[REPORT] V2.0 Onboarding NCA/NCD at universidad del Bio-Bio , Concepción , Chile

Hello to all the Near community,
[Approved] V2.0 Onboarding NCA/NCD at universidad del Bio-Bio , Concepción , Chile

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During the 6th and 10th of June should have been made the face to face Onboarding but this should be postponed for about 2 weeks, this because the Universidad del Bio-Bio which corresponded to the headquarters where this onboarding would be held to paralyze their classes by a demand of the federation of students, all academic and extracurricular activities are canceled, if it is possible to do it but would not have the assistance of most of the 20 students who should attend.


This week (13-17) I will try to contact and explore the option of changing venue to be able to carry out at the University of Concepción, if not able to get a suitable room, the re-evaluation of the stoppage takes place on Thursdays with it would organize the Onboarding 1 week after the return of classes.

During the week I purchased the necessary materials to carry out the onboarding,

polo shirts(22):

banner advertising:

pins and stickers:

I will be giving updates within the next few days


all looks so cool. thank you guys for spreading the word :muscle:

Hello @iroxi ,
Do you have updates?

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It is still not possible to carry out the bootcamp, there was the possibility of doing it in another university but the federation of students that universas refused to support with a classroom for the class, this since I am not a student of your institution, being the only possibility left to do it in the university of bio bio bio when we return to classes. Which should happen within the month of July due to negotiations between the federation and the institution.
To complete the report I will make an excel where I expose the expenses.

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Hello @iroxi
Sorry, What were the difficulties with bootcamp?
Can you clarify dates when the event could happen?
Thank you.

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Quality advertising so far, looking forward to further updates described in original proposal.


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Hello @iroxi
How are you doing?
Do you have news?