[approved] Onboarding for Photographers

Onboarding for Photographers

Proponent: Dazo
Near account for payment: dazo.near
Project time: March 01 to April 10

Objective: I Dazo together with Gambiarra Dao have the objective to increase the number of photographers within the Near network and Mintbase.
Through this Onboarding we will increase the number of photographers within the community helping us to compose a Photo Festival that is already being developed for the month of May.

Justification: Make new photographers, and Nft photographers from other networks may know Mintbase, the 3XR gallery and the Near network increasing the number of artists in the network.

Project: I will be inviting and talking to various photographers within the social networks through Twitter and Spaces, Discord, Instagram, Telegram and other means that can assist in this phase of the project. For I already navigate within these photographer communities, so I will be taking the project to these communities.
I will help them create their Near wallets and join the Gambiarra store.
Each photographer will receive 0.50 Near to mint two works and after mints are confirmed they will receive 1 Near to be able to buy their first Nft within Mintbase.

I will create a Bounty on Near’s forum for the creation of a flyer to promote Onboarding with Near, Mintbase and Gambiarra logos. The winner of the Bounty will receive 5 Near credits.

For the production and coordination of the project I will need $500.00 in Near paid to me.

March 01 to March 10 Bounty creation for Fly. Bounty 5 Near
March 11th Start of Promotion
March 11 to April 10 shipment of 50 photographers. 1.5 Near per photographer, being 0.50 at boarding and 1.00 after mint.

75 Near for 50 photographers
5 Near for Bounty
6,5 Near to open the store
$500,00 for producer and organizer

Proposed Payment
37,50 Near for 25 photographers - paid at start of project
5 Near for Fly creation - paid at start of project
6,5 Near to open the store
$250.00 for my production and organization - paid after 25 onboarding
$250.00 for my production and setup - paid at end of onboarding
I propose that if the goal of 50 photographers is not reached by the deadline, that the deadline be continued for another 20 days.
The unused resource for Onboarding will be returned to Mintbase Dao

Photographer since 2010, Nft digital artist since 2021, graduated in Photographic Processes by Senac de São Paulo since 2014.
Photographing music and Hip Hop culture since 2010, director of the project Retratos do Rap (Portraits of Rap), photographer for the Paulista Karate Federation, Diploma of recognition by the City Council of São Paulo through Councilman Caio Miranda in 2020.
Member of the Gambiarra store, Participant of the Near Metaverse Prize and Gambiarra Exhibition at Cryptovoxels and Participant of the Exhibition in honor of the 100 years of the Brazilian Week of Modern Art of 1922.


For any mistakes or non-clear information, please correct me @marianeu


Hi @Dazo
I find your proposal amazing! :star_struck: Thank you very much for the initiative.

I am an amateur or enthusiastic photographer capturing nature motifs, landscapes, plants and especially ferns. I am a biologist.

Just yesterday and times past, I had asked my colleagues from NEAR Venezuela: @FritzWorm @Jloc @Mineriavirtual , about photography, NFTs and platforms. And with this post, I already have the clearest/wider answer on the subject.

I am very interested in joining the Photographer’s Team, if this is possible and participating.


Thank you for your comment my friend @jblm

I am happy to know that more photographers are together in this proposal to grow our gig within the Near and Nft ecosystem.
The proposal being approved, I believe we will be able to interact much more within new projects for photographers.
I would be happy to know your work, I also like nature photography.

See you soon


Hey @jblm you should meet @schnageler!!

Would you like to open a new store for this @Dazo ? Because I suppose there is international interest in having a photography store.

After clarifying the store issue, we’ll be happy to approve this


Hi @marianeu

I had not thought about opening a new store, as I am from Gambiarra and had thought about doing it from our store.
The Gambiarra is growing in a very positive way and so I thought and add more content there.
But it would be interesting to hear suggestions about a specific store for this proposal and that perhaps I can analyze better.
And for sure this project is thinking nationally and internationally, because there are many photographers in other networks and around the world that may come to know mintbase.


Yes. You can think about this.

You can create a store for fotographers and invite the brazilian photographers to gambiarra on top.


Got it
So we will have to adjust the proposal value to add the value of opening the store.
If this process has any additional costs, please let me know.

Thank you


@Dazo, to open a new store you pay 6,5 N. Pls update.
Also, for @Ghini and for @macieira I created NEAR drop campaigns for them to have an easier process of distributing the links.

If you wwant me to do that with the onboarding funds, we can do that.


Hi @marianeu
You can do the same process as in the link, it will make our job easier.
When I open the store, can I add the 6.5 Near to the expenses in the proposal?


wow @Dazo congratulations !


@dazo it made the process much easier with the distruibution in the link forum. Thanks for your help @marianeu


Yes, you can add the expense to create a store up there in the proposal. I will be approving the proposal and creating the NEARdrop links then.

Thank you


I have changed the proposal and added the store value of 6.5 Near
I am waiting for your approval to start onboarding.

Thank you


Happy to tell you this is approved!

I already generated the links, please write me a message on telegram so I can send them to you.

be aware that we can verify which links are used to open a wallet and which are used just to claim the near.

You can request payout proposal for the 6.5N to open a store



Thank you very much
I am very happy to be able to start an integration process for photographers together with mintbase and the near network


Can you send me the link to the Astro?


Hi, @Dazo

Congratulations on the approval of your proposal, that excites me.

I would love to meet or contact other nature photographers. Through your project it could be possible, to learn from them or that they can learn from me. Thanks @marianeu for reminding me about @schnageler. In fact with him, I offered my assessment of his project proposal. Thus, from my vision as a biologist and photography enthusiast in its context. Brother, you have probably seen this.

Well, regarding my work, I must say that I have never made an NFT from my photographs. I’d like to learn how to do it, even select a few to start with. I’d like you to see my work, but I don’t have a large visible portfolio, as I’m wary of licensing centralized portals. Everything is secured on a protected hard drive (25 GB of data), many photos taken since 2005, mostly in Venezuela and not so emblematic places. Many photographed species ferns, yes. For example (reduced at low quality):

June 28, 2014 - San Francisco Research Station, southern Ecuador
@FritzWorm @Jloc @Mineriavirtual @schnageler @Butneversaved … look at this!! :wink:

All this has served so far to support my research work with these plants, few have seen it. It’s time to make it visible. If you can recommend me a portal where to upload a proof of concept, or even almost everything, let me know. Or else, with NFTs… We can treat this separately, a DM or as you propose…

Best whishes


Can someone help me with the link for the Bounty for the flyer or artwork. I have an artwork to present


@dazo https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near here

Hey @jblm I am pretty sure you will be one of the first ones to be added into the store!! I love your fern picture <3 as a brazilian this gives me saudades from home. Sounds like you could use a store for yourself - on top of participating in @dazo s store. Maybe you can sell enough artworks there to have the funds to deploy your store = your own smart contract.

As for you, @Roxy , I guess the bounty is not up yet, is it @dazo ? I found it now [BOUNTY] Poster / Flyer - Onboarding for Photographers its on the wrong cathegory tho


Awesome, let’s give this some exposure :slight_smile: