[Proposal] Onboarding Campaign For Crypto Enthusiasts in UCC Ghana

Let me start by introducing myself again, My name is David, (Stage name) Sollusion, I sing afro beat, Ghanna Raggae and hip pop style of music, I live in Ghana. I’m also a Theatre Art student of Cape Coast University of Ghana,

I’m here to make a proposal aimed at onboarding and enlightening students, lecturers , and other creatives in my faculty about a Layer-1 blockchain technology called (NEAR) and to also encourage the adoption of Web3.0, most especially the usage of (NEAR) in the school at large.

I have seen students on and off campus trade and exchange crypto currency’s without actually familiarizing themselves with the blockchain. Only if these student, lecturers and creatives realize that there is a blockchain (NEAR) that wants to engage them with other enthusiasts and ready to enlighten them better on Web3.0 technology

Some student lately been curiously asking questions about Near and how it works, With the purpose of decentralization, bringing near to the knowledge of these student will help safeguard a better future , it is very necessary to bring them closer to a community (Near) so as to create more awareness on Near, Mintbase, and the whole ecosystem at large.

These students will find this as an avenue to learn and trade using the NEAR protocol and improve their vast knowledge on crypto related technology .

I will actuallize an onboarding campaign for these students and creatives on the campus, been an assistant course rep also gives me an exponential leverage of getting their attention and carrying out this efficiently, had a prior discussion with our course rep and I’m glad to say she’s whole fully in support of this project.

This onboarding campaign would attract a minimum of 50 enthusiasts and I’m sure at the end of this campaign I would have activated a minimum of 40 wallets from this campaign. Below is the chronology to achieve this onboarding initiative.


Timeline 3rd June 2022

Total: Requested Amount: 235$ in Near


the objective of this campaign is to create awareness about (Near), Mintbase And the great opportunities around the ecosystem, and also to educate them about a Layer-1 blockchain (Near) ready to help enlighten them on their crypto related exchange and NFT, most especially to promote the use of the wallet all around the School.


A day campaign,

  • Introduction

  • inducting them on the usage of (NEAR)

  • introducing the creatives to the Dao they’ll fit in the most.

Musicians: nxm
Producers: Beat Dao and so on

  • Wallets Activation

As for the wallet activations

I will create a neardrop link and a custom unique bar codes for each link to share to each and everyone that attends this campaign. After which, instructions will be passed to them on how they can use the barcode paper slips to open their near wallets as the fastest way to reach out to everyone.


  • this campaign will onboard creative minded individuals from a reputable demography such as the University. And also onboarding enthusiasts will contribute to the growth of our community
  • Creation of nothing less than 40 wallets.


3 Quality customize polo shirts = 30$

Wallet creation = 50$ In Near 9.4n (0.1 each)

School panel compensation (it must be in form of a Near token) = 75$

Q & A (Near token) = 50$

Water and soft drinks Refreshment = 30$

Lastly I’ll like to say a big thank you to the council members and the ecosystem at large for giving me the opportunity to explore my innovative ideas.

Let’s get these wallets activated and these community engaged in the bright future of NEAR,
@FritzWorm @kc_sollano @Symbolik @mr_free @chloe @zubairansari07


Hello @Sollusion ,

Sorry, what is 3xr?

Day 1: great. Would be great if you can explain what do you mean under chronicle and conformation?
Day 2: Sorry, I don’t understand, how this relates with onboarding to the ecosystem.


  1. jerseys. I am not sure to support this. But it would be great if you could add how they will look
  2. What banner do you need?
  3. Wallet creation - ok
  4. Sorry, What is the school panel?
  5. QA - ok.
  6. Certificates?! What certificates? You can create nft-certificates and send them to the attendies for free.
  7. Water - ok.
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A big painted banner with near logos (Near) name painted all over it (2.0m)… this banner will be visible in front of the hall so everyone can see… i want to make this campaign a memorable one.


This panel comprises of four persons, they are in charge of all the activities going on in the school Premises:
the department head
And his assistant
Dean of study
SUG president

They’ll all get new wallet creation and little Near token for granting us this opportunity to pull this through.


I’ll also make available soft drink refreshments for the students.

