[Proposal, Approved by HoM, CoA] Marketing DAO May 2024 Funding Request

Dear Community,

We are excited to share our May 2024 funding request and updates with the community. Please find our latest report here:

Report for March 2024

During the May 2024 submission period (April 1-12), the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO team received:

  • 14 proposals
  • Total amount requested: $209,116
  • Total amount approved: $68,780

May 2024 Approvals

MDAO approved the funding request to the House of Merit, CoA and NDC Trust:

Proposal BOS/Forum Link Approved
Marketing DAO grants for NEAR Founders and ECO influencers
NPunks Marketing campaign [PROPOSAL] NPunks ecosystem marketing support $5,000.00
Forefront Tak [Approved] Twitter reports by Forefront Tak (Marketing) $3,000.00
NEKO Morning Show May 2024 [Approved] NEKO Morning Show Monthly Funding Request April $4,600.00
Potlock June 2024 (MDAO round) Marketing DAO by ndcdev.near | Near Social $30,000.00
Assisterr Incentive Program Funding Application [Approved] Assisterr Incentive Program Funding Application (Marketing budget) $8,000.00
Near Ukraine Guild Attendance at Incrypted Conference 2024 [Proposal] Near Ukraine Guild | Attendance at Incrypted Conference 2024 $4,200.00
Chill&Shill founder and ecosystem support May 2024 [Approved] Chill&Shill founder and ecosystem support $4,980.00
MDAO Operations
Remuneration (1) [Report] so608 Marketing DAO Council Report for March 2024 $2,500.00
Remuneration (1) [Report] Marketing DAO Council - cryptocredit - March $2,500.00
Remuneration (1) [Report] Marketing DAO Council activities - johanga - #2 by johanga $2,500.00
Admin (1) [Report] MDAO Advisor Report March-April $1,500.00
Total amount $68,780.00

May 2024 Additional results:

  • V-Art Protocol - the payment from MDAO Treasury
  • Potlock campaign will be started in Mid.May with a target launch date of June
  • All the rest who are not approved this time - are welcome to participate in the Potlock round. We recommend Near at Night, Near Media and Motus DAO participate in the upcoming Potlock collaboration.

Statement on MDAO treasury:

  • MDAO currently has a surplus in the treasury that is earmarked for specific projects and bounties.
  • Bounties - we previously returned the majority (less two claimed bounties) of funding the first round of bounty funds that were unused from Heroes to the treasury. These were intended to be used for ETHD related projects (e.g. a video project that has not been successfully delivered, as well as content creators to supply services to grantee founders/teams that need them). This work is still in progress.
  • Additional funds remain in the treasury because of the second bounty request that was part of the April funding and has not been deployed yet.
  • We will use these funds for specific bounties in the next few weeks - team just met with Heroes this week to clarify next steps.
  • Also there was historically a small amount of funding in the treasury left for unexpected expenses.

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