[Proposal] NxM Emanate Playlist

I would like to curate the monthly NxM playlist on Emanate in order to showcase and promote the music created within the NxM network. In promoting the playlist through targeted media releases as well as a strong social media presence, we will boost engagement amongst listeners as well as prospective artists.

Comprehensive media releases along with an active social media presence will ensure success in further engaging existing audiences as well as drawing in new artists. Two media releases will be prepared monthly, outlining the objective of the NxM playlist along with a listing of tracks and artists featured on the playlist, notifying audiences of how they can access the playlist. The first media release will be distributed prior to the posting of the playlist and the second one will post shortly after the playlist is made available online. The media releases will be sent to music media outlets, digital art publications and NFT related blog sites and podcasts.

In order to successfully establish a strong social media presence the following steps will be taken. A Gmail, IG and Twitter NxM playlist account will be created to post and distribute material promoting the monthly playlist.

When an artist submits their song for playlist consideration, they will be asked to submit details about the song and the creative process behind recording and producing the track.

As an example:

  • The song was recorded in my garage in one take.
  • I recorded the vocals in my room and emailed them to the producer who mixed them down.
  • The song is about where I grew up

Throughout the month, details of songs featured on the playlist will be posted on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and IG) along with the artist name, song title, playlist link and relevant hashtags.

In addition to that, every month, an NxM artist will be selected to be the NxM playlist featured artist for that month. The artist will submit a short video clip introducing themselves, their song and the NxM Playlist. The video clip will be posted on social media along with a caption inviting artists to join the NxM network, the link to the playlist as well as a tagline presenting NxM as an international network of innovative Audio NFT artists; an invaluable resource within the crypto/Metaverse space.

The links to songs featured on the playlist will be posted on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and IG) along with the artist name, song title and relevant hashtags throughout the month.

The playlist will consist of 10-15 tracks depending on submissions received.

Requested Monthly Funding Amount: 29 hours at $30 USD = $870 USD.

Monthly Funding Breakdown:

3 hours receiving, reviewing and organizing submissions, curating the Playlist.
1 hour for the preparation of the media releases.
1 hour for the distribution of the media releases.
1 hour a day, 6 days a week, social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter and IG. This would also include time spent coordinating the featured artist of the month video clip as well as the artist details postings.

Thank you for your consideration.

C-Sol aka Peso Pesado
Peso’s Beatery


Hey @Peso_Pesado I think this would be a great project to submit for the December round of funding as per our NxM Projects Grant.

Pls do note also that the hourly ‘work’ rate is $25 USD.

I’m also be happy to share the NxM Emanate account with you for access to use for the playlist. I know @djlethalskillz.near might also be able to help out with this and coordinate something potentially with Moda DAO!


Great stuff @Peso_Pesado ! as @vandal mentioned It will be my pleasure to assist, do reach out via our NxM Telegram or Discord and we can discuss further.



I also would like to extend on this note and inform all our NxM family musicians if they are interested to join Emanate please do reach out to me on telegram it will be my absolute pleasure to help onboarding u to the platform.

Keep Rocking it Ya’ll!


Hey @Peso_Pesado I feel like there’s more room for this proposal to sit with @netunoblu on the DJ DAO. Have you made any progress with @djlethalskillz.near on this?

Currently the Projects stream for NxM is only able to offer up to $500 (looking to expand this when we grow into our next phase of development as a guild/DAO).

I still think this is a valuable project for the community and would like to see it happen. If you think it can fit into $500 then I can propose the council weighs in on it to see if it passes for December. If not, I suggest fitting it into the DJ DAO December funding proposal.

@zeitwarp @chloe @Grace thoughts?


yep, agreed with @vandal

like the look of this proposal as an outreach project

I normally like to see engagement with Near infrastructure on any proposal…but perhaps this falls under a different category [department?] of “marketing”.

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We had a chat on telegram few days back around this for initial approach and how we can set it up, I look forward to chat more with @Peso_Pesado on this so we set an action plan and take it from there.

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I appreciate the opportunity and your consideration for this proposal but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to commit the time required to make this project work right now. Perhaps this would be something we could revisit in the near future. Thank you again for your consideration as it’s very much appreciated. Respect.

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