[Approved] onboarding university students

Cheers to the marketing DAO

My name is Dabbie Ella, it’s been 10 adventurous months in the ecosystem participating in various activities within communities and contributing my own quota to the progress of the NEAR ecosystem. It has been a rewarding journey with NEAR so far and we all look forward to the blossoming features of the Near ecosystem. NFT market places and Decenralized exchanges deployed so far speak well of the intention of the NEAR foundation’s progress in the pursuit of mass adoption. I say thank to NEAR in the meantime.

I will like to educate my peers at my university of the immense benefits of using NEAR with these major highlights

Named wallet addresses

Fast transactions

Cheap Gas fees

extremely affordable NFT minting

Enablement for creator economy…

These highlights would be really
catchy for my peers since a whole lot of them are into crypto trading or investment. I would like to spread the good news of NEAR to these students at an onboarding event with the support of the onboarding DAO.

The students to be onboarded are already crypto engaged with other chains, some are analysts and good traders, all we need do is bring them to NEAR so they can excercise their various endeavours and exploits on the NEAR Blockchain. The onboarding of these students would create a ripple effect in the exemplification need for other students to join them and be crypto engaged since these other unaware students are going to be at the events.

With the help of a projector, and By utilizing major decentralized applications on NEAR I intend to practicalize them in front of these students. I would be able to show them the functionalities available on NEAR and also even encourage the creatives among them to engage web3 awareness and technologies biult on NEAR. Yes, in as much as this event is aimed at crypto savvy students, there would still be provision for the sensitization of art students into music or painting for them to understand NFTs, blockchains and minting. This would demystify the whole intricacies for their ease of understanding. This event would be explicit since the hall in my instiution has a projector. This facilitates beaming of illustrations on the screen for the teaching and practicalisation of Dapps.

Funding Budget

University Hall for venue $100
Its a 100 student capacity hall with sound, good ventilation and projector.

Each participant will have 2 piece of meat pie and a bottle of soft drink with water. = ($ 200)

Transportation and miscellaneous expenses around the school $80.

Near drop for new wallets = 10N.

Sum total = 100+200+80 = $380 + 10N

@cryptocredit @so608 @Dacha @marketingdao-council please, review my proposal, I’ll be ready to clear any doubt


Good evening, could you please fill out the form?

Part “Proposal”.

Thank you


Hello @Dabbie3229 ,

Where are you from?
How named your university?
Why do you think it’s a good idea to explain to

about the basics of blockchains?


Thanks @Dacha my visit to the school today was hilarious, so many students and even lecturers showed interest in the event. The proposal I made was for students that I could just teach, but I think I need to plan the even Bigger since both head of departments and lecturers bought the idea. With your permission sir I can re-adjust.

The lecturers has given their approval and as such the number of students and lecturers expected would be higher… I will be waiting for your response sir, thank you.


Sir for now I intend to start with Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri Imo state Nigeria. I have already visited the school and made arrangements with them. Then subsequently, I and my team which will include

And me we will extent to other universities. In Imo state alone we have 5 Universities which includes

  1. Imo state University (IMSU)
  2. Federal University of Technology (FUTO)
  3. Imo State Polytechnic
  4. Federal Polytechnic Nekede
  5. Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, where we intend to kick start. I think I would be a very auspicious event both to the Near ecosystem and The schools at large. Thanks sir

Sir, I just completed the form, the report will come after the event. Thanks for your support. @Dacha


So, the college means that the audience is not 18+
Here is quote from another topic
“Due to legal reasons and regulatory requirements passed from the NEAR Foundation, we are unable to fund any proposals aimed at individuals under the age of 18.”

This is a university Sir, it’s not a secondary school, This program is for adult undergraduates as a matter of fact Sir. Not A-level students.

@mr_free Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri - Google Search
You can find out more about the school using the link


Great idea you’ve got Here @Dabbie3229 I understood that many institutions of higher learning in the Eastern part of Nigeria have very little or no knowledge about NEARProtocol, I think this will help increase the level of awareness if the workability of the project is properly ascertained.
Once again great idea.
Please inform us where ever you need our assistance in the course of your project.


Sure Sir, I will inform you sir

I like the concept. The main thing is that people are onboarded so like,

“Its a 100 student capacity”

This seems expensive


Sir we could reduce the cost, it’s so cos of their electricity provisions air conditioner and sound system. We could just go with electricity only and fans.

Great Idea. :+1:

Hope this gets approved


Good evening, could you please review expenses? Thank you

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Thanks for the correction Sir, I have reviewed it. @Dacha


Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri

Good morning, could you please update information (red cells). Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

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I have completed that @Dacha sir

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Ok, thank You very much. Happy to support .

Ps: please, double check total amount.


Thank you Sir, I’m really grateful for your support.

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@so608 @cryptocredit Sir’s please, I’ll be happy to have you go through my proposal, thanks.