[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Hii, klaynramos.near!

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Thank you for the tag.
I will have the V3 approved asap.

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my wallet is trucebeats.near. i will share again on my original post

Good day Near Community

I’m Quiapogi a digital and traditional artist from the Philippines. I am one of the new elected council of Filipino Artist Guild, the role assigned to me was the management of Filipino Artist Guild twitter account. I was assigned to that role because I’ve been supporting our members and even international creators on twitter by retweeting or promoting their works.

Now we came up with many activities that will be happening one of this day on both telegram, discord and twitter to make our community active and also support them.

I’ve been in NEAR for 4 months now, my major accomplishments so far was being the Artist Of The Month for April and this one being elected as councils.

Here’s my SNS and Near wallet:

• Twitter | https://twitter.com/quiapogi_art?t=_7fPvJXHN67s9CC7FQXt9A&s=09

• Instagram | Login • Instagram

• Discord | quiapogi.near #7655

• Telegram | @quiapogi_near

• Near wallet | quiapogi.near

I was just elected few days ago and added to Astro last night so I just have a total of 6 vote casted


Yeah you’re correct fam… thanks

HiI! The report for the judas party was done by @Mencore - if I remember right. I’ll ask her to submit somewhere. In my rememberance we checked in all the people via NFT ticket, they got drinks via nft burning and it was a full success.

here is the report in a comment to that post:

For the NFC conference:

here are the comments with report. The money was reimbursed!

sending the money back:

Hope that cleared up your questions, @Dacha :slight_smile:

Hi Fritz, yes that’s my correct wallet. But what do you mean by “using” it? I mean, using it for what? Thanks

Hello @Dacha, I believe all the reports were already done on time, normally our team doesn’t fail on that :slight_smile:
Anyway will leave here some links to videos, photos, articles, and Instagram posts about those two events:

Judas goes crypto event videos:

Judas goes crypto event articles:

Judas goes crypto event photos:

Non Fungible Conference Videos:


Thank you, hope this additional info helps the reports @marianeu already mentioned.


Added here all the members who shared their wallet address on their presentations


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@FritzWorm can you update this please or remove it? As i mentioned on our our TG chat we were funded in May again with substantial delay on the 29th…Our Launch was 6 days later and a day before this post…i was illl in bed because of the amount of work it was so didn’t not get to create the DAO yet…and i did 7 days after funding…i should also point out that it is slightly against community etiquette to point fingers on the forum. As a “leader” you should approach people with sensitivity, tact and privately to address concerns before you point to them on a public forum . Thank you!


I am sorry if this approach hits sensitivity points, it was done with positive speach with a call to action. Right now for example I also could say that the “leader” calling is harsh, thus lack of sensibility from your side with the hard work I have been doing for the good of the Creatives. Let’s be open to take always the best from the information and improve.

I am glad you are using a DAO tooling now,

The post was a review so it is about the past, many others as you had improve thanks to this review,

for example NOMADELABEL DAO number of members is huge now, but as I am saying, it will take more resources to update everything, maybe someone can take the ownership of doing the next decentralization review.

I will do add new info this time, but is beyond the scope or the goals I set for this review, that was to call the community together to reach, look the status, improve, meet and then use the information for the creation of the Creatives DAO tooling v3.

Big hug and


“Hard work” does not justify attacking people publicly. We all work hard and you are not an exception with a special aggressivity allowance.
You can try wrap that under however many “hugs” and “partners” you want to it will still be aggression. It actually looks even more horrible wrapped in “hugs”. I’m not even going to quote what you’ve written in our community chat that day and that will be my gesture of kindness to you today. I truly hope you don’t have any ambition to run for public office.

For the record i don’t think you’ve improved anything, you’ve just upset and wasted the precious time of a lot of people here. Certifying creativity was probably one of the biggest disasters i heard in human history. How do you think the art world is going to react to a corporate financier/web3 developer with a diplomatic disability trying to certify creation? I already know the answer because i know them and i heard them…they are not coming here to spend their millions on anyone’s artwork here…partly because of you and your unhinged behaviour.

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I do try always to be open, inclusive, and positive, so I give all the feedback in the best way I can and I am really sorry you are feeling this way, this is an open space so your feedback is appreciated.

I will try to explain myself better.

