[Closed] HACKAHOLIC | Hacker House in Chennai

DAO : Kalakendra DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project: Hacker house in Chennai

Council : @Monish016 @gurubaran @Yuvasri @kalakendradao


HACKAHOLIC - Hacker house in Chennai

The Kalakendra DAO plans to conduct a three-day offline hackathon event focused on onboarding, Educating & Social good on NEAR and Aurora.


It has been almost ten months since KalakendraDAO started with a Mission to educate and Onboard web2 artists into web3 space. We actively educated and onboarded various communities in India and spread web3 NEAR ecosystem-wide India.

But after attending various events like Namastey NFT - Bangalore & Web3Conf GOA and speaking with several blockchains, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, industry experts, and DAO leaders on NEAR and other chains, we had to change our DAO mission to become sustainable strategically.

As a result, we are no longer solely focused on onboarding artists and have begun to seek other WEB3 engineers, enthusiasts, and designers to join our community.

Subsequently, KalakendraDAO is a community Leveraging communities to help each other build sustainable and socially good web3 projects focusing more on onboarding and educating as core verticles.

KalakendraDAO has more than 10+ devs skilled in Rust, Solidity, Javascript, Substrate, Frontend, Backend, DevOps Etc. Also, we have 150+ Active Web3 Community groups on Whatsapp.

KKD Dev side of Progress.

  1. NEP 819 - In association with MarmaJ Foundation, KKD collaborated in writing the Implementation Part of NEP 819 Burn NFTs standard.
  2. EasyDeploy - AWS Edition - KKD after participating in stakewars 3 and bagging some allocation ( Not much). We decided to create a few click node deployment Automations on AWS., an OS code in our KKD Repo. Further updates to GCP and physical machine with Stats & monitoring is a work in Progress by our DevOps.
  3. Nftickt.io - we are happy to announce we are working on the NFT Ticketing Platform on the NEAR and Celo chain. Which primarily uses NEP 819 Standard. (Testing during October)
  4. Art horizon - A curated NFT service Project from IncubadoraDAO. KKD Devs are working to pull this off.
  5. Lockeroom.io - We are Building an Adult-Based NFT Marketplace in the Near protocol that facilitates the sale and gives access to adult-themed virtual assets, such as digital art, videos, and photos through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
  6. MarmaJ X PD : KKD Devs community is collaborating on PixelDapps Project, transitioning from Assembly Script to Javascript and Rust to comply with NEP Standards and making it Opensource KKD Devs are taking backend hosting of the project.
  7. Leapers Utopia is a top-down shooter game in Pixel that will soon be part of the PixelDapps Ecosystem. KKD - Gamifi will be used for Developing Gaming Projects on NEAR and Aurora.

All these products are community-led and community-owned open source projects.

KKD DAO side of Progress.

  1. As mentioned, KKD is Also Part of the MarmaJ Foundation, supporting MarmaJ to leverage Social Good Projects.
  2. KKD Gamefi is also part of MarmaJ Gamefi DAO, Will be Supporting MJF X PD Through out DAO.
  3. Soon, $MarmaJ <-> $KKD LP will be added on to Ref to support and levrage KKD Community.


As we continue to grow linearly in web3 space in NEAR, therefore we wanted to undertake this Hacker House to support our long-term mission. Since we also have a clear objective and direction, we intend to build a more decentralized web3 devs community in India through KalakendraDAO.


KalakendraDAO plans to hold this HACKAHOLIC event in Chennai in November 2022. This event’s primary goals are to grow the KalakendraDAO DEV community we already have, Hack towards the theme of Education, Onboarding, and Social good and incubate the most significant projects through the Kalakendra community in the NEAR and Aurora ecosystem.

This unique event will provide

  • Attendees with informative, educational programming about NEAR and Aurora, ample time to work on projects, and guidance from co-programmers.

  • Furthermore, there will be numerous benefits to meeting new people, finding project team members, or joining an existing team. The event will conclude with a demo day, during which attendees will have the opportunity to present their projects.

  • The Hacker House will provide a safe and supportive environment for new developers to learn and grow.

  • WEB2 developers get to know about WEB3 space and collaborate with WEB3 experts.


By conducting a Hacker House, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Onboard more than 30+ new developers to the KalakendraDAO community.

  • Generate at least ten social media posts tagging KalakendraDAO and NEAR. This will create more awareness about our DAO and help us gain traction.

  • Provide Open-Source Code Resources for those building on NEAR and Aurora.

  • Invite and collaborate with students from different universities.

We believe this will be a great way to get more people involved in our project and work towards our shared goal of building a better future for everyone.


The location will be decided soon.

AGENDA for the upcoming event is as follows:

Day 1

  • Introduction: Talk about WEB3, NEAR Protocol, and Aurora by Experts and influencers.
  • Creation of NEAR Wallets.
  • Hackathon Kick Start.

Day 2

  • Ideal fillers - Workshop, Panels + Speakers promoting NEAR protocol and Aurora in WEB3 space.
  • Hacking towards our mission.

Day 3

  • Awards and Closing Ceremony.

Expected participants:

IRL: Minimum 50 - Maximum 100

First Place will Receive 1500$

Second Prize 1000$

Third Prize 500$

NEAR & Aurora tokens will be awarded as prizes.

Approximate Budget required for a 3-day hacker house

Content + Workshops 1K Will include curated + original content
Venue 4K Payment of use of the place, Rental of furniture, Rental of projection equipment, Security personnel, COVID precautions.
Speaker + Panel 2K Judging projects, Talks on NEAR and Aurora.
Operations 1.5K Planning, Mobilizing things, Execution. 500$ x 3 people.
Food and Travel 4K Food and Refreshment drinks for all participants and organizers, Travel allowance for members.
Prize 3K Prizes for Hackathon winners
MISC 1K Indian Tax, Merch, Cushion funding.
Total 16.5K Final cost required for the event.

Similar Funding Request more than 10K Cap

Thanking You in Advance.

Cc. @marketingdao-council


Hello. Events and education categories are still on pause. So, could you please re-apply later? Thank you very much!