[Approved] NxM Showcase at Emanate Anniversary Party


The NxM community has been invited by Emanate to provide a 1 hour showcase for their Anniversary Party coming up this 18th September. We are also looking at partnering with Emanate on a number of initiatives moving forward, which will benefit the NxM community!

The Chosen Artists:

  • CTRL
  • Masia One
  • MKNK

The event will go down in The Playground, Cryptovoxels

Funding Request:

To cover the artists we propose 25 N each + 15 N for managing the showcase for a total of 90 N

Target: nxn-live.near

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Great news! We had a great turn out for the Emanate 2nd Anniversary Party last night and it looks like we’re going to potentially be doing more things with them in the future!

I’m submitting this to the DAO for the payout.

FYI @chloe @zeitwarp @Grace @JMaenen

Emanate Launch Stats


We had some really good number here!

But first, the payout proposal was approved here and everyone has been paid!

Emanate Launch Stats

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