[Approved] Master Minds DAO - Funding Proposal (MAY/JUNE 2023)


  • DAO introduction

About Masterminds DAO

  • Legal wrapper


  • Why Team is Best For The Funds

Our team, besides being in the web3 space for almost a year, has a faultless track - record of funding and subsequent results. Furthermore one of our team member is a core founder of Near x Art, as a plus to our web3 experience, we also have a team member who is a notable figure in the Nigeria music industry, as a plus to extremely engage & onboard web2 artists enourmously.

  • The DAO team consist of this following individuals


@wizprince1: wizprince.near is a singer, songwriter and a producer thriving in the Nigerian music industry for years, he has made a lot of known achievements in the music industry as a content Creator, cover artist and a talent manger, all of which are currently sustained simultaneously. As a graduate with BSc in Theatre art he also obtained certificate in YouTube insiders program here in Nigeria. He has performed in so many big gigs and concerts all around Africa and currently shortlisted for a national solo performance on Spain this year. He is the founder of Masterminds DAO after making other great musical impact in NxM.

@Supercoolkay: supercoolkay.near Is a notable figure in the Near ecosystem who has made major impact by representing Near protocol and the creatives the Near ecosystem in the just concluded web 3 delight event which had over 3,000 attendees. He has worked with marketing verticals in creating youtube contents that promotes Indirectly promotes Near and its attribute. He founded the Near x Art Dao that focuses on incorporating creatives in all field to use the Near blockchain.

@Legend07 - legacy00near.near (council moderator) Is popularly known as Legend. He is a graduate of the prestigious university, university of Jos, plateau State. He’s has been able to smash couple of prizes from live performances. During he’s NYSC year, came out top of platoon competition under music and dance. One of he’s goals is to hit the summit like every other big artiste out there. He introduced several good music artistes to the Near world there by making Nearprotocol go viral outside the shaws of Lagos and they all participated in Near AMAPIANO freestyle. He’s aim is to market Nearprotocol to the entirety of people and make the Near family grow beyond Africa.

@Tory_k - toryking.near (Council member) Tory is a song writer, song editor, video Director, sound engineer, vocalist and a general music personality. He’s a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria. He is passionate about all web3/crypto things with a special focus on NFTs, DeFi and onchain analysis.
He was also privilege to work with the lives of Chike, deyasso and Gombit way back in 2016.
Tory have been actively supportive since the beginning of this journey, and also actively involved in several events of masterminds DAO coterie. And also helped in Idea creativity that’s on masterminds DAO community.

[@blazebeat99 ( community builder ) - blazebeat.near is a Southy record producer, disc jockey, band director, pianist, and songwriter. He started his professional music career with [Kaybanks Record](Kaybank Records (@kaybankrecords) • Instagram photos and videos ]) and has worked with artists such as Flavour N’abania, Bracket, and many more originally from South Africa, he started his music career professionally as a versatile singer and a vocalist before gaining his full potential in the production industry as an amapiano Producer. [INSTAGRAM ]((https://instagram.com/ibla7e?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 1) ])

He is an amapiano drummer and sound tester to so many A list Nigerian celebrities , [FANLINK])

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Since this DAO came into existence on August 2021 we were able to reach 1k followers on Instagram , twitter , tiktok& telegram Futhermore we were able to hit 567 subscribers on YouTube ( giving us a closer edge to self sustainability as a DAO )

Furthermore we’ve hosted one of the largest open concert here in this ecosystem recording over 1000 people live at the venue. However so far we’ve minted the total of 510 NFTs on our on chain NFT store mintbase and sold about 58 NFTs (NFT ticket and music NFTs e.t.c)

We also created massive awareness from our last projects. Near Anthem & Amapiano Rock fest 1, amounted to the numbers of followers and subscribers we currently have.

Our first ever top Web3 music interaction AMA with luana from @flyingrhinoweb3 and @Nearisnow host was made possible cos of the successes of this project.







  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

  • Culture :white_check_mark:

  • Music :white_check_mark:

  • Mixed-media :white_check_mark:

  • Art :white_check_mark:

  • Dance & Lifestyle :white_check_mark:

  • Impact

We are dedicated to the roadmap of creating a gateway for web2 artists to be onboarded into the web3 world. With the introduction of the right click to Mastermindsdao we are optimistic of onboarding numerous web2 artists and ensuring our DAO hit the top level. We are ready to provide a wide range learning opportunity for creatives in and out of this ecosystem using the Near Dapps and helping them utilize their full potential here on the Near blockchain. Furthermore actively creating impact on our dApps and martketplaces.