My intention is to help Creatives DAO to improve because we have a lot of feedback from outside:

  1. NF expects reports, legal wrapper and grant proposal and that the funding can stop at any time @mecsbecs said that to the @creativesdao-council

  2. Someone has to take ownership of the decision being made. Outsiders are under the impression that there’s been a lot of things being approved passively

  3. DAOs approve proposals without any critical thinking in assessing proposals, and much is approved with little questioning.

So, spending $2 million dollars in one year for art creations is something you as an artist and part of the Creatives DAO should appreciate receiving that much help from NF, at the same time I am happy we are building decentralization and this review had the intention of keep improving in decentralization.

This thread was to improve the decentralization and now we have the Creatives DAO V3

You are referring to Near Certified Creatives course here? It is meant to onboard creatives with a standard so every new creative member receives the experience from different senior creatives members and all the tools needed to participate. Many members see the NCC as a positive initiative.

Not hugs, but 100% wish u the best and appreciate your feedback, hope to address some of your concerns.


We are all aware of everything you’ve again repeated above. We can all read believe me. Tone down the aggression and don’t barge into people’s community chat accusing them of things you’ve imagined and assumed. I think you’ve confused the “d” of decentralisation with the “d” of double standards. I can also evidence that too here but i will spare you again. I don’t need you to be reminded of the gratitude i owe to anyone in this world…especially not the Creatives Dao so please refrain from patronising me. We’ve all dedicated countless resources to this, way before you started calling yourself a leader. So now its time for you to be on your best behaviour and leave graciously…may be one day you’ll get a second chance.

Hello, here is Mana Blua, not Moderator at this time, but other member of this community.

heard you’v being very ‘d’-respectful - did i misunderstand something?

I’am very sad to witness this kind of waste of energy on the community.
I’am sorry to tell you my friends, but you are all also a leader, and isnt such a big thing.

Leader on this ecosystem is a responsible human behind an avatar, that has more experience on the web3, and they set the example for the newcomers… All DAO active members are leader, and the are influencer.

Sorry to tell you again, you are setting a bad exemple for practice on forum, and i think i dont need to quote you to show that.

Im not going to say who is right or wrong, but we just have to take care of the basic ground of respect.

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Hello Fritz, indeed I wrote it wrong, sorry! It’s ritapaiva.near
thank you for the correction

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Thanks @blusw for sharing your thoughts here.

Totally disrespectful comment from you @squattingPigeon I don’t know if someone will flag your comment, I rather leave that here for the community to see your true colors.

Instead of focusing on attacking me as a person:

with comments that include threats:

you should be discussing, sharing ideas, and proposing related to the Creatives DAO.

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I rest my case…you are amazing…you’re the most amazingly decentralised people there is…you truly are the masters of decentralisation bravo!
You’re so keen to accuse me of anything that you even see threats in what i’m writing…oh may be that’s something to do with your command of English…and yes my true colors are terrible thank you for showing that to the community…you’ve done this community another masterful favour bravo again: :clap:

Let me just say that I do think that @squattingPigeon reply was made out of anger, and agree we should not need to come to this, but I agree with him that it’s not exactly correct to talk to people in the community like we have been watching.

People can disagree, and I have had my issues with community members (including @squattingPigeon), but using a dubious concept of ‘decentralization’ to attack people seems out of order.

Hope both sides can see the fault in their side/manner/whatever and progress with respect not only with the etiquette, of course, but with the spirit of the Creatives DAO.

(imho decentralization does not mean what is being told it means; decentralization means a political system in which decisions are made locally and respect various contexts. It’s not a word we can throw at projects so we can dismiss them; I am sure we all agree some activities can’t be decentralized; for example I am writer: are you suggesting I should decentralize my writing and ask 10, and then 100, and them 1000 people to write my books for me? Absurd, right? Let’s not use complex concepts lightly, let’s think about them and respect the creative communities that have 100 members, but also those that have 2 or 3 members… Remember folks, we are here to support creative people and on-board them to NEAR and web3, not punish them for our misconceptions about what they should do)


I am lost with this example. Who will ever think of that?

This is about how many members we allow to participate on-chain

One clear way of measure decentralization is by how many on-chain members we have and DAOs, so that’s the review about

Creatives DAO is using the funds from NF, so everyone from the Near Community who cares about NEAR is indeed watching, what is wrong with that?

If someone don’t like the status of the review that doesn’t excuse them from being disrespectful nor aggressive because of anger

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