Brief Introduction To Freelancer DAO WG [FDAO WG]

It’s a beautiful day from my end and I hope y’all are doing well, I write to you as an egalitarian and not for personal interests to introduce a new WG structure “Freelancer DAO WG” that would provide varieties of open opportunities for community members to earn from bounty.

The Word Freelancer is a known individuals who earn income on a per task basis, this task is available for whoever has the expertise to deliver a specific task.

Earnings are paid dependent on task done and all tasks have a particular bounty for freelancers to engage on.

Now Freelancer DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization who’s yet to build a framework through a working Group to attain a governance structure to support freelancers to build and create traction for the Near Ecosystem to its vision of reaching 1 billion active users.

A freelancer DAO would be a very potent avenue of onboarding through social awareness of the DAO’s activities. This would also lead to a spike in engagement of NEAR dapps because one of the requirements to be a contributor of the DAO would be NEAR dapp engagement. NEAR Dapp engagements like an active profile on NEAR social and also some defi requisites to be able to qualify for some bounties would in turn lead to on chain activity that is healthy for the overall metrics of the ecosystem. A Freelancer DAO would inherently draw many different individuals from different online social demographics and would serve as an effective avenue for selling the NEAR brand. It takes an engagement with the NeAR chain for one to see its perks and benefits, like its speed and affordability. Upon engagegeme t with the chain, it is natural to hopefully believe why these freelancers would want to stick with NEAR.

The reason we came up with the WG? The WG are community members interested in contributing, supporting and dedicating their time in participating in activities to build the governance structure that would guide the freelancers DAO to attain becoming a grassroots DAO.

As a dedicated Nearian we’ve decided to work on an idea as a community to give a boost to mass adoption and increase in participation to the Ecosystem.

This DAO would be structured by the community as it’s a community driven project and all undecided decisions would be decided from the majority of the community on a poll.

Since the NDC has given the Community an opportunity to come up with creative ideas to grow the Ecosystem, the FDAO has plans as a grassroot to give the community opportunities to promote Near through freelancing and we are taking contents to Web2.0 & Web3.0 to attract freelancers and investors to the Ecosystem.

What Content Are Freelancers Going To Engage On

When the freelancer DAO becomes a successful grassroots DAO we aim as a community to provide list of contents and bounty attached to the content according to hierarchy to such contents.

Contents like

  • Memes
  • Poem
  • Content writing (thread post, quote post)
  • Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Comics
  • Ambassador (Marketing and AMA’s)
  • WhatsApp promotion etc

Why Reward According to Tiers? The Novice level is an opportunity for everyone who has gone through proof of humanity to participate on bounty and proof traction.

With the tier system we can

  • We maintain our goal of onboarding and keeping to KPIs
  • Give more opportunities to does who has shown dedication and professionality in Freelancing
  • Reduce crowds and traffic
  • To introduce fairness as rewards should be increased in respect to who has proven worthy to level up.

How Do We Tend To Know A Successful Freelancer? From report (proof of work) we can track a successful freelancer when he/she passes the criteria to level up according to hierarchy.

A successful freelancer should

  • Have a well constructed and impressive contents
  • Good impression on Twitter analytics
  • Well constructed report
  • Numbers of views on tiktok and WhatsApp

All this success would be scored through a marking scheme
What Are We Doing As A Working Group?

  • We are working together as a team to create a structure that would help us as a community self govern as a grassroots to improve Near Ecosystem traction through Freelancing
  • We would work on a roadmap to meet deliverables as a community
  • As a Working group we are aiming to create a conducive and comfortable environment for freelancers and council member in a decentralized manner.
  • Creating a system to track a freelancers traction, criteria to level up and opportunities to more bounty according to your position in the freelancer tiers
  • Making sure bot or puppet accounts don’t involve in this opportunity by introducing proof of personhood (I-am-human)
  • Create an impressive protocol to keep up with community KPIs
  • We are going to onboard freelancers to the Near Ecosystem to support as a WG to help improve the charters
  • Ensure transparent report and opined poll for community decision or feedback

More information are on the Freelancer DAO charter :arrow_right:Freelancer DAO WG Charter
Glad to welcome all Community feedback

The NEAR ecosystem has seen creators and contributors concentrate efforts in the architecture and development of the structures needed to actualise the NeAR mission. The NEAR community is a rich and thriving hub of diverse individuals from all around who have in some way contributed value to seeing the proliferation of the NEAR brand within the web3 space. The NDC itself can rightly be described as the champion of Decentralization owing to its very transparent and open handed approach to community building and administration. With the recent stride of the NEAR Blockchain in the development of the BOS, the future of web3 is looking good.

One of the major recent talk points has always been about how to get traction on NEAR. That a blockchain so fast and affordable as NEAR deserves more than its current traction. And it is only sensible to say that the way to achieve traction on NEAR would be the patronization of its technology through innovations and community projects deployed on its platform.

By suggestion, one of the organic ways of generating genuine traction on the NEAR chain would be engaging individuals who offer some service or the other to propose/procure their services. By stimulating the freelancer industry on NEAR, a win-win situation can be attained being that a thriving work economy is created and an exponential creation and traction on MeAzr content is achieved.

Call To Action

  • Join the Community Telegram group to participate
  • Schedule a synch call according to consensus
  • Brainstorm, discourse and share ideas (to educate each other, come up with ideas to improve the WG etc)
  • Invite your friends to participate
  • View Charter and drop your feedbacks (contribution, suggestions , comments etc)

Tired of seeing same people? Need new friends in the Ecosystem? You’ve the believe everyone in the community should get an opportunity to build their communities? Need new content creators and experts to be onboarded on Near? Need an opportunity that would create a busy and well supportive community? Please join us to make this count as we need this vision to be 100% fulfilled by the community.

Thanks :pray: for your time you can also respond with your thoughts on this thread and anticipate for more report as we progress.

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Proud to be a part of this inclusive initiative. Thanks for the chance. WAGMI to the moon


Will surely yield results

Thanks fam :pray: really appreciated

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such a great initiatives

much appreciated. WAGMI

fly to moon KPI, LFG

Much appreciated work

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Amazing initiative! Was expecting something like this to occur here soon. Would be happy to join and provide the community with my creativity and skills as well as collaborate with other talented freelancer as a team.


Have you joined our telegram? If so we’re happy you’ve find this interesting and would like to work accordingly to the communities choice

Thanks for taking the time to get this initiative started,

I’d like to draw your attention to my recent post: A Vision for Grassroots DAOs. Most of my feedback will relate back to those core principles I’ve laid out. This seems appropriate as Freelancer DAO aims to become a Grassroots DAO.

Default Dead

As I explain in the Vision for Grassroots DAO post. Every WG and every initiative is Default Dead. What does this mean? It can not proceed unless it is able to gain support from the wider community. A few points to highlight here:

  • Support from wider community literally means people outside of the WG chat or the people who show up to community calls.
  • There is a concerning trend of people spinning up WGs (often multiple), rubber stamping everything with the very few people who happened to be there a the time, and then brushing off any criticism as ‘this was approved by community during a community call’
  • There is a huge cost to have OGs and other key stakeholders chasing up the ever-growing number of WGs of fighting a small minority who decided things amongst themselves. People’s time are worth money - value it and respect it.
  • Expanding on the above, the onus is on the WG to - when they are ready - go on to the wider community and get the support required.

Substance Matter

Overall, I am struggling to grasp the core of this DAO.

  1. Most of the work it seeks to do is currently within scope of Marketing DAO. It goes without saying that I am against spinning new DAOs that cover the same scope as existing DAOs but with lower standards.

This is a conversation I’d like to take up over a call - identify the need for the work done, why these proposals aren’t coming up through M DAO now, and identify steps M DAO can take to achieve the same result.

M DAO has been operating for a LONG time. During the review period in October we gave similar structures as the one proposed [Middle Men disbursing money to third parties] a lot of consideration and deliberately decided not to include it within scope. Main reasons were:

  • Misalignment between the ‘agent’ and the content being produced. Most of these ‘agents’ (Rent seeking middle men) go into securing and maintaining an attractive payment structure for themselves for ‘managing’ someone else;
  • Quality control. It was extremely hard to ensure that the quality was up to standard. Agents have no ownership in the content creation process, and neither them nor the contributors cared much. There seems to be symbiotic relationship when someone else pays and both the agents and contributors get paid without producing much value.

This resulted in us eliminating ‘Middle Men’ structures and encouraging applicants to go to M DAO directly.

Also, what are they key differences between this DAO and the Engagement DAO which you’ve also been involved with and, I believe, received funding for in the past.

Ongoing Decentralisation

My original post also explains the way Ongoing Decentralisation is expected to work under NDC: as one funding vehicle grows to a certain point (current figure for Grassroots DAOs is expected to be ~$100k) then the area that is receiving most of the funds can spin out as a new, more focused DAO. The logic here is simple:

  • The new DAO should be lead by the top contributors and recipients from Grassroots DAO. They should have demonstrated the quality of work and contributions and can now receive more autonomy and funding directly from Community Treasury.
  • It avoids having a proliferation of low quality WGs that aim to bypass the high standards set by existing DAOs and that risk damaging the public perception of the entire NDC (‘too many grifters and scammers’).

I good first example would be Regional DAO. M DAO is working very closely with RC WG and, until v1 is ready and RC can become a Grassroots DAO, funding to Regional proposals will flow through M DAO.

