[Event PROPOSAL] NxM Live 8

NxM Live 8 is the next event showcasing a variety of talent in the Near ecosystem.
The event will be broadcast simultaneously across multiple platforms - Cryptovoxels, Twitch, and Mixcloud - allowing wider audience reach and decentralised viewing.

This will need to be pre-record only, due to the holiday season.

This event will run on 02 January, at 2pm PST

Tea Fannie
King Changa
Fergus Quill Trio
Mr Bubble

Cost Breakdown

Artists @ $100USD each
Poster Design @ $50USD
Cryptovoxels Venue Hire @ $50USD
Audiato Event-as-a-Service, Infrastructure, Coordination etc @ $500USD
Total $900-1000USD, depending on total artist count

Goals of Current Project

Increasing viewer count on each event
100% uptime / no dropped frames
At least 2 new artists each event

@vandal tagging you in for approval!


Thanks @chmod_000 This proposal will be evaluated by the NxM council with all decisions being made and announced on the 3rd December. Good luck!

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Hey @chmod_000 as you know, NxM Live is our baby and I’m always happy to support this event. But we have needed to come to a decision on what % of the funding should go for event coordination and execution and we intend on following the guild/DAO model of up to 30% of the requested budget can be allocated for facilitation. Having more than 50% is a bit too much IMHO.

Love to see what the @NxM council thinks :slight_smile:


Yep, share @Vandal 's comments


As the flagship event series, we see Audiato’s involvement with NxM Live as an investment in the future growth of Music on NEAR. This is the driving force behind why we put a lot of effort into delivering a reliable, high quality broadcast.
The rate Audiato takes for infra, facilitation, artist support, editing, live monitoring (and more) is already below market, which we feel is great for allowing grassroots movements to expand. In addition to the services provided, Audiato brings a combined knowledge decades of experience in the performing arts and technology industries, which we hope adds value to this offering.

Happy to discuss further if required. Much love!

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It’s not so much the $ amount, but more the % of overall budget. I totally see the value you, @nullzero and Audiato bring and in the future when we both grow (Events DAO) there’s definitely room to expand. I just feel like NxM should be trying to support the artists and musicians with the majority of the funding/budget, which is why we’ve standardized the 30% rule, it also helps us from setting a precedent. Let us know your thoughts.

Hey @chmod_000 We’re happy to announce that your project has been approved to receive funding under December’s Events stream. Congrats on behalf of the NxM Council @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace and myself :partying_face:

This is amazing news @vandal!
Audiato is committed to growing NxM and the surrounding ecosystem, improving quality of service and adding value where we can.
We understand the challenges faced at the moment with budget constraints - pushing growth on limited funding is always difficult, even for dedicated and talented people like you, so we appreciate the council’s vote to support this proposal.

Thanks @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace & Van :heart: :pray: :rocket:

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Hey @chmod_000 @nullzero can we get an update in the comments on the new date pls! We’re submitting the monthly report and want to make sure all proposals that haven’t been completed yet are updated accordingly. Thanks!!!

Hey @vandal - updated the main post a couple of days ago.
New date is going to be Jan 2nd. We’ve now finally received the content for the last two artists, and I believe the poster has nearly been remade.

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@chmod_000 Awesome sauce! Thanks for dropping this in the comments! Sometimes updates in the actual post can go unnoticed unless there’s a tag or share!

Thanks @vandal! Payout proposal submitted to the DAO :slight_smile:

Onwards to NxM Live IX!

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