Gume Conducted Dance Rehearsals

Hello everyone it is an honor being here and seeing so many wonderful projects happening!
I’m Daniel Carrera and I am quite new here on this ecosystem, still learning a lot from Gambiarra #gambiarra-dao and Nomade Label DAOs #nomadelabel-dao where I had the chance to participate in “Quintas Paralelas” and “EAT” events.r

Originally I’m from the field of improvisation music, I coordinate the IMPROVISE an event with more than 10 years of history and where more than 1000 improvisation artists participated, in parallel I’m conductor of SPIO - São Paulo Impro Orchestra that organically was bringing together artists from different areas besides the musicians and singers but visual artists, poets and dancers. SPIO, due to this multiple nature, has unfolded into other projects, the first derivation was “Vrborrgica” when poets joined the orchestra, and soon after actors and performers joined us on “Iracunda, A Ópera de Silício” and finally dancers on “Gume”.

Gume can be freely translated as “edge”, and this name came from a SPIO concert where the stage lighting was making it difficult for the musicians to see the signs and the conductor stick, so I looked around and the first shining object I saw, and it was a ginsu knife the bartender was using to make “caipirinhas”.The knife brought an interesting dramatic air to the show and I ended up adopting it, not only as my conductor stick, but also inspired the name of the conduction method I am developing based on methods like Conduction, Soundpainting, Cobra among others.

Objective :
The goal of this project is to further develop the conduction method and the practice for our dancing crew. I want the dancers to learn the method well enough that they can take the knife and put me to dance. And we intend to make this inversion of power to happen, the dancers will also command me.
This is intended to be a continued project, and the last day will be open for the public and used to gather materials as photos and videos that will become NFTs on Nomade Label Store.
the Dance team is composed by:

Isadora Prata Login • Instagram
Hei Oliveira Login • Instagram
Pedro Athie Login • Instagram
Leticia Esposito Login • Instagram
Mariana Taques Login • Instagram

Justification :

This is my first proposal on the ecosystem, and I am very happy that Nomade Label and Gambiarra onboarded the Gume dancers crew. Gume already had 2 rehearsals, one on Teatro do Container an one on Estudio Lamina, and we are very happy with the possibility of receiving Nomade Label DAo’s support to make Gume happen
Also April 29th is the International Dance Day, and most of Nomade Labels activities are related to dance.

Gume Dance Conducted Rehearsal

Project and Timeline:
rehearsals starting on April 12 th
an open rehearsal on April 26 th
instagram: @gume.cia

Gume Conducted Dance Rehearsals
Proponent : Daniel Carrera
NEAR account for payment: daniel_carrera.near
Project Timeline:
rehearsal of “Gume” on Estudio Lamina,
starting on April 12 th and an open rehearsal on the 26 th April
instagram: @gume.cia

Budget (April): x USD to ___.near

pedro_athie.near 50 USD
isadora_prata.near 50 USD
hey_oliveira.near 50 USD
leticia_esposito.near 50 USD
mariana_taques.near 50 USD

Daniel Carrera
daniel_carrera.near 150 Usd

contribution to Estudio Lamina
50 USD

TOTAL :500 USD in near


Some photos from the beginning of the search


yeeey! so glad to be part of this wonderful project!
hope we still can dance and improvise a lot in GUME! (:


Awesome project, looking forward to show this to everyone!