[Approved] twitter space, instagram live, and youtube live ama (april, may, june 2023)

Social Media management

Since establishment, councils of mastermindsDAO have been dedicated to their works and social media management and over the last few months? we were able to achieve the following:

YouTube 567 subscribers

Instagram 688 followers

Twitter 124 followers

Building our social media presence in promoting the Near ecosystem we’ve decided to launch a social media AMA to boost our social presence.


1, Community development : this will help improve relationship and interaction among community members.

2, There will be a Twitter interactive space with guest artist every Saturday to learn, educate and listen to Music NFT projects on Near,

3, We’ll also invite guest speakers from different regions to come share ideas with us.

4, Gaining more users for the our Mintbase store marketplace

  1. This AMA is basically an interactive session to discuss and share our incoming and ongoing projects with people out there. Most especially getting them involved with our ongoing projects & bounties.


  • Internet data - $100
  • Neardrop link for wallet activation for newbies (gas fee) - $100
  • Artwork - $50
  • Logistics & management - $100

Total $350


Awesome videos and content. Happy to support :heart: !


Thank you absolutely, We’re grateful.

Hey @Legend07 thanks for the proposal – can you provide additional information so I can evaluate this proposal? You mention creating content, but what are the details?

  • What content will you create and on what platforms?
  • How many Twitter spaces, with what famous guest artists?
  • What kind of webinar?
  • What will your YouTube video(s) be about specifically?

How do the funds you’re requesting lead to the creation of the above? There isn’t enough specific detail about what you’re planning to create and how the budget matches that for me to support this in this form.

Can you revise it? Here are the guidelines for assessment in case those are helpful:


This AMA is basically an interactive session to discuss and share our incoming and ongoing projects with people out there. Most especially getting them involved with our ongoing projects & bounties.

We intend to carry out this AMA ones a week for 3 months. The guest speakers are web3 creatives and artist who would love to share ideas about the web3 music in general to educate the web2 listeners on the space.

These requested funds will go for artworks, internet & logistics as we carry out these sessions.

Proposal have been re-adjusted according to guidelines.

Thank you for your concern @so608

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@Legend07 happy to support. Looking forward to see how you grow this project!


Thank you absolutely @cryptocredit :people_hugging::people_hugging:

Thank you for your proposal and for answering the questions of fellow Council members.

I support this proposal. However, I do want to note the following:

  • The Instagram link provided does not link to the projects account.
  • The Twitter account has modest growth and does not have regular activity - last post was from March 3rd and it is a retweet from my personal account.
  • Youtube channel has modest content with last videos posted over two months ago.
  • I am willing to support this proposal due to the low value requested and the seemingly long term commitment and dedication that the team has shown for NEAR. However, in order to consider on-going funding, I would expect to see improved metrics across all of the above going forward.

Final note:

For the ‘link drop’ I strongly suggest you use Shard Dog (which uses Keypom).

Moving this proposal to approved, you can proceed with AstroDAO poll.


Well Noted!
Thank you for your support and trust! @satojandro We are happy to receive the approval. We are thrilled to be able to keep building our projects with the same love and dedication.

Have a great month and let’s keep creating!

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Thanks done!


@satojandro @dacha


Tagging for visibility @klint @santojandro @so608

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Hi team, @dacha @santojandro @cryptocredit . it’s past a week and we are yet to receive the funding invoice from NF, is there any changes in the usual funding process?