[Approved + Report] Participation in NamasteyNFT Metaverse Summit (Bangalore, May 14-15)

NamasteyNFT invited us to participate in Bangalore NFT/Metaverse Summit on 14-15 of May

Twitter - https://twitter.com/namasteynft
Discord - NamasteyNFT
this presentation-deck was sent to us also

As far as there are other DAOs based in India, we called Naksh Marketplace, Graffity DAO and NEAR NFT Club as well. For the first time it was decided to explore the event by small expedition group of GoaDAO and Graffity DAO

What GoaDAO is going to bring in case of participation:

  1. Workshops about NEAR NFT-platforms (how to mint NFT on Mintbase, Paras, NakshMarketplace? Uniqart?)

  2. Showing/presenting NEAR Metaverse - NEARHub spaces(rooms).
    after taking permissions from DAOs to let attendants to walk on MarmaJchan’s Virtual Space, MutiDAO amphiteater, INA DAO Gallery, Parasians, AstroDAO Space Station, and others.

  3. and to perform online live stream to NEARHub space - on Tamago Island
    we’ll setup DJ in one place, and show the link(QR if possible) to Tamago on screens of exhibition, and post to social media in advance

  4. NEARdrop - we can create up to 1000 wallets (or maybe more)
    with https://neardrop.io (or any other suggested way) using visit cards that described below

  5. images that designed for flyers(see below) will be minted as NFTs on Mintbase and Paras and will be used for NFTdrop after event to the created wallets as a reminder.

  6. to promote Paras, Mintbase, NEARhub, and other DAOs of NEAR ecosystem
    in social media of attendants and the event inself

so the whole activity is aimed to bring/onboard new members to NEAR [on the way to mass adoption] through
-workshops on NEAR NFT-platforms (educational side),
-metaverse party (entertainment and encouraging side) and
-small NEARdrop and NFTdrop (pleasant gift for memory)
to increase awareness about NEAR platforms and dapps, and its visibility during the event among number of target people

Measuring success:
-number of activated NEAR wallets and NFTdrops
-numbers of stories, tags and mentions of our activities in social media
-number of Tamago metaverse party visitors

Funding details:

  1. NEARdrop (using https://neardrop.io) :
    we print visit cards (1000 pieces) with painted scheme of how to create NEAR wallet on one side, and on another - QR to get 0.2 NEAR to activate it and to mint first NFTs with us on Mintbase or Paras
    . design 50usd
    . print 100usd
    . 0.2N * 1000 = 200usd

  2. Prepare promo for Workshops
    . ppt-presentations about 1) NFT-Marketplaces on NEAR (Paras, Mintbase - first i try to ask it from them directly)
    and 2) GoaDAO as a part of NEAR DAOs Ecosystem - design 100usd
    . flyers with schematic image how to mint NFT there
    2 types*1000 pieces = 2000ps
    design 50usd
    print 200 usd
    . GoaDAO already has banners and stickers from our previous marketing proposal, but it could be printed some more on 20-30usd
    . photo stands 3 - 130usd (design 50+print 40usd+40 stands3ps)
    i.e. banners for making photos or stream dj set or give workshop in front of it (3
    6 feet), to put here logos of NEAR, NEARHub, Mintbase, Paras, GoaDAO etc.

  3. NEARHub presentation through organizing live stream party to Tamago

  • DJset 100usd
  • setup 100usd
    we bring our DJ who will play set in front of the banner/photo stand with logos
  1. Team work
    2 managing curators=workshops performers, 1 social media content producing person, 1 DJ, 3 equipment/setup/logistic helpers who are members of GoaDAO so during workshops they could also help people to mint NFT on Mintbase or Paras, as well as to connect to Tamago party.
    . travel and stay expenses 600usd
    . work on preparation and holding event:
    7 people 50usd/day 700usd
    managing the project 200usd
    unexpected expenses 100usd

total: 2700 usd
target wallet: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Graffiti DAO part

Graffiti DAO Like to Participate in the Namstey NFT event, As Our NFTs and Project are new, Also People Around the world going to join, We are going to Showcase Our NFTs Graffiti and Design and Sell Through NEAR Mintbase.

We also Going to Onboard Indian Graffiti artists for the event So they can Also Promote Our DAO in India and WorldWIde Globally.

Expecting NEAR WALLETS around more than 1,000 (neardrop with GoaDAO) + Free NFTs (FROM PARAS)
Getting More Exposure in Graffiti ART in India Too After Nigeria and Italy.
Onboarding Graffiti Artist for Graffiti DAO
Connecting More Projects and Influencers to Collab and Connect them With Near

We are Requesting Some Funds From Marketing DAO Council for this Event.
Poster Design 50x = 100
Invitation Design to Join the DAO 500x = 300
Travelling + Stay Expense + Food = 300
Banners 3x =200
Also Managing the Project =100

total = $1000
target wallet: graffiti.sputnik-dao.near

TOTAL BUDGET of proposal = 3700 usd



@marketingdao-council Whats Your Thoughts in these Proposal .

In India Events of NFTs are rare Happen , So that’s Why I think we can get lots more Exposure here :rocket:

Happy to support your proposal. Have a great day.


The expected outreach of the event with 8K-10K participants as mentioned on the website is a good number to connect with.

I have one question, as a representative of NEAR NFT Club

To promote the mentioned things on the proposal do you guys have already Collaborated/Sponsored with/to the Namastey NFT Team?

For more visibility I am tagging some of the Indian based community managers/founders to review and connect with you guys.


thank you for your reply @naveen_in :pray:
no, we have never collaborated before
that’s why it’s testing visit to get to know the Team and the event, and that’s why we don’t plan to make 8-10k near drop :blush:

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Thank you for letting me know about this. This definitely looks like a great opportunity for UniqArt to expand and gain more traction in India. Would love to know how I can contribute to this :slight_smile: @johanga


Firstly We Thought To Collab with as Title Sponsor and own Workshop , But Because of Delay in Time and information , We thoughts Let try with first event as just Individual , DAO and Project

Also We Created the Group to discuss on These Event .

great to hear from you @semwal ! seems like was talking not to you in uniqart Twitter :blush:
i suppose the contribution could be same way - through giving workshop about Uniqart platform and about your collab with Apollo42 and future plans and to give an opportunity to participate in earlier stages (or what can you provide that people will remember)
also can share with you contacts of NamasteyNFT Team members in case you feel it’s better to get n touch directly


Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed proposal. I’m happy to support this. Looking forward to the Report after the event so we can measure success and draw lessons for future, similar events.



appreciate everyones support
in collaboration with more DAOs i feel we can bring more value as to NEAR ecosystem , as well as to the event

would be amazing if someone could guide us about how to take the whole list of QR-codes from neardrop campaigns :blush: :pray: can’t reach NEARDROP team by social media links

as far as the event is coming quite soon, and we wish to provide high quality of preparation, i’d ask to help with proceeding the proposal without big delays, so we can be in time with everything.
thank you @marketingdao-council

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Well-written proposal. You’ve got my support.


Sounds great. Let me get in touch with you :slight_smile:

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You have the support of the majority of the MarketingDAO council so I am moving this to approved. You can post on Astro – please include the funding request amount and currency you are requesting funds in your Astro poll. Thanks!


hello ! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Hey, @naveen_in, Thank you for tagging in :slight_smile:

We had an excellent talk with Ashwathy Menon, part of the Namastey NFT Team. After the long discussions, we understood that we would need a booth or a stall under the event’s sponsorship category to carry out the activities mentioned above.

@johanga & @Albhion mentioned that it as a free event to attend. But the Namastey NFT team has agreed to provide a free stall/booth in exchange for any creatives activities, such as helping the visitors experience VR/AR Metaverse. But this is considered volunteer work & we cannot officially endorse NEAR Protocol.

Based on the registration data from Namastey NFT, the expected number of people to turnout for the event is 6K to 10K. Hence we firmly believe that the event provides us with a huge opportunity to tap & build the NEAR community activation in India & we should consider sponsoring the event under express sponsorship.
We want to add another $4500 for the original post above to include the express sponsorship fees & KalakendraDAO budget as well.

$2500 - Express Sponsorship
$500 - KalakendraDAO Presence ( Banners, Posters)
$1000 - Near Drop for the Event
$500 - Travel and Stay two members for 2 Days.

Tagging @marketingdao-council , To make a quick decision on this.

Please, Find the Attached for your reference.



Hey @Monish016 , Is express Sponsorship is for the One project Show at a time or We can Add more Project there like Graffiti, Naksh, Goa Dao , Uniqart project

Can you Clarify on these Also, We can Have one meeting with Aswathy Regarding this .


Actually, I requested to have as a near protocol , where we can have various events planned throughout the event for 2 days within our dao, this can help us in collaboration as well


Good day, support it.