  • Other highlighted impacts:

  • This will promote the use of web3 tech, & Near DApps like ( mintbase, Endlesss, tamago, 3XR, PARA, Active wallets, metaverse and so much more

  • To help improve community engagement among community members by assigning project & bounties for community members

  • Gain the trust of artists and musicians who are still in the web2 world, then onboard them to the web3 world

  • Onboard web2 Artist enourmously

  • To Create self Sustainability for the DAO & ecosystem as we look forward to complete our Youtube contents, NFT creation, and The Right Click.

  • This will attract investors from other ecosystem and the world at large.

  • Road Map


  • Master Minds DAO Compilation EP ( We overcame x Near Anthem ) Web3 Music NFT collaboration with @harmonicguild & Release on Web2 2digital stores.

  • Workshop of Music Dapps - Endlesss, Tamago

  • Introducing The Right Click :arrow_left: the first web3 song writing network in the Near blockchain

  • Collaboration with three different DAOs of other countries

  • Strengthen our Mini grant system for Artist to share & actualize their ideas

  • Weekly Vocal training contents on our Youtube for music beginners & amateurs ( A vocal coach from our community is set to commence this training )

  • Open call for Songwriters & Vocalists (all to be onboarded to our community)

  • Freestyle Bounty for Web2 Artist using ( Endlesss)

  • Projects with defined timelines

April - June 2023

APRIL 2023

MAY 2023

  • Week 1: Right click ( Launch Graphics, & audio recording )
  • Weekly Twitter AMA space session & Instagram Live music session (talking about the beat workshop)
  • Week 2: Right Click ( Video Shoot & NFT minting)
  • Week 3: ( Website Launch )
  • Week 4: (Right Click official launch(
  • Keep track of projects assigned to community members

JUNE 2023

  • Week 1* ( Music Production Workshop For NFT )

  • Week 2: Music NFT creation with Endlesss

  • Week 3: Final reports from projects assigned to community members

  • Week 4: Report

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

  • Educate and teach 100+ growing artists & producers all around the world about Near & how to use the Endlesss built Near dapp for music creators.

  • Onboard a minimum of 500 Near Wallet active users & 200 creatives into our community

  • Promoting Near music DApps like Endlesss tamago & 3XR to more bigger audiences , of a minimum of 500 streams per track on the Ep

  • Attract investors from other blockchain and increase social visibility

  • Ensure The Right Click becomes a key sustainable means for our DAO

  • At least 10 songwriters / 10 Vocalist onboarded from the Open call

  • At least 120 participants in the workshop

  • unlimited NFT airdrops for those at the physical venue in the workshop

  • Weekly Vocal training contents on our Youtube for music beginners & amateurs ( A vocal coach from our community is set to commence this training )

  • at least 100 interactions between the physical venue and the metaverse venue and at least 50 new NEAR wallets ( not just wallet creation but gov.forum account creation & Near community onboarding )

  • Monetize our Youtube channel ( to create full self sustainability)

  • Ensure we make more than 5 sales from the right click song writing network ( all income would be allocated to our DAO treasury )

  • At least 8 different artists participating in each MastermindsDAO event

  • Increase our followers by 1k & above on all platforms

  • Onboard 20 well established producers to improve our content creation process as regards to our Youtube monetization

  • Improve Community engagement with Open calls, bounties & projects shared among members

  • Promote the use of Para by issuing NFTs certificates to students after workshop


Project 1 https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-launching-of-right-click-to-web3-masterminds-dao/33271?u=wizprince1

Description: Introducing Right click Music to Web3 (MastermindsDAO)


Expected Outcome

  1. Right click will onboard as many web2 artist as possible, involving songwriters, vocal trainers, song editors and producers

  2. This will generate high level of revenue return for the Near community marketplaces

  3. This will help increase the numbers of talented individuals in the Near community

  4. Right click provides aides & solutions to individuals that are not musically talented in creating & achieving a listenable song

  5. Create more awareness about NEAR

  6. Show the rest of the Web3 space and the world what we can do

Activities & timelines

  1. Weekly Vocal training contents on our Youtube channel (Starting from the first week of may. A vocal coach from our community is set to commence this training)

  2. compose & create 5 songs for five lucky individuals to be by minted on the Near Marketplace ( this individual must have more than 5,000 followers on their social media account to improve the promotion process )

  3. Installation of a mini recording studio for rendering of this services ( mid June )

  4. Create a Bounty for quality web2 songwriters ( mid may )

Budget $1620 in DAI/USDC

Proposal 2 https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-open-call-for-songwriters-vocalists/33276

Description Open Call for Web2 Songwriters - Vocalists

Expected Outcome

  1. Onboard quality web2 songwriters & vocalists
  2. Create opportunities for web2 songwriters to explore
  3. Engage our community
  4. Support & Onboard female song writers to our community

