[Approved] V2.0 Onboarding NCA/NCD at universidad del Bio-Bio , Concepción , Chile

Hello again, dear board as usual I introduce myself, I am rodolfo fritz and I have already introduced myself previously in the hybrid Onboarding approved proposal.

[Approved] Onboarding hybrid NCA/NCD at Universidad del Bio-Bio, Concepcion ,Chile

I come to make the proposal to execute a 2nd Onboarding in the city of Concepción, Chile with headquarters at the Universidad del Bio-Bio.

This version of the onboarding is aimed directly to people interested in taking the NCD certificate in order to become WEB 3.0 programmers.

In the development of the first version of the onboarding I realized the need to bring the world of blockchain technology development to developers so that they appreciate the value it has as a technological innovation rather than cryptocurrencies (speculation) based on the fact that all the students who attended in person knew about cryptocurrencies in a speculative way, totally ignoring its value as a technology, I can conclude that to obtain a greater incorporation of students who join passively, it is necessary to bring them closer to a community (NEAR) that they know that there are people who make this possible, being me the direct connection between student and near, providing support, guidance, teachings and also incentives in the form of merchandise, and that is my conclusion with respect to cryptocurrencies.

That being my conclusion with respect to the previous onboarding I will give way to the new proposal that I hope will be accepted by the members of the board, as I believe that the Concepcion community of more than 120,000 university students and over 17 institutes of higher education has incredible potential both in the search for developers and for the dissemination and marketing of Near.

Projetc name:

V2.0 onboarding NCA at universidad del Bio-Bio.



Total requested Amount:

$500 in NEAR


  • incorporation of university students, developers and creative artists to complete the NCA and NCD certificate, focusing attention on completing the NCA with the most students.

  • Awareness about NearHub, Mintbase, Paras.id and all the opportunities around NFTs.

  • Promote the use of the Wallet and the use of the dapps on NEAR.

  • Successfully complete 10 students with the NCA certificate.

  • Follow up the students with the NCA certificate to promote their enrollment in more certificates specifically the NCD.


During the 4 days that would be carried out if this proposal is approved I will cover new modalities of participation during the classes, more details of the day to day in this proposal will be given.

  • Day 1: This day will be introductory and welcoming to the world of Web 3.0, we will give a glimpse of how NEAR is conformed, we will also introduce the basic terms of Blockchain, Defi, DAO, smart contract and we will talk about the project that must be submitted to pass the certificate.

  • Day 2: NEAR wallet creation (via QR code) will take a tour of the dapps offered by Near wallet, will cover Metapool, rainbowbridge and aurora applications where I will explain their functionality and importance for NEAR.
    From the 2nd day onwards, merchandise will be handed out to the attendees of both days.

  • Day 3: Introductory examples of WEB3.0 applications will be shown and you will be guided in the construction of your project.
    Groups of 3 assistants will be created where through printed material will be given support for the creation of the project to present, the objective of the groups is to create a proposal between the groups to then expose on the front of the class, they will be given a t-shirt to the group with the best performance.

  • Day 4: Individual expositions about the project, handing out a guide with questions such as: what is defi? , functionality of aurora, etc. Questions and answers with incentive in NEAR sweatshirts.

Activities :

  • Follow up with face to face attendees prioritizing the completion of the NCA certificate and giving them support and encouraging their participation in other near certificates especially continue with the NCD.

  • Start on May 30, 2022 until June 3.


  • capacity to receive a maximum of 20 face-to-face attendees.
  • I confirm a minimum of 20 online attendees
  • Creation of at least 40 Near wallets (verified).


  • T-shirts and polo shirts (22 garments) for onsite participants: 300USD
  • Stickers and badges : 50usd
  • banners 1.8m : 55 usd
  • Fuel: 50USD
  • Wallet creation= 1 usd x wallet(40)= 40 usd

I hope this proposal will be approved in order to benefit this community in formation.
@FritzWorm @zubairansari07 @mr_free @Symbolik


Hello @iroxi

You did a great job earlier, and your plan sounds good too.
Please explain more about day 3?
Where the event will happen? The same location?

