[APPROVED] Onboarding of university teachers in association with university authorities

Hello dear Onboarding DAO council, I am Francisco Gonzalez, here is my presentation (ES):

I have a Master’s degree in Education, mention in guidance and counseling.
I have been onboarding developers and other students into NEAR University, helping NEAR VENEZUELA Guild to reach +15 devs and +3 DiR.

I have been working with @Arturoahs in the activities of vector and outreach with Universities, and we have been receiving rewards from OWS. But this month things had changed, and looking for advice, @FritzWorm told us that as we are onboarding new members into the community our contributions could fit into the vision of your DAO.

Project name:

Onboarding of university students in association with university authorities

Target: franciscogonzalez.near

Total Requested Amount: $500 in NEAR


Onboard students and professors into the NEAR University

Promote the dissemination of educational/informative content about NEAR
Promote the use of the Wallet and the use of the dapps on NEAR, like Metapool for savings, Ref Finance, and others
Promote social networks of the NEAR Community


  • 3 Activities for Vector and Outreach on Universities
    (2 Webinars, 1 Talk/Conversational)

Metrics / Deliverable

  • Promotion on social networks (Twitter, tik tok, Youtube, Instagram)
    2 videos - 200 Reproductions - 1000 Reach
  • New wallets created
    At least 20 new wallets created
  • NCD L1 / NCA / NCI / NCP new students
    At least 5 new students on NEAR University


Audiovisual Content Creation $100
Transportation $100
New wallet creation funding $50
Renting exposition equipment $100
Food and Drinks $100
POP Material $50

Note: We will contribute for free by now, we hope OWS can reward us later, we will see.


We will publish all the content of this project from our Near Valencia social networks.



Onboarding through education is always a good idea, i completely support this!


I think this proposal is very strong. I like the Metrics / Deliverable. Question, what university do you work out of? Do you onboard Spanish speakers? That would be great, as much of what Onboarding has has done is largely in EN. Diversity is good. Also, I like the more general focus (as in not music). Onboarding’s roots are in music but we are mandated to bring people onboard and to direct them to the different Guilds, DAOs and communities. I would like to ensure that as people are onboarded that we can direct them to whatever community that they will thrive and contribute to. All that said, I love this proposal.


At this time we have work in one of the most important universities in Venezuela: The University of Carabobo. All the participants (teachers and students) are Spanish speakers.

Likewise, it is planned to carry out these works in other universities in the country, such as: The Central University of Venezuela, the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, the “Andrés Bello” Catholic University, among others…


Nice idea.
But as I know NearUniversity has its own opportunities

Did you learn them?

What audiovisual content you will create? I think you can search for content that’s already have been created. Does it make sense?
Where do you need transportation?
Foods and drink for whom?!
What equipment do you want to rent?
What are pop materials do you mean?

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Also, it looks you want to organize meetup. As I remember, there is a special program for these events.


The purpose of carrying out these activities in universities is precisely to strengthen, encourage and promote the participation of new students and professors in the areas: systems, informatics, computing, and technology sciences; in the NCD L1, NCA, NCI, and NCP. Adding is strengthening.

Regarding the creation of audiovisual content, the aim is to disseminate videos that serve as a tutorial or non-face-to-face training guide through different social networks, thus increasing the scope of the content addressed, and therefore greater socialization, knowledge, and value generation for Near protocol.

Transportation refers to the expenses for mobilization of facilitators and the organizing team of the activity in its face-to-face mode, which implies expenses for fuel, bus tickets, and taxis.

POP material: folders, sheets of paper, pencils, pens, personalized identification labels, paper clips, among others.

Equipment rental: Video Beam with your laptop and sound for the auditorium, in order to facilitate the teaching of the contents.

Food and drinks (snacks) for those attending the face-to-face session (teachers, students, speakers, organizing team).


You have my support on this one ser!!! :100: Well explained idea & a strong proposal :clap:


Woo, I believe this is the better explained proposal with a great breakdown.

Full support from me obviously I know you already and have follow up your work with onboarding closely.

Have big expectations with you guys, big hug.

APPROVED :white_check_mark:


Congratulations for your APPROVAL :white_check_mark:


Thank you for the opportunity provided. The commitment has been made! Educating is synonymous with growth, thanks for the approval… Let’s get to work!

Thank you @FritzWorm … Thank you all.:clap::clap::clap:

Thank you, educating is bringing out the best in a person. Let’s join this with Near protocol, and the result will be great. :+1::+1:

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Glad to see it approved, please follow next steps according to new payout guidelines >> [New Process] Community Payouts

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  1. I think you could find the audiovisual content. So, the budget could reduce
  2. mmm… How many people will use transportation?! I didn’t understand a distance. Will you visit other cities?!
  3. Are you really need POP materials? All are online.
  4. Food/drinks - is it a full-day activity?! It looks like a bribe or charity

Amazing proposal, full support from my side!


Hey @Arturoahs @Franciscogonzalezn great job! Lets coordinate so we can get direct support from the NEAR @ EDU team. Will ping @FritzWorm to connect and start executing in coordination with the NCA, NCD and NCP bootcamps.



Thank you @claudioac. All our dedication to support the educational programs of NEAR University, Near Hispanic, in the main cities - universities of Venezuela. Thanks for the support and opportunity. Let’s go!!

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Hey @Franciscogonzalezn
This looks like an amazing way to onboard student developers to the NEAR community. @pransh and I would love to help you with future events.


we’ve done and helped so many student devs, and with DevGuild - we want to extend that help to organizers who do the same. Just like you @Franciscogonzalezn :smile_cat:

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