[Approved] Nomadelabel-DAO - Socialmedia/MARKETING 03/2022

[PROPOSAL] Nomadelabel-DAO - Socialmedia/MARKETING 03/2022


Blu Simon Wasem - wasem_simon.near

Related request to the proposal:


From the date of payment to the last week of March.


Act in the digital presence of Nomade Label DAO through the vehicles:

@nomadeagenda(Instagram); @nomadelabel(Twitter);



Twitter @nomadelabel account

Produce digital content related to DAO projects.

Encourage the use of hashtags #NomadelabelDAO #NomadeLabelNear

Implement campaigns to publicize events and projects carried out at Nomadelabel’s initiative in March 2022:

Antimethod II - online classes -pinkalsky, ritamaria, gus manute and loveletter.exe

A poster template for the four teachers, and a poster for general dissemination

EAT> ; physical event in Sao Paulo Artists nomadelabell

An artist presentation template, reels videos and promotional poster

@blablalab - online content

An artist presentation template, promotional poster and youtube/igtv teaser


50 NEAR (USD 500 in NEAR / 1 NEAR when USD 10.0)


The activities carried out will continue the ongoing work of the contemporary artist. With the support of Marketing DAO, it will be possible to increase the reach of the activities carried out in the month, of two proposals from the Nomade Label community, approved by Gambiarra DAO and by Nomade Label DAO.


SOCIAL MEDIA schedule (Instagram / Twitter)

The Instagram account @nomadeagenda has the function of promoting the activities of the month related to Nomade Label (antimethod, EAT, Blablalab) with a focus on non-NFT experts, as these activities have content not directly related to web3 subjects, but all projects involved have a strong connection to the DAOs and the ecosystem. Through these activities, Nomade Label shows the potential of the NEAR community, and promoting artists, Mintbase, other DAO projects, and sharing the Decentralized Finances philosophy and its possible cultural and political outcomes, is the goal of Nomadelabel Media.

Monthly POSTs: (not weekly)

15 Instagram posts for feed.

8 Tweets - NFT shills, repost of Instagram

3 Reeds video (classes promo)

2 IgTv videos (two videos from classes)

daily Stories feeding

Example of feeds:

Feed example:





5 USD in N to tweet NFTs from Nomadelabel store
(10 humans)

10 USD in N to attend a class of Antimétodo, take a Print Screen and post on your socials.
(5 humans)

50 USD in N to Mint and Share(tweet and post in anyother socials) a 3xr Gallery with artworks from nomadelabel artists, 50/50, priced by 0.50 N

First post on the forun wins

50 x 3 =150

Design, copywrite, media manneger - 400 USD - wasem_simon.near

Design, copywrite, strategy - 500 USD - natashacremoneseartista.near

Bounty mannegment - 100 USD - bioplug.near


150 USD bounties for Share and Repost

BUDGET: 1150 Usd in NEAR


Signature: Rafael Simon Wasem - wasem_simon.near



Graduated in Gastronomy(ASSESC), Post-graduate Music Theraapy(Candeias) and studying Philosophy(UFSC).

Self-though transdisciplinary artist(Music, Performance, videoart, digital painting), cultural producer and curator. Nomade Label founder.

Was Social Media in Inspire Cursos Login • Instagram (2016~2018), and always self-promo on the independent artis scene.

Blu´s socials

Login • Instagram Login • Instagram ,Login • Instagram



Traveled around 20 countries doing arts, music, cooking and other nomadic practice.



Brazilian Visionary Artist 2D and 3D, Art Educator, Visual Arts Teacher graduated by (UNINTER).

Post-graduate student in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture (UNINTER). Workshop, Multiartist, seamstress, artisan, cultural producer.

Social Media in Octópode Studio @octopodestudio

Has several formations in the area of education and art, such as Social Educator courses, complementary formations as Special Education, Transversality Teaching, Digital Painting, Concept Art and 3D modeling at Revolution School.

Artista Visionária Brasileira / Visionary Brazillian Artist


Thanks for the attention

dear @marketingdao-council


Just to clarify, you want to create the following

  • 8 Instagram post for feed.
  • 20 Tweets
  • 2 Reeds video (short-version)
  • 2 IgTv videos (full version)

Can you give a little more information about the content for each?

It looks like you’re also running a contest with a Bounty:

  • How many posts are promoting the contest?
  • How many are creating educational content?

Also- Did your proposal ask for $50 for Instagram ads?

Instagram prohibits ads for crypto related projects, how would you manage to push it through?


Hi @Klint , very good questions, I´m sorry about the unclearness of this information, and also the blind spot of Instagram ads, i will update the actual proposal with those information that you pointed to.

thanks for the feedbacks

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I hope this answers are satisfactory.

Thanks for the attention.

Better idea:

all the best


@MktngDAO_Advisors This is great.

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Thanks for the clarification. You’ve got my support. Thumbs up.


Thanks @Klint and @moon

It will be a good support, specially to grow EAT event in Sao Paulo, and with @pinkalsky proposal, will help to spread Near ecosystem on our specific site.

How does it work? Will you share the bounties opportunities with Near Community members ? Thanks

Hi Dacha

This 3 bounties will be posted by @loveletterexe , a #nomadelabel-dao member, opening up for engagging the community. The payout will be directly from wasem_simon.near to the targget of applicant.

The reward will be givem for the first comments posted on the bounty´s topic, with all relevant informations for the users to participate.

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@moon @Klint @Dacha

Hello Guys,

I would like to know if this Proposal can still be aproved on this month, cause this jobs has being already started, because is essencial for realizing the complementary proposals approved by creatives, and also the onboarding proposal.

Just let´s us know, other wise we must tell @Natashacremonese that we can´t hire her for this month project.

This is the first month of the DAO, and we still organizing all the actions, so i hope on the forward months, we´ll have the roadmap and schedule more clear.

all the best

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Hello @Dacha, i just saw this topic:

And the name of this proposal is listed there:

So, it has being approved?

Shaw we submite AstroDAO poll?

Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:

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Thanks Dacha :slight_smile:

here is the poll:

And i also have my Reward Agreement verify, in name of Rafael Simon Wasem.

Congratulations! Poll has now been approved by Marketing DAO Council, you can proceed with the Payout Request with the NEAR Foundation using this Google Form


Thanks @satojandro


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[wrong]Here is the Poll:


already accepted here: marketing.proposals-225


Hello @marketingdao-council

I must apologize my miss organization this first month. I will not deny, I definitely made mistakes when writing weekly, when it was to have written monthly. But to me it seems unfeasible for the size of our initiative, we publish 15 posts per week (2 per day + 1).
So the first point, 15 posts per week (60 posts in the month) would actually be only 15 even. Still, I can say that we reached our goal for starter.

I can also say that it is clear my lack of certainty in designing the marketing strategy, since we are within this decentralized ecosystem, where things are happening in accelerated motion, I had to take over this marketing project to be able to start a work of spreading our data and expand our connection inside and outside the ecosystem.

Just to say one more topic, this actual proposal was made to support nomadelabel March projects, that includes not just EAT event, but also Antimétodo(online courses), Blablalab(internet countent), and also we had the short presentation of Danny d Weirdo, on reels, also one of the projects from march.

I hope this clarify our month’s actions on socials, right?

Best Regards