[PROPOSAL] Rogues - post-apocalyptic social MMORPG live on NEAR

World of Rogues is a post-apocalyptic social MMORPG game by Rogues Studio, from London, UK. The game is live on NEAR mainnet, and its Alpha version has been played by 250+ NEAR community members already.

Why World of Rogues?
Gamers are looking to play a fun game together with friends, and make new friends, too. While social gaming is growing at a higher rate than gaming in general, there’s also a demand for quality games that engage the player base and make them stay and have fun for the long term. A game that tackles the above successfully will make big waves in the gaming industry.

World of Rogues solves the following by creating a radically social and fun gaming experience where gamers come to stay. An expansive in-game world, and a well-thought out game design by a founder with 1.4m downloads previously ensure a high quality product and a sustainable economy.

The non-cookie cutter approach of the creative product team, the lore and artistic innovation is prevalent. With smooth onboarding and free-to-play mechanics, the game is designed to attract the traditional web2 players, as well as cater for the existing web3 player base.

The Game
World of Rogues is a post-apocalyptic social MMORPG where players get to socialize, gather resources, craft and quest with friends while using their Genesis NFTs and taking part of the wider economy.

In the World of Rogues universe, players begin their play as a fox - the only species that is sentient at the time of the post-apocalypse. Players can use their NFT avatars, Rogue Foxes (or default orange foxes in the free-to-play scenario), chat with friends, gather resources, craft their armour and weapons, and go fighting and questing on their own or with their friends. Land ownership, additional NFT avatars from other collections, and loan-2-earn mechanics will be added to the game.

Game status
World of Rogues is already built at an Alpha stage, and has conducted Alpha testing sessions on NEAR since April 2023. What we’ve built already:

  • Full NFT integration - players holding Rogues Genesis NFTs can select any of them and fully use them as playable characters
  • Social hub - The main starting area that players will spawn into is Vulpgard, the capital of the Windy Plains, and one of the main cities in the Barren Lands.
  • The Commons - the area where players gather resources. Currently situated just outside of Vulpgard, eventually there will be more gathering areas as Vulpgard grows and more areas get unlocked.
  • Multiplayer functionality - supporting multiple rooms with 20 players in the same room
  • Social features - chat, emoji animated reactions, built-in leaderboard
  • In-game items - more than 30 game items, including cosmetic items, fishing rods, armour, and special community-made items.
  • Fishing - people fish together in Vulpgard

The public Alpha launching in June will include more features, and a Seasonal Questing Campaign - “Vulpgard Origins” where the gameplay will be about the rebuilding of the main city, Vulpgard, from scratch.

Gameplay video here

Image above: on 08 May 2023, we conducted the first ever social gaming, within our knowledge, where both NEAR and Polygon NFT holders could play together

Achievements on NEAR

We officially launched on NEAR Mainnet on 11 April 2023, and since then we have had great success in the ecosystem, with multiple partnerships in the ecosystem, and becoming the no.3 trending NFT collection over a 30-day period at the time of writing this proposal.

Over the course of less than 2 months, on NEAR, we:

  • Launched the game on Mainnet
  • Launched Rogues Genesis NFT collection with immediately playable avatars
  • The NFT collection became the no.3 trending collections over a 30 days period on NEAR within 1.5m launch.
  • Onboarded our existing community from Polygon into NEAR with double digits amount of people creating NEAR wallets, and getting into the NEAR NFT ecosystem
  • Got players in the game with Polygon and NEAR NFTs, to play together, possibly the first time this has been done in a web3 game
  • Completed a NEAR Foundation grant of a total of $10,000
  • Collaborated with key projects and communities in the NEAR ecosystem, including Few and Far, JumpDefi (staking on JumpDefi, and created custom wearable hat NFTs), NEKO, Cheddar.Farm, Paras, Meteor Wallet, Tradeport, Shitzu Community, Boneyard Gaming, MMC, Pr3sence and more.
  • Got listed and verified on the major marketplaces / aggregator on NEAR - Few & Far, Paras, Mintbase, Tradeport.
  • Conducted AMAs with the NEAR Foundation, NEAR at Night, Debose, Waxnear, NEAR Koreа and NEAR NFT Club (coming this Friday).