I strongly believe the current WG would be best suited as a Proposal to M DAO rather than a brand new DAO itself.

Council & Remuneration (80/20 Rule)

Another core principle I stand by is having people involved in Governance roles who are active in the NEAR ecosystem doing ‘real work’. Very few should spend more than 20% of their time doing governance.

  1. Who are the six proposed Council members and what is their current body of work on NEAR?

^ from the current FDAO Charter

Finally, and perhaps to tie everything I’ve said above together, I am honestly shocked to see a DAO request $12k for disbursing $10k. Marketing DAO could theoretically approve the full $10k to fund this initiative as a proposal… This seems to me like a sad indictment that the main if not the only reason why this DAO aims to exist is to create six duchy governance positions.

What is value?

Briefly expanding on the above. As the team revises any budget guidelines, now and in the future, it is critical to ask - how much value is being generated and at what cost.

NF and subsequently G DAOs frequently talk about ‘Weekly Active Users’ (WAU) or number of transactions on-chain, etc.

An equally important metric, if not more important, is the Cost of Acquisition (CAP).

It is clear that if you hand out money, you will ‘onboard users’ one way or another. But we must ask a series of questions:

  • who are the key customer segments we need right now? Developers? Builders? Users with X net worth? Existing users from other chains? Web 2 corporations seeking to migrate to Web 3?
  • How much is it costing us to onboard each?

While there no clear numbers, it should be clear to most that we are spending too much to attract people to do basic things. Your employees are not your users.


I am open to working with the F DAO team to find ways this can go ahead as a M DAO proposal instead. If it were to grow enough, then the natural course would be for it to be spun out on it’s own. I am against the current DAO structure, value proposition, and funding ask.

I’ve taken a lot of time to explaining my reasoning, concerns, and a possible way forward. Hope tis information is useful and I ask of anyone wanting to join the conversation to also do so in a thoughtful manner or at least adhere to community guidelines.



Thanks @satojandro for your comment.

Went through your recent post and has vital information on the vision for a grassroots DAO thanks

Lower? How do you determine a lower standard? From a new WG in process.
It’s indeed having the scopes of the Marketing DAO and I fully know marketing DAO has been in existence long ago, same as OWS.
OWS(Open Web Sandbox) where both in existence and both have marketing scope but different strategy.
The concept of freelancer is almost similar to OWS but a revamped.
As there are criteria to prove to level up as an Engager.
An Engager is a registered member in the freelancer DAO who’s eligible for bounty and he/she has to bring back good report and this report would be jurisdiction by council members to determine if the Engager can level up or be dismissed, with this features we get to promote the best through a marking scheme so with this method we tend to get quality standard.

The 10k Cap is a rough estimate for a start and tend to increase in respect to more participants involved.
And I didn’t consider making it a marketing proposal cause I can fully remember from a council saying the marketing DAO doesn’t fund for council remuneration, if this is true so who would review the freelancers report? The 6 Council was just my idea it’s not enact and all

There’s nothing to be sad about this was a draft and is opened for community feedback and am glad you’ve considered to point out some issues, I’ve talked to people who have good experience in governance to review.
I hope you help contribute to make this work and not sound disappointed, everyone here is trying to Improve the ecosystem if you by any chance see something going wrong feel free to call to order.

This is part of our Primary KPI to onboard active users, increase number of transactions, onboard contributors etc.
We’ve a mission to onboard active Web3 and Web2 users to the ecosystem.
Employee are also active users also I’m an employee and also an active users and also interact with DApps.

What is the Primarily issues on the Ecosystem? Users it’s known Near lacks active users but on forum and on Near Social, even the NFT Community founders has also complained of lack supports from users.
So users are the key segment, cause if there’s no user who would interact with the Developer creation?

We are opened for calls and willing to work with the marketing.
But however this would still be a community driven initiative.

I buy the idea of been under the Market for now and later a grassroots but for now I need to be clear with some discombobulating issues and this would be done on a call for verbal communication for more insight.

Conclusion This project was brought about after getting feedback from the community, Many wanted something similar to OWS and I know popular influencers who’ve left the ecosystem cause of the halt of OWS.
What’s your best skills about Marketing? You need to get the attention and interest of the audience and users after then market your product and services.
We are working on attracting and gathering new users and investors to the Ecosystem I think we can work with the Marketing on how to funnel this users and enlighten them about Near!
If we can onboard 700 Users in a month and enlighten them about Near at least 300-500 user should be interest to engage.
I’m willing to continue the conversation on a call, tell me when the @marketingdao-council are free so we schedule a 29mins -59mins call about this.


Incredible. lfg fam! Freelancer DAO is great one. Happy to see it come forth.

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Thanks pal :raised_hands: All for the community