@mr_free corrections have been made… pls go through the proposal again…

Thank you @Symbolik @mr_free @iroxi @chloe @IgbozeIsrael @zubairansari07 @kc_sollano

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Hi @Sollusion
I think your initiative is great but I notice that it lacks some solid base in education to fulfill the function of onboarding, maybe you should try to link the group with the NCA or NCD certificates offered by Near.
This in order to at least make some direct approach to education since funding a 3x3 bastketball game is not the goal of onboarding-dao.
I should also point out that I find it odd that a theater group does not do theater.


Hi @iroxi thanks for the information, corrections have been done…Thank you :blush:

@iroxi my aim in summary is to promote the use of (Near) in the whole school at large, a lot of student here exchange cryto trade on other blockchain think it’s high time we introduce near to these students.

Hello @Sollusion ,
I like your passion and idea, but I am not sure you need t-shirts/jerseys/etc and a banner.
So, I support it only partially.

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Hello @mr_free as a matter of fact, giving out customized polo tops to those students is a big encouragement, they’ll wear them at home, to the library e.t.c, it shows some level of comportment…

Tops looking like this…

And also the idea of the basketball match, jersey have been cancelled…

About the banner I’ll have to re-adjust the budget in the proposal removing the banner from it, at least to save cost and fund other necessary things…

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Hi, Thanks for your proposal. I agree with my fellow Serhii’s comment here. Please explain more about the activities and how are you gonna teach the students? What content do you plan for the same?

Also about the shirt part, I think that’s not much needed, maybe the person teaching 1 or 2 can wear. Why would newcomers wear those?

You mean Q and A quiz? $50 would be the reward?? Please provide more details.

Sorry, didn’t understand this. Since you are a student of the same school, won’t they allow you to have the educational session for free?

That’s okay, but I would like to say it would be better if you ask for the wallet creation amount in $NEAR. But the best way is that we would provide you neardrop links and you can help newcomers claim them. @mr_free

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Hello @zubairansari07 @mr_free, Thanks for the questions.

The teaching I’m talking about in the proposal basically includes the use of the wallet itself,

  • sending Near from one wallet to another
  • Top up: how to top up your near wallet using (UTORG) and (Moonpay)
    We have a lot of crypto enthusiasts in our school, my faculty alone got more than 50 crypto enthusiasts, you can now imagine how many the whole school got. Crypto exchange is profitable to most student, introducing Near to those students is a great idea, trust me.

We also got a lot of singers, songwriters, graphics designers and content creators in our faculty too, I’ll also onboard them to the community, before that I’ll teach them how to mint their contents on mintbase as well Using my (PC).

Alright then if you say so, I’ll adjust it in the proposal.
New comers are not wearing it on that day, i and other two course reps would put it on, the shirt is just like a gift from us, we give them for free after the whole wallet creation and activation, we’ll just give it out to the total of 17 students for promotional purposes, but if the onboarding dao is not cool with it I’ll adjust the number of the shirt to just (3 pieces)

After teaching them about the use of the wallet, how to send and top up, minting process for creatives, I’ll ask them general questions and the winners get little token of near.

This is clearly a non academic campaign inside the school premises, i had a meeting with them and they answered, “hope we’ll be getting a little token from this crypto coin” and i agreed.
This will be in form of an appreciation to them, I’m very confident after this I’ll be hosting a lot of future (NEAR) events and project my school to onboard massively.

Yeah that’s the best for me aswell, I’ll be glad if you provide the neardrop links for me, thank you :blush: @zubairansari07 @mr_free

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One more question:
It’s University or school? The target audience is students or pupils? What’s the age of TA?

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Hello @mr_free, It a university…
UCC means - University of cape coast
Age bracket- 22 and above, am an ongoing 200 level student.

Thank you for your questions @mr_free :blush:


@zubairansari07 @mr_free @Symbolik @kc_sollano is there enough support to create a proposal on AstroDao?

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Hello @Sollusion ,

Yeah, I support this proposal now. I asked the other councils to be more active.

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Thanks for your answers, I am happy to support and see the good report coming!

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Thank you for your support @mr_free I’ll create proposal from astro. Thanks :blush:

Thanks for your support @zubairansari07 I’ll keep the good report coming! :blush::blush:

Thanks for your support @mr_free @zubairansari07 @kc_sollano @Symbolik

Here is the Astro link:


Your proposal was approved.
We will wait for the report about the event (It will need to be sent before the end of the month).
Good luck!

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Thanks @mr_free campain will hold on Monday :blush::blush: arrangements ongoing thanks

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