[ CC DAOS FOLDER ] - A place to upload our material

Hello there NEARians.

We created a place to organize our digital material under a Creative Commons license.

Everything that is there can be used by anyone, to remix, to apply, for free. So we can upload our logo, design items, images that we produce ( we cant have materials from third parts without a permission so, please be aware of this ) into one place.

We will manage this folder, and organize as its needs. Feel free to ask for something here. I dont know if the best workflow will be to add people to upload their material, or create a easy way to send material to be uploaded by us. Lets decide together.

It will be one way trought, so we cant delete things, only when asked.

Heres the link, at google drive free 15GB storage. As it reaches the limit, we talk about a storage plan.


The CC website for research.



I would love if

  1. Incubadora DAO
  2. Cudo DAO
  3. Muti DAO
  4. Lisbon City Node

had folders there :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:

is that too much to ask? :upside_down_face: Thank you!


Not at all! Just a few clicks at a smartphone screen.


You could tag them here, so they comment also.


I certainly can!

@tabear @thefalmon @TRosario @halisonlp @hevertonharieno



All set up. Please start to organize the material that you wanna make it public, like logos, at least. So we can find easily them when its needed. Like to create posts, advertise pieces, etc.


Cool, thank you @duOCELOT. Just to understand, those would be for materials that we would like to spread for marketing etc.?


Hello there! Welcome @tabear to our Creative Commons project.

It works this way. Everything we put into this folder became public domain to be used under the CC License.

If theres a need for you to share any material that people can use, you put it there.

For me is interesting that I have my design material there because I will work with bounties, that i will ask people to use these material, then this will make it easier to share them.

If its all into one place, the other daos also, it will help for anyone to find it when they need these.

Its important that we have the rights to put these material online.


Thank you :slight_smile: Just adding @thefalmon & @ted.iv here as well as they are the other council members so they can check it out :slight_smile: