[ APPROVED ] The Clan Workshop #1: AfrikaBurn NFT collection

As we started to participate at the NEAR community, we found some projects that we naturally become part of.

AfrikaBurn was one of them. The idea to create a fund to support an outside movement, with charity and a nice concept behind it seems to be a good enviroment to explore The Clan projects.

Them, the AfrikaBurn team, created a possibility to onboard our artists with a financial help, as we could help them with their project.

So we set up our first workshop.

Their project asks for NFTs to be sold at their store, thats reflect the concept behind it, so we will create a 3 weeks workshop to support the artists that will participate to delivery these art pieces.

We will apply the design thinking method to help the artists develop their work into this briefing.

I found an article that explains the history of design thinking. Theres a bunch of material online, I will get the good ones and post them here. The design thinking process | What it is, how to use it, and what's next

We will have weekly meeting chats trought zoom app or google meet, a collective cloud folder to submit the material to help the research, references and similar projects, as we discuss together the develop of each others works.

Each artist will develop 2 nfts:

1 with a multiple edition to be sold at a small value from 1N to 3N
1 1/1 edition to be sold at a 10N to 30N value

The Clan will help the artists to develop their own way, and we will not interfere at their work.

Our agenda is 3 weeks, starting at wed, 22 september, as there will be a coordenated release of the AfrikaBurn store at mid oct.

For this The Clan will manage the workshop.
@duOCELOT will be the curator/manager/minister (whats the correct english term for this?) of this first project.

We define that a 100usd per week payout for the curation/manager workshop professional, would be a reasonable floor. So a 3 weeks project, 300usd.

We will set a telegram chat group for the project team.

And lets go. (:

AfrikaBurn chat

AfrikaBurn Mintbase store

AfrikaBurn material
4_5924663769992006391.pdf (1.6 MB)
4_5924663769992006390.pdf (2.8 MB)

If you want to participate, reply to this post and we will send you the invite to our chats, at dm.

*the “Save The Clan” its not related to The Clan DAO. Its only a coincidence.


Hello!! Goodnight. I am interested in participating as an artist team for Afrika Burn.

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