[PROPOSAL] AfrikaBurn-Mintbase-NEAR Exhibition on Cryptovoxels (Funding Request - Createbase-dao)

Proponent: The Philosopher (Rodrigo Reis Lastra Cid)
NEAR account for payment: thephilosopher.near
Project Timeline: October 15th – October 30th (Exhibition from 22nd to 30th)

Objective: The main objective of this project is to build a week exhibition at Cryptovoxels for Mintbase works minted on NEAR, specifically belonging to the AfrikaBurn store, and produce an opening and closing party, with music, with a bonfire in reference to the burning produced by AfrikaBurn. We also intend to produce cryptovoxels wearables with the symbol of NEAR, MINTBASE and SAVE THE CLAN (related to AfrikaBurn), to give to participants and/or to the organizers of these institutions (to distribute to whoever they wish). A second goal within the exhibition would be to onboard 20 people to NEAR from Cryptovoxels, that normally mint on Ethereum or Polygon.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project is precisely to introduce Mintbase and NEAR blockchain into the virtual world of Cryptovoxels, making them better known through the party and exhibition, and bringing at least 20 artists and/or collectors from Ethereum/Polygon to NEAR, through Mintbase. The benefit of this for NEAR and Mintbase is the increased number of people minting and collecting at Mintbase, on NEAR. The advantage for Save The Clan (AfrikaBurn) would be the exposure of the project on metaverse, as well as the increased possibility of selling the exhibited works, mainly because 20 people registered in the guestbook will be awarded 2 NEAR each, if they make an account at NEAR, enjoy the party and become minters from the open store that we will create at Mintbase for these people.


Until October 15th:

  • Request and receive 44 works from Save The Clan project (which intends to raise funds for the AfrikaBurn event) to exhibit in the virtual gallery “The Philosopher’s Gallery”, inside Cryptovoxels: Cryptovoxels
  • Request explanatory texts about Mintbase, NEAR and Save The Clan (AfrkaBurn) for exhibition at the gallery.

Until October 20nd:

  • Renovate the gallery and hang the works and texts.
  • Build a bonfire on the terrace for the opening party, as well as inserting African motifs.
  • Build 3 wearables, one with the NEAR symbol, one with the Mintbase symbol and the other with the Save The Clan symbol, to donate to participants or professionals of these companies, so that they can distribute to whomever they wish, and so that they are also used to stand above the building in order to draw the attention of potential visitors. I have a designer for that, already on NEAR (Gustavo Manute).
  • Build the musical set for the parties. I have a musician for that, already on NEAR (Blu Wasem Simon).
  • Build a guestbook (with a relative wearable plus google form) to onboard at least the first 20 visitors who do not yet have NEAR and Mintbase accounts.

October 22th

  • Opening party.

Until October 24th

  • Build an open store at NEAR to onboard new people.

October 30th

  • Closing party


  • Gustavo Manute (designer): TASKS: Production of 3 wearables (100 units each: Mintbase, NEAR and Save The Clan) (3h): 60 USD in NEAR [milestone: minted wearables] [October 20th]
  • Blu Wasem Simon (musician): TASKS: Production of a musical set with DJ playing at opening and closing parties (1h+2h+2h): 100 USD in NEAR [milestone: published set on youtube] [October 20th]
  • Rodrigo Cid, The Philosopher (Gallerist): TASKS: Organization of pictures and texts in the gallery (2h), search for png, gif, etc., to set up the gallery’s terrace, actually set up the terrace for Burn (with bonfire, African themes etc) (2h), creation of a guestbook and the relative wearable (1h), dissemination on twitter and discord (1h) (total: 6h): 120 USD in NEAR [milestone: gallery with hung works and guest book (wearable and google form)]. [October 20th] [Closing party: October 30th]
  • The Philosopher: TASKS: Opening and closing party coordination (2h+2h): 80 USD in NEAR [milestone 1: opening party held (October 22th); milestone 2: closing party held (October 30th)]
  • The Philosopher: TASKS: Bring 20 people into Mintbase with 2 NEAR each: 40 NEAR [milestone: guest book with 20 people with new near accounts and a tweet link with a picture of them at the party, tagging @mintbase, @createbase1 and @AfrikaBurn.] [October 24th]
  • The Philosopher: TASKS: Opening a Mintbase store for newcomers: 7 NEAR [October 24th]

TOTAL: 360 USD in NEAR + 47 NEAR

Curriculum Vitae (Lattes): http://lattes.cnpq.br/0847832636263404
Links: The Philosopher's Links | Linktree
Philosophy Professor at the Federal University of Amapá
Curator and Virtual Gallerist
Traditional and NFT Artist

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Nice, this sounds really cool! Some changes I’d ask you to do would be:

  1. Change the pricing to be USD in NEAR. For example, 30 USD in Near.

  2. We always pay after the completion of the tasks. Therefore point 3 will be even more important.

  3. Could you please make the 2 last lists into one? So it is easier to overlook it? For example

For example: Milestones & Budget

  • Creation of the Gallery - planned to be ready at date X
    – Person who will construct it (thephilosopher, right?) on CryptoVoxels. 85 USD in Near.
    Tasks: (Organization of pictures and texts in the gallery (2h), search for png, gif, etc., to set up the gallery’s terrace, actually set up the terrace for Burn (with bonfire, African themes etc) (2h), creation of a guestbook and the relative wearable (1h), dissemination on twitter and discord (1h) (total: 6h): 85 USD in Near.

