[Approved] Onboarding hybrid NCA/NCD at Universidad del Bio-Bio, Concepcion ,Chile

Hello, dear DAO onboarding council, I would like to introduce myself to you:

My name is Rodolfo Fritz , current student of civil engineering in automation at the Universidad del Bio Bio, Concepción. Proudly Chilean and with a deep feeling to contribute and help my community.

I joined Near as an ambassador to encourage and help the adoption of Web3.0.

The main objective of the bootcamp will be to establish a follow-up, guidance and assistance to the participant of a NCA/NCD certificate, also to create a new way to establish and unite development groups, encouraging the creation of groups within the same community.
The ambassador will take a role of support and give instance to these groups to create projects that may be promising, giving support and guidance physically.

For the next week from May 16 to May 20 will be held at the University of Bio-Bio a hybrid onboarding which I will break down as follows

Project name:
onboarding hybrid NCA/NCD at Universidad del Bio-Bio

Target: iroxi.near
Total Requested Amount: $500 in NEAR

incorporation of university students, developers and creative artists to complete the NCA and NCD certificate.

Awareness about NearHub, Mintbase, Paras.id and all the opportunities around NFTs.

Promote the use of the Wallet and the use of the dapps on NEAR.

incorporate at least 10 new developers certified with NCD.


*Capacity to receive a maximum of 15 attendees in person
*No limits on online participants.
*Capacity to issue 20 wallets


We primarily focus on face-to-face participants completing both NCA and NCD certifications.

  • NCA course will be held from May 16th to the 20th.
  • NCD will be held from May 30th to June 4th.


*T-shirts for on-site participants =200usd
*stickers and flyers =50usd
*banners 1.6m =60usd
*Catering (NCA/NCD)=150usd
*Transportation = 20usd
*Wallet creation= 1 usd x wallet= 20usd

T-shirt design:

Banners design:


Hello @iroxi ,

Please explain how you joined Near as Ambassador and when?
As I understand, you plan IRL event, right? I didn’t understand “There is no minimum or maximum number of participants.(online)”


I joined as an ambassador through the Hispanic community in discord, talking and contacting members of the council to join, I started in April and I hope to carry out many activities within the university community in my city.
I think I expressed myself wrong, what I meant is that there are no limits on online participants.


Hello @iroxi
Thanks for the answer.
Do you have experience in organizing events?
Will it be face-to-face meetings (how will you select people for meetings) or group meetings?
Please describe the process.
Also, how many t-shirts do you need and how will you use them?

You are new, so I would clarify Do you know that you will need to make a report with proofs before the end of the month?

@FritzWorm @zubairansari07 @chloe @NatalieCrue @Symbolik @kc_sollano what do you think? do you have questions to @iroxi ?


He is recommended by Manuel Haro @tuxcan who is leading the Ambassador program for LATAM, and we already shared a online meeting to know each other.

I fully support this onboading initiative :white_check_mark:


Hello @mr_free
I am happy to answer all your questions, I have experience organizing events for energy drink brands, maybe it is quite far from the world of Near but the ability to organize events exists and also a lot of desire to contribute to the community.
About the meetings, the face-to-face participants are mostly university students of careers related to the world of programming.
They were contacted in person where I told them about the possibility of educating themselves about web3, the objective is to maintain close contact with the participants to generate a group that shares the same interest.
Online participants found out through a publication which I made in a group of crypto-enthusiasts where I told them about the possibility that NEAR University opens, this post contained a link to google forms where I requested, studies, programming experience and occupation.
Selecting those who had studies either studying or graduated in related careers and people with programming experience.
I need to make 20 t-shirts, these will be given to the participants at the end of the first certificate (NCA) and during the 5 days of classes of the NCA will be given stickers and flyers.

If I am aware that I have to make a report at the end of the month, taking that into consideration I will take several pictures and I also want to make tiktok videos about how the event is done.

I hope I have clarified all your doubts and more. I will try to answer any questions or doubts as soon as possible.

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Great. I support your proposal. I hope the other councils will support too.
I believe you will do your best.
Please create a proposal on Astrodao for onboarding-dao (Astro) and publish the link here.


@mr_free @FritzWorm
here is the link in Astro dao, everything is ready to start onboarding this Monday.

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Day 1
more details tomorrow


day 2 and 3, activities were carried out where T-shirts were given out for answering a question correctly.
The focus of the classes has been the orientation, guidance and help to the participants to create their project to pass the NCA course, this by means of slides covering the central part of the topics that are seen in the NCA course.


After 4 days with activities to motivate attendees to learn and internalize the blockchain technology. I will make a general conclusion also I will indicate the important steps to be able to continue to carry out activities of orientation and follow-up to the attendees.


  • follow up and create groups within a specific community.
  • provide the opportunity for participants of the NCA or NCD certificates to attend face-to-face activities where they will be guided on how to complete the project to pass the course.

Methodology (4 days of classes):

1st Day: introductory where they will be introduced to basic concepts such as DEFI, DAO, Smart Contract, Rust, Assembly script .


2nd Day: review objectives of the previous class, creation of Near wallet and funding of accounts, review of the Dapp available in the NearWallet, metapool, rainbowbridge, aurora and awards ceremony.

polo shirt for participation

3rd day: summary of past classes, show examples of possible applications in Web 3.0, delivery of questions for the How to make a proposal, awards ceremony.

Student Win prize

4th day: optional presentation by a participant (prize),
Demonstration of projects carried out, answering questions and answers, support for the submission, recording of the proposal, awards ceremony.

Exposure of a participant

For the 5th day there are no classes since the recording and delivery of the proposal should be done, together with the answers to the questions of the same delivery. Follow-up is done via Discord.

To conclude with the methodology used I will give my appreciation:
During the week I noticed that even though people did not know anything about cryptocurrencies, they only knew more about the technological and developmental end rather than the speculative (trading), they were encouraged to learn more, asking more questions and internalizing on their part.

The totality of the attendees committed themselves to deliver their proposal to pass the NCA thanks to the motivation that I gave them, as well as the support among the students themselves. This caught my attention since they were autonomously advancing in what was to be the NCD course.

Taking this into account I consider that it is necessary to carry out only courses which orient, help and guide the participants of the NCA to create a proposal, each month to take between 10 to 18 participants to include them in near and then leave them to their choice whether to continue certifying with the NCD.

student feedback

i will give the numbers achieved with this activity.

Near wallet created: 29

16 T-shirts and sweatshirts were given to the participants.

Attendees were between 9 and 14 people, approximately half of them (6) delivered the project for the NCA.


Great work, Thanks for sharing the reports :green_heart:


Thank you for supporting the proposal, I hope to be able to continue organizing events of this type, with some modifications to the teaching methodology.