[Report] June 2022 - Onboarding-DAO

About us

Onboarding, and supporting NEAR onboarding initiatives, is our principal purpose. Our initiatives, as well as those we support, aim to raise awareness about NEAR and welcome NEARcomers into our beloved community.

We run, and support, onboarding initiatives, using funding received from the Creatives DAO. We also review and follow up on activities that we support.

The experience and skill sets our team possesses brings a diverse, creative and dedicated touch to the onboarding process. We deliver quality focused marketing to the NEAR ecosystem, on the range of platforms where NEAR community can be onboarded from. Onboarding DAO can make the step into the NEAR community smooth and welcoming. We land people in the DAOs, communities and guilds where they will thrive.

Council Members: @chloe (adviser) @FritzWorm (adviser) @kc_sollano @Symbolik @NatalieCrue @zubairansari07 @mr_free

Astro DAO: onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Approved projects:

  1. Proposal: Onboarding & Workshop during NFT BCN
    Amount: $500 (50 N)
    Leader: @lenara
    Report: [Approved] Onboarding & Workshop during NFT BCN -> ONBOARDING DAO part only - #16 by lenara
    Comment: The proposal was approved in May, but the was event happened on June

  2. Proposal: Onboarding Campaign For Crypto Enthusiasts in UCC Ghana
    Amount: $235 (47 N)
    Leader: @Sollusion
    Report: there is no report and feedback about this event.

  3. Proposal: V2.0 Onboarding NCA/NCD at universidad del Bio-Bio , ConcepciĆ³n , Chile
    Amount: $500 (101 N)
    Leader: @iroxi
    Report: the event will happen later when it will be possible [REPORT] V2.0 Onboarding NCA/NCD at universidad del Bio-Bio , ConcepciĆ³n , Chile - #4 by iroxi
    Comment: the event is postponed

Funding for June [APPROVED] Onboarding DAO - June funding

3 proposals in the discussion

  1. [Proposal] EDU Creatives Project ($2250)
  2. Onboarding to professors and students of the School of Plastic Arts ($500)
  3. Onboarding 10 great thinkers and Potential (100$)

Note: we would like to support proposals that creating value for Near Ecosystem, I will be happy to support proposals from different countries for more decentralization.


Amazing report @mr_free! Happy to see active Onboarding DAO :ok_hand:


Thanks for the report!

Good point here, however there should be some exceptions to support more projects from same country if the porposal is good and beneficial for ecosystem.