[Approved] Rogues Studio budget proposal for marketing activities to attract NEAR users & daily gamers - August 2023

Rogues Studio is a gaming studio redefining social gaming in web3 and beyond.

Rogues Studio is here to accelerate the adoption of web 3 gaming. We aim to reach billions of gamers by creating an easy onboarding to new and unique gaming experiences that redefine the genre.

Rogues Studio’s flagship game, World of Rogues, is a post-apocalyptic social MMORPG game, and is playable on NEAR daily. As seen in our daily Twitch Stream sessions with the community, players login with their NEAR wallet and use their NEAR NFTs as avatars to play in a multiplayer environment. They socialize, gather items, fish and fulfill quests together in a collaborative manner. They also appear on a leaderboard displaying their NEAR wallet, where they see how far they are in line to receive the Season 1’s rewards.

The game launched on NEAR mainnet in April 2023, having originally been on Polygon since the beginning of 2022. Within 1 hour there were 300 NFT minted out in the game itself and immediately playable. We also made our existing Polygon community set up NEAR wallets, and thus convert to NEAR.

Some of our successes in the NEAR ecosystem include:

  • Game launched on NEAR Mainnet playable daily
  • Community moved from Polygon to create NEAR wallets
  • Sold out 1111 Rogues Genesis NFT Collection
  • No.3 Trending NFT Collection on NEAR within 1.5 months of launch
  • Creation of the NEAR <> Unity SDK Open sourced for WEBGL, Android & iOS

We’ve also received grants from NEAR Foundation as well as Human Guild (summary here) for the development of the game, excluding any marketing activities.

Project URLs

Below are the official links of Rogues Studio:
Website - https://rogues.studio/
Discord (4.5k members) - https://discord.gg/rogues
Twitter (16k followers) - http://www.twitter.com/rogues_studio
Twitch (39 followers) - http://www.twitch.tv/rogues_studio
Youtube (86 followers) - https://www.youtube.com/@rogues_studio
Newsletter (753 subscribers) - https://roguestudio.substack.com/
Linkedin (1052 followers) - https://www.linkedin.com/company/rogues-studio
Whitepaper - http://www.docs.rogues.studio
TikTok (492 followers) - Rogues (@rogues_studio) | TikTok
Instagram (362 followers) - https://www.instagram.com/rogues.studio/
NEAR Social (101 followers) - https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=rogues.near

Our primary audience is English-speaking, and the majority of our global community is based in the United States, UK, Canada, Mexico and Europe, as we’re not targeting a specific country.

Previous marketing activities on NEAR

In addition to the achievements outlined in the first section of this proposal, we’ve also had deep involvement in the NEAR ecosystem.

  • Got listed and verified on the major marketplaces / aggregator on NEAR - Few & Far, Paras, Mintbase, Tradeport.
  • Collaborated with key projects and communities in the NEAR ecosystem, including Paras, Mintbase, Few and Far, JumpDefi (staking on JumpDefi, and created custom wearable hat NFTs), NEKO, Cheddar.Farm, Paras, Meteor Wallet, Tradeport, Shitzu Community, Boneyard Gaming, MMC, Pr3sence and more.
  • Conducted AMAs with the NEAR Foundation, NEAR at Night, Debose, Waxnear, NEAR Koreа, NEAR Horizon, NEAR NFT Club, Near Insider, Nearity, and more.

One Month after minting out, the Rogues Genesis collection continues to get traction. The screenshot is from the time of submitting this proposal, over 30 day period, #5 trending on Tradeport.

Team Members

We are backed by web 2 / web 3 gaming professionals with over 20 years of experience in startups, game development and VR experiences.


Morgan Page | CTO & CPO
Game developer with more than 30 years of experience. Created a game with over 1.4 million downloads. Has more than 103,000 game development students on Udemy. On NEAR, delivered a course on how to add NEAR to a game that got more than 25,000 enrollments, and created a Unity SDK for NEAR.
Udemy | Linkedin | Twitter

Anna Stoilova | CEO
Product designer, 3x startup founder, 100,000+ sign ups for previous startup, delivered gamified training to World Health Organisation, Qatar Airways, hospitals and school district in the US, and others. Speaker at NFT.NYC and other international web3 conferences.
Linkedin | Twitter

Benjamin Gellie
Metaverse and Tokenomics PhD Candidate, web3 consultant, specialising in DAOs.

Additional team members in the area of art, marketing and community management.
Active community that takes part in the building process, with ideas, competitions, bounties and more.

Anna Stoilova (annastoilova.near), based in the UK, is the applicant for this proposal, and the recipient wallet is Rogues.near. Neither she nor the company has been paid directly to lead or contribute to previous or current marketing DAO projects.

Project Goals

Engagement proven, next is growth. After launching successfully a playable game on NEAR, we’re now looking to grow our player base via additional marketing activities, while we continue our building in public style of development.

We have excellent retention, significantly above industry average, and we are looking to get the word out for new players. We have a system already in place that is working extremely well, we just need to rinse and repeat.

For the period of August - September 2023, Rogues Studio is requesting funding to grow its community of players to a wider audience, and thus bring new players to the NEAR ecosystem.
This way, we can get sustainable usage of the NEAR blockchain in the long term, via an ever growing way of entertainment - web3 gaming.

With the WoR game, the usage of NEAR is on a frequent basis, and any marketing spend that results in players gives a higher return on investment, as these players return to the game frequently and thus use NEAR frequently.


Our strategy is to continue marketing of World of Rogues to attract new players on NEAR via a multitude of channels. For this proposal, we will deliver the following:

1. Game Tournaments (x8)

The tournaments will be fun fishing tournaments for the players of World of Rogues, held twice a week. Each game tournament will be streamed on 8 channels simultaneously: Rogues’ Twitch, Rogues’ Youtube, Rogues’ Twitter, Morgan’s Twitch, Morgan’s Youtube, Morgan’s Linkedin, Anna’s Twitter, Rogues’ Linkedin.

They will showcase multiple players logging in to the game with their NEAR wallets, and provide a prize incentive for additional participation. The prize for the winner will be other NFTs from the NEAR ecosystem, to cross-promote communities.

At least half of tournaments will invite a member of the NEAR ecosystem as a guest, and talk about the benefits of NEAR when it comes to gaming.

Production: $100 x 8 = $800
Rewards: $25 x 8 = $200
Tournaments Total: $1000

2. Twitter Spaces (x4)

Twitter spaces will be held from our 16k Rogues Twitter account, and will have another NEAR project or NEAR thought leader as a guest. This will encourage community growth & ecosystem collaboration. They will also have $20 USDC prize pool for promotion and incentivisation.

Production: $280 x 4 = $1120
Rewards: $20 x 4 = $80
Twitter spaces total: $1200

3. Blog Posts (x4)

The blog posts will share the studio’s progress on its Substack, our progress on NEAR & key developments of the game and studio’s progress. They will serve as a foundation for social media content, and communicate to the the broader community that web3 gaming on NEAR is developing, and games are being built and are growing.

Production: $100 x 4 = $400
Blog posts total: $400

4. Social media content (for 1 month)
Monthly Ongoing social media content, to promote NEAR ecosystem. At least 1 thread / week, using hashtags near & #NEARisBOS

Production (social media staff): $300
Social media total: $300

Total Budget Requested: $2900 in NEAR

With this budget, we anticipate the addition of between 500-1000 additional followers combined on all channels, with 5-10% of these becoming players of the game.

Start date: The starting date of the proposal is Monday 21 August 2023, and the activity will be conducted within 1 month of start date.

Web3 Gaming is an area of blockchain utility that hasn’t stopped growing. By attracting players that are coming back to a game on a daily or weekly basis, the growth of the ecosystem is guaranteed. Our vision at Rogue is create a product that players return to, and expand to players beyond web3. We’ve proven that getting people back is achieved by having a fun, engaging experience that players enjoy, and this results in a high retention. Now, let’s grow the player base, and attract adoption to gaming on NEAR.

Thanks to the marketing team for the review and consideration, and we’re looking forward to growing adoption to the NEAR ecosystem.


Really great proposal. This team are working hard to build a gaming community on Near and would be deserving applicants of support.


I support the Rogues Studios on their efforts to bring in more players and add txns to the chain. I would love to see the development of the game and the details of these tournaments based on the current state of the game.

Hope we can get on a podcast featuring The World of Rogues development in the future. :space_invader:


Great work so far, it gonna be well deserved for real !
can’t stop supporting World of Rogues :wink:

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I sincerely support the Rogues team! Their implementation of plans and goals will bring real benefit to WEB 3 :star_struck: :trophy:


Amazing project and exciting to see a lot of more about rogues… Lets go foxys


This looks awesome. Great job setting this up. Lets get everyone informed about Rogues and grow the community! Love it!


Amazing project led by an engaging and brilliant team! Have watched the game grow and evolve; each stage more immersive than the last. Cant wait to see what happens next!


great proposal from great team. true builders, playing their game daily and can see that their audience is growing from day to day.


I believe in Rogues Studio with all my heart, not only because of the beautiful art and competent team, but because of the whole idea behind World of Rogues!


I learned about Rogues Studio from their recent podcast on Ready Layer One.

Amazing what the team has achieved with modest resources. NEAR is very lucky to have such quality tram and product onboarding real users in a fun way!

Proposal is very detailed and reasonable. Hope MDAO Council members support!


It’s great to see new projects come to NEAR who are enthusiastic and looking for ways to onboard more people to the ecosystem.

This looks like a solid proposal using all of Rogues avenues to its audiences and with collaboration with other Projects can really spread the word and attract new gamers.

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Thanks so much for the support, @Benny!

Thanks, Billy! Looking forward to having more activities together, and we’d love to have you as a guest for the streaming events - as a leader of gaming audiences on NEAR, it would be great to have you play the game and stream on as many accounts as possible.

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Yah, a post-apocalyptic social MMORPG developed by the talented team at Rogues Studio in London, UK. The exceptional gameplay and innovative approach you have demonstrated undoubtedly captured the attention of both players and industry enthusiasts.

Nearity and Rogues had a really smooth collaboration campaign and I understand that what truly sets World of Rogues apart is its revolutionary take on social gaming. The inclusion of NFT avatars, the intriguing premise of playing as sentient foxes, and the post-apocalyptic backdrop create a unique and enthralling environment for players to immerse themselves in. The dynamic multiplayer functionality, in-game items, and the social hub provide a sense of interconnectedness that deeply resonates with the gaming community.

What you guys achieved in the alpha version is really amazing too and thank you for your remarkable contributions to the gaming world to the gaming world on Near Protocol. Hope that the great support of the ecosystem will be the launch pad for World of Rogues

Hope you will have more achievements and breakthroughs at this stage!!


Thank you, @satojandro, we very much appreciate your comment. We’re indeed working hard to deliver to our community and users, with all possible resources we have at our disposal.

Hi @AnnaS – thanks for the proposal. I note the community support, as well as the enthusiasm I have seen for Rogues in the community at large.

For August, MDAO must allocate funding with a focus NDC election and BOS. Currently:

  • We have $203K+ in funding requests coming from the community for August
  • We have ~$46K to deploy
  • We cannot fund everyone
  • The funding we allocate is limited and must align with ecosystem KPIs – which are NDC election and BOS content

Given the above, are you and your team open to including people who can talk about NDC and/or BOS in your AMAs and mention these things as part of the social content alongside your Rogues content with the funding?

If so, happy to support this.


Hi @AnnaS seems like you have alot of support for your project from the community!

I have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support but please ensure that you include content on the NDC elections and BOS.

Perhaps you would consider self nominating for the election as a representative of the gaming community… just a thought!

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Thank you for your support, @so608.
Yes, we’d love to talk and include NDC and/or BOS in our AMAs and mention these topics in our social content.
Thanks again, and let me know if any further questions.

Hi @cryptocredit. Thanks for your comment and support.

We’ll gladly feature the NDC elections and/or BOS in our social media content and spaces.
Thanks also about the nomination suggestion, I will look into this as well.

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