  • Opening party - planned to be at date x
    – DJ payment. How much are you planning to pay the DJ? You will only pay him to play, not to make the set, right? I got a bit confused at your listing here…
    – There is also this payment for the coordination of opening and closing party. It’s like the moderation, right? I think thats cool :slight_smile: And needs to be put here, and on the topic for the closure party.

  • Creation of guestbook. 40 NEAR (here near makes sense) The Near will be given to newbies. We will onboard them on NEAR. People will only get the 2 Near if they post a picture of them at the party on twitter, tagging @mintbase @createbase1 and maybe an afrikaburn twitter, if you have one, I don’t know. So the near will be given after the event. You will need to create a google doc (or some other form) where people can enter their Near.name, and their tweet.

  • creation of a store. I like the creation of a store, but would you have a reason to do so, as the store from AfrikaBurn already exhists? What would the second store be for?

About the dates cited in the Milestones Don’t worry If the dates vary some days earlier or later, we won’t say anything! It’s good for you guys to have a timetable and for me to have an idea of when things are happening, or planned to be happening! :slight_smile:

About the budget:
Are you asking for 83 NEAR or for 166 NEAR in total? You listed these two budgets and I am a bit confused

I like the roadmap though :slight_smile: It gives a good overview of what the whole project is aiming to do.

Glad to have you in our community, Rodrigo!! Hope to be working a lot with you in future! :slight_smile:


Also, will everyone get a wearable at the party or only those who go to the guestbook?

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Oh, I am asking just for 83 NEAR. I put it at the budget and at the milestones, in order to explain when I am going to ask for each part of the money (when the milestones are fulfilled), but I can put everything together, to get easier to understand.

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We can decide that, but I was thinking in everybody, in order to spread the NEAR, Mintbase and Save The Clan symbols through metaverse. I also let the option for me to give the wearables to relevant people from NEAR, Mintbase and AfrikaBurn (like you and Claudia), in order for them to distribute as they want, given the symbols are owned by the relative institutions.

Yes, I have a reason. I think people from Cryptovoxels would not like to mint through a store that will give them only 40% of the sales. I think it would be better to onboard them with full sales. So I was going to make an openstore without revenue (or with 10% revenue maximum, if it possible to choose the amount, only to onboard more people in the future).

I’ll just answer to all of your answers here :slight_smile:

Budget is OK an APPROVED!

To the wearables! I like that too. approved. As you wish. I’d sure like to have some to gift around. Especially the mintbase ones. @lenara do you also have some CV wearables with Mintbase logos on them? Maybe we start a collection :slight_smile:

Ok, so to the revenue / royalty thing - I don’t quite understand. 10% revenue maximum? To who? 10% of the 87,5% Revenue? Because u always have 10% royalties, 87,5% revenue and 2,5% for mintbase :slight_smile:
And I see completely why you would create an own store! Sounds great :slight_smile: Do you have a name for it yet?

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I have more things to talk about … :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

at the moment 1 near is 6,9 USD. So the maths are not quite right on the budgeting…

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Oh, I know. I used the greatest value for NEAR, because NEAR could return to that price when the project is done, and I would not like to receive less NEAR because of that. So I would like to put the values in NEAR or in the maximum amount of USD that NEAR already got to, in order to protect me for NEAR valuation in the future. What do you think it is best to do here?

Then you just write 20 USD in Near. :slight_smile:

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About the store, I was thinking in 10% revenue; but if it is already in the royalties, we can put 0% revenue, and let only 10% royalties, to onboard new people in the future. To who? I was thinking in open a NEAR account for the store, in order not to mix with my own account.

Done! :smiley: Thank you, Maria!

Look, I think you are miscomprehending something. The revenue is the 1x selling value.
For example - i sell 1 pizza for 100 Euros.
10 EUros will be royalties. You can add anyone to that 10%. Like 50% of the royalties go to the artist and 50% of the royalties go to the store. So you have 5% of the total value for every future selling of the pizza for the artist and 5 % for the store. Every.time.the.pizza.is.sold.

87,5 euros will go directly to whoever is selling the pizza. Can be the one person who created the Pizza nft or the person re-selling it. If you want, we can set up a very short call because I know it is confusing to read sometimes.


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Can I call you now to undertand it better?

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Did not see this, but we talked on telegram…

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So we would request just the normal store royalties, and nothing from revenue, to stimulate people to use the store.

Sounds good! :slight_smile: But there is nothing as “normal store royalties”
You would need to advise them how much of the 10% they should adress to the store.
In my experience people need a very exact description of what to fill in.
If you want 5% of the total value always going to the store you must fill in 50% Royalties to the store and 50% royalties to the minter.
Let me know if all is clear.

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Everything clear. I understood it know. I think we can let just 10% of the 100% of royalties. It is not for us to earn money, but to onboard more people when we have enough, and to stimulate people to mint on mintbase.

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So, can I consider the project APPROVED and begin some pre-production?
We just made the wearable logos today.

NEAR: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xbbf177ce3afeffa489f06d6cf928cd1d58b7de30/129
MINTBASE: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xbbf177ce3afeffa489f06d6cf928cd1d58b7de30/128
SAVE THE CLAN: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xbbf177ce3afeffa489f06d6cf928cd1d58b7de30/130

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Yes, approved! Bom trabalho, querido!! :slight_smile:

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