experiences will be possible only for NFT owners.

Educational Workshops: To familiarize attendees with NFTs and guide them on how to purchase the NFT Book, we will create a series of educational videos/lives and answer questions.

NFT Distribution: We aim to establish digital wallets and distribute NFTs utilizing Tekuno dapp. These NFTs will come with exciting prizes and gifts, adding an interactive and rewarding dimension to the Fair.

Physical Books Donation: As part of the gifts, we plan to donate books to people who create a wallet and claim our NFT. Some books are already purchased and others will be donated by writers of the event. We also plan to gift people with digital books.

We look forward to making these innovative contributions to the Porto Alegre Book Fair, enhancing the event’s offerings and embracing the evolving landscape of literature and technology.

Book Release

  • Using ShardDog to create a wallet with some preloaded wallets
  • Using Mintbase to mint Book collection

Visitor Engagement at the Fair

  • Using Tekuno and creating a Treasure Hunt with prizes


  • Using Sharddog to create user wallets

Metrics and KPI

Generate 1 B2B strategic and great partnership

Onboarded users : +300

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones

We will hold the workshops at the beginning of October.

During the fair we will do several Treasury Hunts and in November we will launch the book.

All these activities will be possible with the union of several people:

Funding Details

The budget for this project is $4000 in NEAR tokens:

NFT Book Launch: $1000

  • Meetings, website, NFT mint, etc
  • $150 to charge 15 wallets using sharddog - This 15 wallets will get the book for free

Educational Workshops: $1000

NFT Distribution: $2000

  • $1000 to pay Tekuno NFT mints and $1000 to create the Treasure Hunt - Print the Qr codes, helping people, gifts, etc
    We’d like to thank Sally and Near Balkans for this.

Total Project Cost: $4000

We are going to start at the beginning of October and we want to submit now to have time to organize everything in the best possible way.


The organizer has already shown interest in using NFT technology for future books, therefore, after the event, we will schedule meetings to prepare the launch of a book by him and later by other authors.

As we have already said, he is president of the Riograndense Book Chamber, which has more than 100 members, including several publishers.

Near Wallet ID: vianftbrasil.near
Name: Jian Costa
Telegram handle:@jcsta1


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We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.

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