[PROPOSAL] Bounty for Social Medias Icons


We want to make custom social medias for The Clan site and Lynkfire. So we are proposing a Bounty for the community:

Instagram Icon
Twitter Icon
Discord Icon
Telegram Icon
Bounties Icon
Lynkfire Icon
Roadmap Icon
White Paper Icon

The Idea is to make custom icons from scratch of some icons that dont exists and custom versions of the social medias icons (twitter, telegram…etc)

The Icons will be available in the Creative Commons for free use by all members of NEAR.

Budget Asked: 150USD

-As soon the proposal be approved we will open this topic for submissions.

The Clan Councils:
@whoiscavenaghi - cavenaghi.near
@duOCELOT - duocelot.near
@brunoqual - brunoqual.near
@Kynetikus - kynetikus.near




I can do this job! I will ask for more info by message! :raised_hands:

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looking forward to participating

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