[PROPOSAL] CC Folder - 2.0

As we continue with our CC License March we discovered, by researching with other members working at bounties, that focus all the files at one place, was easier to find and share then, instead of searching all over the web.
We developed a initial solution, that was to create a cloud folder, at google drive, with a organization of folders to each participant. We suggested that every DAO should had participate, uploading their Visual Identity Material, so every one that needed these pieces, could enter at the drive folder and find them. We reached some DAOs, as we could, but we were busy doing the other jobs, the lack of people, no funds, so we couldnt did it properly to have a good adoption. We created a post to share to them. At 12 sept. Them when the october budget became a reality, we made a proposal. We asked a budget for this management, and worked with what we got, from users and partipants at october. We have it at our report.

To respect the copyright of every work, we applyed the CC License to the folder, so every piece under this folder, should be free to use at any instance. This saves a lot of time, and facilitates the production of third parts pieces, with no further copyright infrigment problems.

Its healthy for branding and creative marketing. As it can be used by artists, musicians, game develeopers, to trade free material with copyleft

As we used the folder, some problems had appeared. The link is a problem:


Too big, confusing to share and identify at the middle of multiple messages.

And google drive interface is not the best either.

These problems affect the common user, making the adoption more difficult.

We were using Pexels as a free to use image bank, and then got the idea.

We can upgrade the usage of the CC DAO FOLDER, so people can reach files that are at the free-to-use license. To make this happen, we need the place, files and users.

And we can add images, videos, sound, texts and any other file that we could upload at the google drive folder.

So, we would rename it to CC NEAR Folder.

To have a better result, we will need to solve the UI and have a person doing the propaganda, at every DAO community, NEAR groups, looking for more participants that want to share freely their work and those who seek one place to find them all.

For this we find a solution with a microsite, that we can custom the links to each folder, with a square image related to the user, and a text explained the project. Lynkfire can handle it.

To spread the message, someone to work as a courier, explaining the project, and working with the growth. The courier will:

  • Add new users
  • Create the new folders
  • Create the links to the folder at lynkfire
  • Help the new user to put their files
  • Post daily, respond and advertise about the project at twitter, discord and telegram

The mechanics:

How to add new user:
Approach the newcomer - explain the project and whats CC - get their near wallet and create a folder for it - give editor access to the folders owner


Lynkfire microsite:

Month cost
10usd/ month = 10usd

Creation of the Microsite: 140usd

Visual ID, set each link with a description of every folder

CC Courier: 200usd

TOTAL: 350usd

UPDATE: We are doing this for free, as a donation of The Clan Guild, for the NEAR community. The Clan will fill the courier spot, and we the UI, at out new website

@duOCELOT will create and setup the microsite at lynkfire, with all the links to the folders and images from the users, with the contact info of every user at them

We will create a bounty for the courier spot.

We have created a twitter post to get new users, and we have a good return from the creators community and we are already adding new users

The future of this project is to become a Dapp, when we would develop a solution to make the royalties split automatic.

We will implement a manual system at first.
To create a first mechanism of split the royalties system, we will build a doc file template, to be at every folder, and each user will fill it with their near wallet, and the specs for their royalties, revenue and their %. We will

So if someone get a image or file, they will reach this file and add the info at the mint.


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So what are the goals for this Dapp? How has the usage of the cc folder been that was already created? Is it already being used by many guilds?

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Become a cc database with images, sound, files etc. The future of it, is to be able to create a automatic system that ppl that use the file, will have the royalties directly set to where its used. If i got an image, from this bank, and use it at my art, i can track the royalties, revenue (at first manually, then auto) to the original owners. Im offline, i will explain it better soon, but, resuming, it need to spread the project, to involve each dao. Theres a small usage yet, because its not confortable, the ui, etc. So the microsite will make it better to use. We will upload tons of images, and sound, videos, etc to The Clan cc folder, expecting other ppl to do the same, as we show the project p2p. When we have a lot of daos with a lot of images with cc license, sound bank, etc, we will have it done.

Sounds like this would require quite a bit of development work. Is there already a developer in The Clan Guild who is planning on taking on this task?

Also, seeing as this project is proposed to support many creative guilds within the ecosystem, is this already something that many guilds have been asking for to support their initiatives? It seems as though if there is already a cc folder and not many guilds are using it, there may not be a need for more efforts to go towards a project such as this?

Overall this seems like a project with the right intentions, but the scope seems quite large and I do not see any implantation details within the proposal. Has anyone in your Guild completed the NEAR Certified Developer training so that they would have the knowledge for building this Dapp on the NEAR blockchain? Creating a Dapp with royalties built in is no simple feat… Mintbase is probably the only platform with multiple royalties built in on mainnet and their code is not open source. Also, it took them months to create their platform and they had a VERY proficient Rust dev on their team to support them.

