[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (01-12DECEMBER)

[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (1-12DECEMBER)

Weekly Telegram Report for December (1-12)

Previous telegram report can be seen here

Statistics from Near Protocol Telegram Official

Here is our top members of last week:

Overview of Statistic from 05 DEC- 12 DEC

Total members 35.8 >>>>>> 36.7K

Total posts 218.6K >>>>> 233.9K

Viewing members 5.1K >>>>>>> 7.6K

Posting members 493 >>>>>>> 1.1K

=> All of the metrics has shown positive interaction + boost in communication in the last week, a few reasons for this surge can be:

  1. New Initiatives on the TG Channel: Recently we have tried
  1. Coinmarketcap Learn and Earn NEAR quiz from 03 Dec to 02 Jan: Learn About NEAR Protocol & Take a Quiz to Earn $400,000 of NEAR! | Alexandria

  2. Also, the fact that NEAR Protocol has performed well during the bearish market has raised the overall mood of the community as well( we still refer them to other unofficial channels of course for Price Discussions)

Feedback: The AMA with Alex was attacked by bot answers, so other mods have proposed to change the answer format to include hashtag #project(ie: #AURORA) plus they NEAR wallet at the end of each sentence

A clear example should be like this:

  • Before: Sorry for being late with the question, what’s the block gas limit on Aurora?

  • After: Sorry for being late with the question, what’s the block gas limit on #Aurora?
    My wallet: abcd.near

For next week, we will continue outsourcing projects for AMA proposal, the names are not yet fixed, and if we are able to pull it off it would be reported on the next week report

Initial proposal for AMA can be found here: [Approved] Telegram AMA Proposals for Oct 2021


Loving the channel growth for the first week of December. The major highlight of the week was the Learn and Earn activity on Coinmarketcap.


Its Awesome people are now active in community


Thanks Larry !

It is a pleasure to be there working with you guys in the benefit of our awesome community ! :100:

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Nice report, the KPI is increasing significantly! :beers:

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Great report @LarryLang, good to see we’re making process in community engagement. :mechanical_arm:

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thank you Larry great effort!

it was a fruitful week yeah, we executed two AMA’s and a series of quizzes on our channel. It was really entertaining and got some attention.

We should brainstorm for other events that will bring more users from outside of Near Ecosystem

yeah it happens no matter how careful you are, some airdrop hunters sneak in with their bots. We forgot to ask members use tag when posting questions for the AMA. We gotta be careful next time huh, and we may also ask their wallet addressed but some might refuse to post it in public


true though posting their wallet can make them vulnerable to bot sending weird tokens as well, maybe sticking with the hashtag could be enough but yeah let’s see how the next AMA go ^^

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