About the budget:

  1. What’s the difference between t-shirts from previous proposal (20 t-shirts for 200$) and current (22 for $300)?!
  2. Is it possible to use the previous banner?

Does the date changeable?


This proposal sounds great. It’s well explained and solidly grounded in an education and onboarding goal. I support this!


Hello @mr_free
thanks for always being attentive to my proposals I will gladly answer your questions

The event would be held with the same venue as the previous one, that is to say at the University of Bio-Bio, it is possible to change the venue to another university such as the University of Concepción, but I must manage it for a possible v3.0.

Day 3 will be the day where students will form groups to discuss ideas about their proposal, after a round of discussion among the group should form a draft of a proposal among all and explain briefly out loud.
This day is at the beginning to give examples of alumni proposals which have been approved.

About expenses:

during v2 of the onboarding which I had to organize against time, there were higher expenses than budgeted in the area of t-shirts and sweatshirts, my idea was to buy sweatshirts which represent a higher cost than the t-shirts, not fitting in the budget of 200$ I had to buy t-shirts and sweatshirts, this led to differences when giving these to the attendees, that is why I prefer to give only high quality sweatshirts with very nice designs.
it is also possible to reduce this expense by giving t-shirts as a gift.

Yes, indeed it will be used but I would like to have 2 banners to make the presentation symmetrical, I also need to acquire a pedestal for them, this is included in the budget since the previous day consumables were left over which will be used in this version to save costs.

The date is totally changeable if necessary, but my idea is to do it during the online development of the NCA classes if we can not carry it out on May 30 we could reschedule for the week of June 6 to June 10, in fact and thinking about making a better organization and be against time it is better to take this date.

I would appreciate any consultation from you in order to make everything clear and have the budget as soon as possible to have everything before the start and not be against time as the last version.


Hi @Symbolik
thank you very much for the support, it gives me too much encouragement to organize more events of this type and also explore other types of mass events where it is shown to a more general public.
What is near and make near wallet funding in public , according to an estimate we could in 1 event create at least 200 new wallets .
Tell me what you think about doing something like this, with a totally university environment.

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About day 3: the students will need to propose idea for a smart contract? or please explain what proposal they need to create?

I think it would be great to move the project 1 week later.


On day 3 the students will receive a printed text which contains exercises of generated questions, to approach the proposal to become certified in the NCA, the purpose is that at the end they have defined the fundamental aspects of the plan and its structure. Some of the questions are:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What problems do I want to solve?
  • How will I link my proposal to the community?

guia (1).pdf - Google Drive

The objective of the proposal to approve the NCA is not to create a smart contract, but rather to build an idea that does not exist in WEB 3.0, this helps students to apply concepts such as Defi , DAO , etc…
In order to evaluate knowledge and if they understand the applications of these.

I think it is perfect, the onboarding V2.0 will be held from June 6 to 10, based at the University of Bio Bio.

@mr_free Do you think I have enough support to make the proposal in astroDAO now?

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Thanks for the answer.
I didn’t understand the questions in the pdf (I don’t speak Spanish), but It seems I got the idea.

Yes, it’s great. Probably we will need to move the event even later because we need to get an approved proposal for dao and receive funding.

I like your proposal. I think the best way is to onboard students (next generation). But I am only one of the councils and can’t answer for others.


Thank you for your questions @mr_free
I believe that with your support along with @FritzWorm @Symbolik whom I also thank for their support it is possible to approve this proposal.
Within this week I will make the proposal in AstroDAO.


I share with you the link of the proposal in AstroDAO , hoping that the approval will be done during the week to be able to organize the Onboarding V2.0 without haste.
@mr_free @FritzWorm @Symbolik @zubairansari07 thank you for allowing these types of initiatives in the community.


Thanks for the detailed proposal and answers given above to my fellow councils. I would like to support the proposal major reason being the onboarding of young generation :hugs:


Hello @mr_free @zubairansari07 @Symbolik @FritzWorm
I would like to comment that the proposal has 1 vote in favor and there are still 3 days left to expire, please make your votes to be able to manage this week the onboarding avoiding any unforeseen and more than anything to overload me with things next week.


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Congratulatios, It’s approved now. Please check your wallet. Looking forward to the great report soon. Cheers!