[Approved] Funding of Twitter/Clubhouse AMAs by Onboarding DAO

Hello Marketing DAO!

I would like to introduce you Onboarding DAO!
We’re a NEAR DAO focused on welcoming newcomers to the NEAR DAOs, ecosystem tools and directing them to resources and community. If you would like to read more about our activity from previous months, please find below reports:

  1. Onboarding DAO / December 2021,
  2. Onboarding DAO / October & November 2021.

Onboarding DAO has been doing Twitter/Clubhose AMAs with various guilds and DAOs, therefore we would like to ask you if you would be keen to support us in our actions.
We would like to request for a monthly payout in order to continue the AMAs sessions, as those are delivering NEAR brand recognition and community networking opportunities, which are apparent, abundant and related with Marketing.

Please find our AMAs reports from November (Twitter AMA, Clubhouse Conversation) and December (Twitter AMA).

Our first AMA in 2022 is planned for 8th of January with the BeatDAO community regarding the NEAR Mixtape vol.1 release.

Next guests will be announced soon.

Funding scheme: Monthly
Requested Funds: $1000
Target: onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Good evening. Could you please explain what are your DAO exactly doing? As I know, NF has couple people who respond for Guilds and DAO onboarding . Thank You

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We are team who are sharing awareness about NEAR DAOs and Guilds using Twitter Spaces/Clubhouse.

Our guests are the DAO’s/Guild’s leaders, speaking about their projects, tools which they’re using and how newcomers can participate.

@Symbolik is doing his show on TikTok/Instagram called SOTB (Symbolik on the blockchain) where he is speaking about web3, NEAR, NFTs etc. In other words, he’s doing educational content by his short movies, on the most popular social media channels. Topic is always around NEAR Protocol.

Recently, we created granting program for projects and events related with onboarding to the system.

In general, we’re focused on onboarding to the NEAR, we’re trying to do this via our 3 activities - SOTB, AMAs, Granting Program.


Good morning.

Thank You, great idea , but we have NF community team for these purposes.

How is the onboarding process looks like? Where community member can leave request?

Does the DAO have multilingual support? Do you have a list of all active Guilds and leaders ?

How many people did your DAO onboard in Near Ecosystem?

I believe it’s important question give an equal access to opportunities for everyone. How can community members can apply for this grant?

What the requirements?

Thank You and have a great day!


Hey @Dacha !

Thanks for your questions!
Let’s dive in :partying_face:

We have only 3 months, so we’ve just started. We don’t have a list of all active Guilds and leaders, but this is a good opportunity for other community members who would like to join us and work together with us. At the moment we have only support in English and Polish languages (but everyone is using ENG, obviously).

You mentioned about NF community team doing AMA with others DAOs, leaders etc., well… I wasn’t able to hear about their actions till now… and seems that they’re not pretty active in Twitter Spaces. We are focused on conversations with real people during our sessions.

Regarding numbers - we would like to start using NEAR DROP tool during our AMAs, where people will be able to get their own wallet and claim 0,2N/0,1N. This will allow us to provide stats regarding interested people around NEAR. We are finishing the details in our councils TG chat, however we would like to set this up, in every AMA session.

Requirements are here. Also, we’re going to have our own category/subcategory in Creatives section, so everyone will be able to see Onboarding DAO, join us, write a proposal and more. @mecsbecs will add the subcategory for us shortly.




Can you be more specific on what the funds will be used for, please? How many Twitter spaces/AMAs etc are you looking to achieve with this funding over the next month?


Funds will be used for our guests, hosts and for NEARDROP deposit.

We’re planning to do between 2 and 4 sessions in one month, depends on our time.

Can you give a breakdown of each, please?

$100 for each DAO’s guest (from $200 to $400 in total), $300 for NEARDROP deposit for people (per 0.1N or 0.2N per wallet) and $300 for the hosts.

Hey @Paul ! I’ve been associating the Onboarding DAO very closely with onboarding for creatives into the NEAR ecosystem considering the origins of the DAO from within NxM. Has the mission of the DAO broadened to general onboarding?

This will of course affect where the subcategory is established here on the Forum on a small logistical level with obvious broader ramifications as to the understanding of the scope of your work.


Regarding the question as to if we have a list of DAOs, we are actively compiling a list and connecting with DAOs, Guilds and other communities in order to guide people to the communities and initiatives in which they can flurish and contribute. As @Paul mentioned we are new as a DAO. Upon becoming a DAO we expaned out focus to this more general role from our previous focus on music related onboarding. Now, while maintaining the previously mentioned activities we are aiming to support wider onboarding initiatives.

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Onboarding DAO started off with a focus in the music area but we have widened our mandate and now we guide people towards whichever DAOs, Guilds and communities that are most aproppriate for them, as well as the above mentioned activities.

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How many people typically attend?

Depends on the topic, day and a guest to be honest, between 30 and 130.
I haven’t calculated the average, however I shared all the reports from previous AMAs, please find them above.
Thank You!

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Happy to approve this so long as there are no further comments/concerns from @marketingdao-council

Please submit your funding request to the DAO


@David_NEAR how many Guilds the DAO onboarded during last 3 months? I am - two, spent 0 zero NF dollars and $75 from my own budget.

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Good morning, it’s enough time, especially if you guild focused on Onboading.

First post in Twitter 12/5.

Voting no, going to see on your work in January, quantity on onboarded guilds.

Have a great day!

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Well, it’s funny that you count beginning of our activity since first post on Twitter, when you can see the official reports from November and October…

Be honesty, thousands of people do it every day without any funding, just for fun. Furthermore, as I see, you have some people in your DAO who can cover your DAO expenses. Just my opinion. We have 6 councils in DAO. I am going to see on your progress in January.

HI Paul,

Thanks for your work in onboarding people into the NEAR Ecosystem. As we continue to grow rapidly, we need as many people as we can get to help us welcome people and help them achieve value.

I’ll briefly address some of my fellow Council members’ concerns:

  • Onboarding is a very broad term. I believe there is a major role in creating Top of the Funnel opportunities - places where people learn about NEAR, get excited and connect with others before they even realise they need/want to get ‘onboarded’. This is where Twitter Spaces + Clubhouse events have a lot of potential, leveraging discoverability through those social networks.
  • An individual ability’s to pay for something doesn’t mean that they should be out of pocket. We must distinguish between covering expenses and remunerating people for their time and efforts. We are willing to fund both.
  • It is true that the NEAR Foundation has several initiatives focused on community and onboarding. Overall, we should welcome as much community participation as possible. Collaboration and competition, we should be wary of top down, centrally managed ecosystems that carry the risk of slowing down growth.

Having addressed the above, I’ve got a couple of questions or queries of my own.

  • How are the AMA sessions being advertised? I spend a lot of time of social media and I am sometimes sceptical of initiatives that I only hear about after the fact, on the governance forum, when funds are being requested. This is about promotion and awareness - growth, how can we reach the largest audience possible, maximise the return on the resources allocated.
  • Have you considered any other formats for content? I can see the benefits of the fleeting nature of Twitter Spaces. However, I can also see the limitations of real time audio - time zone, internet connections, etc. and I do believe some conversations could create a lot of value if recorded and shared as podcasts, on YouTube, transcribed into Blog posts, etc. I’ve personally seen very strong growth on YouTube as people are thirsty for content to learn about NEAR.

I support this proposal. Looking forward to seeing how it grows and evolves.