[Approved] NxM Live 5

NxM Live 5 is the next event showcasing a variety of talent in the Near ecosystem.
The artists will have the option of delivering polished, pre-recorded content, or live realtime performances where possible, to bring out the rawness.

The event will be broadcast simultaneously across multiple platforms - Cryptovoxels, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixcloud - allowing wider audience reach and decentralised viewing.

This event will run on Sunday September 26, start time TBA

Masia One
Ant G

Poster coming once times finalized.

Cost Breakdown

Artist bounties @ $100USD (12N) each
Poster Design @ $50USD (6N)
Cryptovoxels Venue Hire @ $50USD (6N)
Audiato Event-as-a-Service, Infrastructure etc @ $600USD (72N)
Total $1000USD (96N)

Goals of Current Project

At least one live artist
Increasing viewer count on each event
100% uptime / no dropped frames


Hi @chmod_000 can i participate in Poster Design Bounty? pls Contact me TG @MonishMuralidharan And at Discord Monish016.near#0502

Hi Monish - if you’re in the NxM group on Telegram you should be able to find me and DM me. Would be great to get a new name involved for October :slight_smile:

Hey @chmod_000 unfortunately am not in Nxm TG group and I could not find the group. Even asked help of bone police. Can you send me the invite personally on Telegram @MonishMuralidharan please

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You can use this link to find all the NxM stuff - NxM Live | Linktree

Awesome stuff @chmod_000 happy to see the proposal up. Once the event is done let’s mark it approved and then you can submit it to the DAO!