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We are developing a new front with @frado, and we are growing this branch. The dev part will be after the set o the cc project, not at november and not december either. Now we need to create the database. The cc folder its not being used as it should because is empty, and the ideia is to show the project to each dao, to share their id visuals, so it will be naturally used. All the bounties that require logo, id material, etc, will be pointed to the cc folder. Banners, etc, this will create the traffic, and it will be used more. Concentrating the material at one place, and adding more stuff, to improve the cc concept. The first way to manually solve this, is to simple share the near address and the % the file require, with the file. So the user input it manually. It have its flaws , but its human flaw, until it become coded. But now its only to gather more atention, so we need one person to do the door to door job, and get the most participants. To make it more easy to increase adepts, solve a better UI with a simple customization of a lynkfire web. We will encourage our community of artists to use it, and to improve the multimedia bank by offering firerunes for contribution.

All of this sounds great, but it leads me to believe that there will not be a “Dapp” created, simply a Lynkfire microsite. From what I understand there was funding for this project getting filled for last month and it didn’t happen. You still did not answer my question about whether this was actually something that other Guilds in the creative community have asked for.

The very first line of this proposal is:

And it seems like there’s no actual plan within the proposal to develop any smart contracts any time soon.

I am not sure that I understand much of the purpose of this project, but it seems like it is something that The Clan Guild thinks is important. I do not see any replies from other Guild leaders though stating that they would like to use a setup like this.


Hmmmm. Its more the CC license needs to be spread. Its not for the daos. Its for sharing cc things. The daos its a way to have more adepts… i will sit down and develop it better. Im not passing the idea correctly, but its not that… tomorrow we will install internet at our new.home, so i would be able to write it better. I will call @frado, thats a defender of the creative commons too, so we can explain why is important. The first thing is just s google folder with a lynkfire ui to have a better address then and a ui with the folders better then google drives odd interface.


I’ve redid the proposal, more accurated. The links are there, the ideia and how we got to it. I think its better now


Given that the current folder has not really been used neither filled up by the community and that the logos of the DAOs and Guilds can also be found in the forum and the TG groups, I am wondering if it would be more senseful to use funding to be distributed towards the community rather than for a task like this?

The community is using, it was used for the afrikaburn project, it was used for artists. Its at small steps, as it at small time and funds for advertise it. But everyone around us agrees that have a place with all the files, to share, at a free license, its a good think… the DAOs should use it for easily spread materials at other communities, at a central place. If they want to share that. Our community do, and theres a lot of members that want to.

This is not a daos logo project. Its a free license share databank. Musicians can share their material, artists can share their material, everyone can share their material.

Did some quickly advertise about the project at twitter and the telegram groups and got a warm reception, from games community, as the devs could get free material for their games at early stages, also videomakers can get audio for videos, designer could get material for promotional pieces, visual artists can get material for collages, and so on. The usage is huge and it will be a great tool for the community because it will accelerate these trades, solve some copyright issues for small things, and concentrate everything at one place. Its at gdrive now, but the idea is to migrate to descentralized structure at a near future.


Hello everyone.

We are updating our CC NEAR Project, and we want to invite all the DAOs to be part of.

People can participate as users too.

Its a simple folder under a CC License. CC is for Creative Commons, and its a way to share any file, free for use.

One good use is to share the visual id material, so all of the logos and elements will be at one place, so designers, artists can easily find them, when they need, to create promotional pieces, for example.

Visual artists can share material for collages, musicians can collaborate with soundclipsntomthe community, and so on.

We are at a google drive plataform now, but the idea is to migrate to a decentralized structure, at a near future.

Our folders link NEAR CC - Google Drive

Thank you, and if you want to participate, send us a DM with a near wallet for the folder name, or the daos name, and a email address tombe added as editor to your folder.

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Olá bom dia (outra vez, acho que é o último project, eheh) :slight_smile:

  • parece-me que a comunidade (aqui no fórum) acabou por não achar o projecto forte, uma vez que a maior parte das pastas estão vazias. Quando vocês o apresentaram, como membro da Incubadora e da VRDAO, achei que poderia ser interessante ter os materiais promocionais todos no mesmo lugar, mas agora não estou convencido. Prefiro que esses materiais sejam pedidos, caso a caso, quando se trata de uma colaboração ou de usar os logos em conteúdo online.

  • entendo que agora a ideia está um pouco diferente, focando-se num ‘banco de imagens’.

  • Sinceramente, não vejo mais-valias num banco de imagens gerido, especificamente, dentro da comunidade Near, a menos que tenha características específicas.

  • Existem muitos serviços deste género online, quem precisa de imagens gratuitas basta ir a um motor de busca e procurar, encontrando várias opções em poucos segundos.

  • No geral, não fiquei convencido. Os outros projectos deste mês, como os workshops, são mais interessantes, na minha perspectiva.

um abraço :slight_smile:

Hello good morning (again, I think it’s the last project, eheh) :slight_smile:

  • it seems to me that the community (here in the forum) ended up not finding the project strong, since most of the folders are empty. When you guys introduced it, as a member of the Incubator and VRDAO, I thought it might be interesting to have the promotional materials all in one place, but now I’m not convinced. I prefer those materials to be requested on a case by case basis when it comes to a collaboration or using the logos in online content.

  • I understand that now the idea is a bit different, focusing on an 'image bank

  • I honestly don’t see the added value of an image bank managed specifically within the Near community, unless it has specific features.

  • There are many such services online, if you need free images just go to a search engine and search, you will find many options in a few seconds

  • Overall, I was not convinced. The other projects this month, like the workshops, are more interesting from my perspective.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Bom dia (:

Entao vou apresentar o retorno da comunidade, fora do forum, que gostou muito da ideia. Pois a possibilidade de uma frente ligando a NEAR à uma licensa difundida a mais de 20 anos com o discurso de liberdade de uso sobre direiros autorais. Nós estamos pensando em soluçoes que unificam as coisas em um unico lugar, em vez de ter mais terceiros entre os processos. É direito de cada um decidir qual material quer compartilhar, se quiser compartilhar. Nós entendemos que compartilhar esse material é uma estrategia de difusao da marca, mas cada um tem seu foco. O nosso é expandir ao maximo.
Nao é um banco de imagens. É um lugar pra se trocar material gratuitamente focado a agilizar o processo de desenvolvimento dentro do ecossistema da near. Comunidade de games, musicos, artistas, designer sao beneficiados diretamente, e essas pessoas responderam muito positivamente.

The first DAOs we reached as we started the development of the CC License movement, creating a folder to share files, didn’t understood as we were unable to correct explained the idea, ( it was our first project ) and that was positive, so we understood that our main target should be the art creators at first. As we did a twitter and mass spread advertisiment along the TG NEAR communities, we also have a awesome adoption from the game community, as early developers can have access to material for their early stages of their projects. All under NEAR community, for the community.

I’m not quite seeing the value of expanding the Folders project beyond what it is. In October there was only one update done to the drive from what I could see and if there’s little to no interaction from the other guilds maybe they don’t see the value in this that you do. I like what you’ve done thus far, allowing people access to the various assets across the guild ecosystem, but I don’t feel like more needs to be done to be honest. My other concern is that some might not want to have their logos or images as Creative Commons, just wondering if you cleared this with @caromintbase when adding the Mintbase logo?

Just seems like adding more complexity to something that doesn’t need any changes right now in my opinion.

At october

The initial suggestion, of share the id material was supposed to have free access to these pieces so artists could use it to produce materials more freely. I understand the concept of preserve the visual id, as at the manual, but i should desagree with it, its way more powerful to share more freely, so creatives can done better stuff. But this is my personal opinion. Believing in this, i though the guilds we reached at first would think the same and share it. Was not the case. But, when we putted to the community, members creators, they behave really well. Game devs, Artists, Musicians, seens to adept.

I like what you’ve done thus far, allowing people access to the various assets across the guild ecosystem, but I don’t feel like more needs to be done to be honest.

Theres a manual job required to manage, advertise to help fill this databank and add new users. From different aspects, the interface its a problem. We create a folder with the near user, you can reach duocelot.near
or duocelot.near - Google Drive for example. Ive a large material to be used, thats my own production and i eant to share with the community. Audios, images, and videos atm.

Or 1_The Clan DAO (1_ is the prefix for separate the groups folder, daos etc ) or 1_The Clan DAO - Google Drive







Im putting these links to show kind of a problem it to share them across the web. So we need a url shorter. Somewhere to hold all these shorten links. So to create a microsite, to advertise the link. Lynkfire is good for these, as its easy to set up. It will be one job to build it. Then just maintain, adding new people.

My other concern is that some might not want to have their logos or images as Creative Commons, just wondering if you cleared this with @caromintbase when adding the Mintbase logo?

This wont happen, because the owners of the folder will be the responsable for its contents. We have used the folder to help the creator find the material for the stickers and video bounties, at it was easy and I just deleted it. Forgot. Even if theres any misplaced material, that was putted there at the initial fase, for these purpouses
we will remove, but i think theres no more.

Here are some response from the community. Some already have uploaded material, some just have their folder created, and everyone sended an email to be added as an editor, we asked this email at dm, for privacy

At the games dev, we had a nice feedback about it to be used to help developers use to find images for the early stages of the projects.

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