Activities & timelines:

  1. Put up a show on tamago ( early may )
  2. Create a bounty for web2 vocalists & songwriters ( late April )
  3. Host an open call involving female vocalists in web2 for right click launching
  4. Minting of Entries as NFT ( mid may)

Budget -$250 in DAI/USDC ( for activities & prize poll)

Proposal 3 [OPEN BOUNTY] Music NFT creation with Endlesss

Description Onchain Creation of Music NFTs using Endlesss

Expected Outcome

  1. Promote the use of Endlesss among web2 music creators
  2. Expose African Artists to the use of Endlesss ( we are in an era of digitalization and Endlesss is the perfect digital audio workstation for Artists)
  3. Show the rest of the Web3 space and the world what we can do
  4. Generate revenue for our Near dApps
  5. Create on chain bounty on Astro for web2 Artists

Activities & timelines

  1. We help newbies & web2 creatives navigate the complex and often confusing process of making music NFTs
  2. Put up a music challenge on Endlesss ( Early July )
  3. Music NFT exhibition ( mid July )

Budget - $700 in DAI/USDC

Proposal 4 https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-music-production-workshop-for-nft/33198?u=wizprince1

Description Music Production Workshop for NFT

Expected Outcome

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Web3 Education on the use of Endlesss
  3. Educate at least 100 web2 artists on the use of Endlesss

Activities & timelines

  1. The NFT to be claimed by students and attendees will serve as incentives helping to engage creatives into this community. (late june)
  2. Host a a workshop / opening in Voxels and NearHub ( mid june )

Budget - $780 in DAI/USDC

Proposal 5 https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-masterminds-dao-website-creation/33765?u=wizprince1

Description Official MastermindsDAO website creation

** Expected Outcome**

  1. Engage our community
  2. Link to right click web3 music services
  3. All contents relating to Near and the DAO would be updated as we proceed
  4. This website is also an avenue to keep Nearians and the world at large informed about our activities.

Activities & timelines

  1. Website building (early may)
  2. Purchase of website template (early may)
  3. Website testing
  4. May - june

Budget - $350 in DAI/USDC

Proposal 6 https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-dance-proposal/33813?u=wizprince1

Description: Dance NFT Creation

Expected Outcome

  1. Engage our community
  2. Create more awareness about NEAR
  3. Onboard at least 5 influencial dancers to this community

Activities & timelines

  1. Dance with a group of 5 influencial dancers to be onboarded to the community
  2. Promoting the Near Anthem to wider audiences

Budget - $100 in DAI/USDC

Proposal 8 [PROPOSAL] Breakdown of each council work & duty

Description Breakdown of each council work & duty

Expected Outcome

  1. Social media management & support in project executions
  2. brainstorming on ideas with other councils
    vote on astro dao
  3. Help build a decentralized community

Activities & timelines

  1. Writing reports and brainstorming on proposals
  2. Upload contents on mastermindsTV
  3. Managing community telegram channel
    coordinate physical event & community calls
  4. Voting on Astro
  5. Create wallets for new members & Supervision

Budget - $1200 in DAI/USDC

What is the DAO’s objective or goals?

Our goal is to provide talents with creative opportunities that will help them utilize and actualize their talents into promoting Near to a global level.

Roadmap to reach the goal

1, Provide Artists supports in creating music NFTs

2, Educate & teach them on how web3 music is ( created, minted, & sold)

3, Create bounties & Open calls to help scout and welcome new artists to our community

4, Actualize the use of Near dApps among creatives to promote the use of the Near blockchain

5, Collaboration among artists to improve community engagement & use of ideas

6, Creating viral contents that’s capable of promoting this blockchain to a global level

7, To Create self sustainability as a DAO in other o expand our scope and outreach

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

With the introduction of right click, Artists and creators in our community will have diversified ways of exploring their talents. Which is a means of self sustainability for this community. As mentioned above we are on the verge of monetizing mastermindsDAO Tv on Youtube. Furthermore promoting Near In bounties & music NFTs.

  • What will the community or the team members role be?

The team member’s roles will be to help support ongoing projects while community will be providing feedbacks about the project. Most especially project engagements, bounty participation, related content creations & NFT marketing as we provide the tools needed to achieve it.

Total Request Number: $5000 in DAI/USDC :dizzy:

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): master-minds.sputnik-dao.near


More grease to the @creativesdao-council and the NEAR FOUNDATION!


The proposal was granted approval on April 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:


We are happy to receive the approval.
Master minds DAO community is sending warm regards :heart::100:


With Great appreciation, thank you :blush: