[Report] NEAR at NIGHT Twitter Spaces - Monthly Funding Request 05/03/23

Greetings from Trove Labs!

Original Proposal

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to the NEAR community and the marketing DAO for all the support they have shown for Near at Night! Near at Night has completed 3 past proposals (Totaling 5 months of N@N Spaces), and we are currently underway with another month of funded spaces that started on may 23rd.

Near at Night continues to prove the importance of social media exposure for important ecosystem teams on NEAR. We have fostered countless connections within the NEAR community with guests from all over the Near community and beyond. Recently we have had the pleasure to host an AMA for Rogues Studio, a gaming project/studio native to Polygon, which held a surprise mint on NEAR after our AMA. Rogues studio is currently one of the most active projects on NEAR, and just one example of the value that Near at Night brings to the ecosystem.

Near at Night covers a wide variety of topics and hosts speakers with backgrounds from multiple different industries. The spaces focuses on education, but also dives into important events, topics, emerging industries, and sometimes just holds casual conversations with the community. Recently, we have been hosting AMA sessions weekly with the NDC providing a much needed spotlight for a core part of NEAR ecosystem.

Marketing Activity:

We held 16/16 spaces from May 23rd to June 16th, with topics ranging from daily NEAR updates to special guest appearances. We have averaged 91 viewers tuning in and 8586 impressions/view per session.

We have listed each N@N spaces event below:

5/23/23 - MMC+Rogues Studio AMA - [50] Views - [1093] Impressions

5/24/23 - Rogue Studio AMA - [45] Views - [1799] Impressions

5/25/23 - NDC Fighting Cartels AMA - [549] Views - [108400] Impressions

5/29/23 - NEAR Balkan AMA - [55] Views - [2334] Impressions

5/30/23 - NEAR at NIGHT - [49] Views - [970] Impressions

5/31/23 - Jump DeFi AMA - [146] Views - [3884] Impressions

6/01/23 - NDC Women, Equity, Gov AMA - [97] Views - [2648] Impressions

6/05/23 - BOS for begginers AMA - [38] Views - [1201] Impressions

6/06/23 - Outlier Ventures AMA - [69] Views - [2135] Impressions

6/07/23 - Boneyard Gaming AMA - [24] Views - [1721] Impressions

6/08/23 - NDC I am Human AMA - [35] Views - [5438] Impressions

6/12/23 - NEAR Health AMA - [65] Views - [1118] Impressions

6/13/23 - The Future of NDC AMA - [64] Views - [1841] Impressions

6/14/23 - NDC Decentralized Gov AMA - [108] Views - [2321] Impressions

6/15/23 - N@N Happy Hour - [24] Views - [263] Impressions

6/19/23 - No-Bro Show - [51] Views - [467] Impressions


N@N continues to grow and maintains a healthy audience with many participants and guests speaking each week. We will seek additional funding from the marketing DAO for another month so we can keep the momentum of our platform and continue our mission to bring Near protocols community into the spotlight!

We are eager to hear feedback from the Marketing DAO council to improve NEAR at NIGHT for future proposals.


Trove Labs team.

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