Launched on 11 Apr 2023, Rogues Genesis is already the no.3 NFT trending collections over a 30-day period. Screenshot from the time of writing.

Hat NFTs created as a collaboration with NEAR communities (JumpDefi & NEKO in this example), to be worn in the Rogues game.


Morgan Page | CTO & CPO
Game developer with more than 30 years of experience. Created a game with over 1.4 million downloads. Has close to 100,000 game development students on Udemy. On NEAR, delivered a course on how to add NEAR to a game that got more than 25,000 enrollments, and created a Unity SDK for NEAR.
Udemy | Linkedin | Twitter

Anna Stoilova | CEO
Product designer, 3x startup founder, 100,000+ sign ups for previous startup, delivered gamified training to World Health Organisation, Qatar Airways, hospitals and school district in the US, and others. Speaker at NFT.NYC and other international web3 conferences.
Linkedin | Twitter

Benjamin Gellie
Metaverse and Tokenomics PhD Candidate, web3 consultant, specialising in DAOs.

Additional team members in the area of art, marketing and community management.
Active community of more than 20,000 across all channels.


Public Launch
We’ve completed Phases 1 and 2 - the foundations of the game. The next Phase, Phase 3, will include the public Alpha launch of the game - Season 1: Vulpgard Origins. For this first season, the game will be open at selected times of the day, due to the social nature of the game. The seasonal questing system will involve the rebuilding of Vulpgard, and a further game economy will be created. The launch will be an exciting point for many players, as there will be daily quests and meaningful rewards that can only be achieved in game! For example, top players in the Season 1 leaderboard will have their names and legacy included in the game forever!
A full roadmap can be found in our whitepaper here.


Funding request
The funding will be used for further game development of the World Of Rogues game on NEAR. The allocation of the funds will be towards developing and launching the public Alpha of the game: season 1 questing development, UX/UI improvements, crafting game mechanics, progress UI, fishing and resource gathering cooldowns. This work will include the hiring of an additional developer.

Start of the programme: 1700 NEAR

Milestone 1: 1700 NEAR
UX/UI designs, NPC copy & Seasonal game economy completed

  • Crafting system UI/UX
  • UX/UI of Profile (character) screen for NFT selection
  • Overall UI improvements
  • Progress & cooldown UI
  • Storyline developed - NPC dialogue
  • Game economy for season 1 completed

Milestone 2: 1600 NEAR
Launch of Game Season 1: Vulpgard Origins

  • Crafting system developed
  • Questing (NPC) windows and prompts built
  • Progress states and cooldowns developed
  • New UI built
  • Game economy implemented

Total: 5000 NEAR

The funding required will go a long way into executing the next stage of our development roadmap, and establishing World of Rogues as a key game in the NEAR ecosystem with a growing playerbase that will be part of the NEAR ecosystem for the long term.

Gameplay video
All other links

You can also contact us on our community Discord at anytime.


I’m following the Rogues Studios as they grow within the Near eco. Great team and welcoming to new gamers. Anna, Morgan, and the community managers have been great to work with since they showed up. I would love to see them get funded to kickstart their journey. :space_invader:


Great team that is constantly engaging the community. They subscribe to the same ethos as another famous L1 “ship before marketing”. Let’s support these cross-chain builders


The team behind Rogues Studios is one with a lot of experience and very competent that have shown what they are capable of by delivering high quality products and rewarding the community constantly.


I have been with the Rogues community for more than a year now and I must say… I am LOVING it! The team is always building, sharing their findings while engaging and growing an amazing web3 family of Rogues! The best founders out there! :star_struck:

I am looking forward to everything Rogues Studio’s going to bring us in the future!

Don’t miss out! LET’S FOXY GO!!!


Rogues has a strong team creating a high quality social MMORPG. It’s good for NEAR that you’re not just making a game, but a whole community. The game has an NFT mint, collabs with NFT hats, and cross chain users. That’s not just talk, that’s building. Which is important.

The thought you’ve put into the game’s design and economy is impressive. The lore, the art, the unique approach - it all adds up to a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. I’m stoked on the NFT integration and future plans for land ownership and loan-2-earn mechanics.

I have worked with your team with our projects ShardDog and you were professional and talented! That gives me a ton of confidence in where this project is headed. Also, I could think of several marketing campaigns, leveraging World of Rogues to funnel new users into the NEAR ecosystem​:eyes:

I think World of Rogues will be a a great addition in the NEAR ecosystem, and I can’t wait to see where you take it. Bring on the Alpha launch!


The World of Rogues founders are simply amazing! :star2: Their transparency in this funding proposal is commendable, providing us with a clear picture of the game’s development. I can’t contain my excitement to explore the vast in-game world, gather resources, craft unique items, and embark on thrilling quests with friends! :video_game::earth_africa:

It’s evident that the team’s dedication and passion will make World of Rogues an unforgettable gaming experience. I’m eagerly anticipating the chance to dive into this post-apocalyptic MMORPG and create lasting memories.

Let’s cheer on the founders as they continue to shape this game into something truly extraordinary! :raised_hands::sparkles:


Our recent AMA and NFTs giveaway event featuring the Rogues team drew a lot of interest. Many users showed keen excitement about Rogues’ products. We can’t wait to see what comes next!


Fortunately, i have had the pleasure of hosting Rogues studio on one of my twitter space and i can just say that whatever i heard from their team regarding their current game development & their future plans was very interesting.

They are not just trying to build a game but also focus on the core community building aspect by enabling more social interactions within the NEAR ecosystem.

Such a diverse team with a vast experience & proof of delivery deserves support to keep on continuing to grow and foster the NEAR ecosystem via their project and other initiatives.

Glad that they chose to build on NEAR.


LFG :fire:
The team members of Rogue Studio are always readily available to Carry all of the community members with them simplifying and explaining everything about the project . Love you guys . You deserve what you ask for .


Wow, it’s truly intriguing that this has only just come to my attention. I am absolutely captivated by the concept and will enthusiastically immerse myself in this game. Furthermore, I am genuinely excited to introduce it to my esteemed community members. Your exceptional efforts and dedication have truly impressed me. Consider me an avid supporter and admirer of your remarkable work. Keep pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. You have undoubtedly gained a devoted fan.


This proposal related to Human Guild, and will be reviewed by HG.


Fully Support,
Great Team, Great Milestones !


I was going to say, this is a great proposal, but I think applies more to the Human Guild than the marketing DAO @AnnaS. Hopefully they can just review the proposal here.

Rogues studio has had an overall positive influence on NEAR protocol since their mint, and I fully support funding the development of their game!

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I’m excited about World of Rogues, a post-apocalyptic MMORPG game. Can’t wait to see it come to life!


the rogue team has my full support, they’ve brought nothing but positive progress to the near community/ecosystem. I was luckily enough to participate in both of their game phases on NEAR and had fun both times wether it was fishing, chopping trees or just hanging out chatting.

They have brought their existing polygon community as well, with most of them branching out and getting involved in other projects on near too. The team also isnt shy about talking and engaging with the community.

i believe rogues have a strong future ahead


Thank you, @billybones1 we really appreciate your support! :hugs:

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Love this, @agt Thanks so much for your help on our journey, and you’re also an inspiration for us with your community!


Thanks @Perhaps @Tsugetsu @Kitsune we’re doing for all of you!
It’s awesome to see you here, signing up and taking part of the discussion to support us. Kudos to you! :raised_hands:


We are so grateful for these amazing words, @jarednotjerry . Thanks for all your support with Sharddog, and beyond - we also love what you are doing, and I am so glad we could find such synergies in our partnership with you, another set of builders! :star_struck: