[Approved] April Launch Event + Promotion / Mintbase x NFTs for Near Nordic

April Launch Event + Promotion / Mintbase NFTs for Near Nordic and Web3 Leaders

Guild Name: Near Nordic

Funding Scheme: One-time

Near Nordic is hosting an in-person launch event and tech talk to inform the community about the exciting potential of building projects on Near Protocol. This event will serve as the launch-pad for Near Nordic, drive new future builders of Near projects, and attract new local partners to join the community.

As a requirement, attendees must sign up through Near Drop to establish wallets. This also allows for attribution to the creation of wallets. After reviewing their sign ups, 200 future attendees will be granted NFTs (created through Mintbase). These NFTs will be required to be presented at the entrance to attend the in-person event.

The NFT invite paired with an in-person event will give the Copenhagen tech community their first look at a practical utility for NFTs paired with a chance to network and engage with people in this space.

This exclusive event will serve as the basis for building up an active community of Web3 leaders in Denmark. This community serves as the talent pool from which to further generate interest in an accelerator, mentorships, and supporting founders that want to build on Near Protocol.

To ensure the right type of people are in attendance, invites will be sent out to handpicked community leaders in Start-ups, Fintech, and C-level management of the move innovative organizations in Denmark.

The purpose of the event is to activate the ecosystem to:

  • Drive new wallet sign ups
  • Create awareness in the ecosystem of Near and its potential in the Nordics
  • Educate the community about the potential of Near and Web3
  • Grow the community in preparation for the Near Nordic Accelerator

As mentioned in the foundational proposal of Near Nordic, the launch event is just part of a 3 phase approach to growing an active Near ecosystem in the Nordics.

The ultimate goal of the launch event is priming the ecosystem for what is to come.

Phase 1) Establish the community [In progress]

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Social media channels
  • Content production
    Timeline: Month 1

Phase 2) Grow the Community

  • Roadmap
  • Create content [SoMe, Video, Blogs, etc]
  • Launch event (This Proposal)
  • PR / Influencer Engagement
  • Run a contest to grow community
  • Local partnerships with Web3 Communities, Organizations, Universities etc
    Timeline: Month 2-3

Phase 3) Accelerate the community

[Partnership with [GrowthSecrets.org] + [KlintCrypto]

  • Establish the Near Nordic Accelerator
  • Form strong ecosystem partnerships (Universities, Corporates, and Investors)
  • Establish Crypto training / Course
  • Apply for Near Grants (Hackathon / Prizes)
  • NearNordics Matchmaking Event
  • Support Web3 Startups from Near Nordic through to receiving venture capital investment.
  • Expansion of Near Nordic hubs to the rest of Scandinavia
    Timeline: Month: 5+

Tentative Date [Pending Approval]:
Thursday, April 21st

Matrikel 1
Højbro Pl. 10, 1200 København

Located In the heart of the city center, this co-working space supports some of the fastest growing tech startups in Denmark.

# of Guests:
Venue capacity to accommodate 200 guests.

Event Schedule:

17:00 - Doors Open / Start - Networking / Refreshments
17:15 - Speaker #1
18:20 - Speaker #2:
18:50 - Speaker #3
19:10 - Concluding remarks
19:15 - Networking / Mixing
23:00 - Wrap-up

Supporting The Event:

Klint is a growth-hacking agency based in Copenhagen servicing clients globally. Since the organization’s inception in 2019, Klint has worked with small, medium, and large organizations in the Business Services, Innovation, and FinTech space.

Over the last year, Klint has transitioned to supporting Crypto projects in the United States and abroad with marketing efforts in the Near ecosystem including Ref Finance and Metapool. With 20+ specialists, working together in Copenhagen, the organization is setting its sights on supporting the rapid development of Web3 projects.

As part of the new partnership with Near Nordic, Klint has launched KlintCrypto. This joint operation serves as a venture builder and accelerator architects paving the way to give Near Nordics community members the best possible chances at launching and funding successful web3 projects based on Near Protocol.

Prior to the pandemic, CEO of Klint, Taylor Ryan ran bi-monthly in person events at a coworking space driving anywhere from 50 - 100 people for each event. Eventually this would earn Taylor a finalist nomination for Eco-System Hero of The Year Award in 2020 (Nordic Startup Awards). Organizing, promoting, and running in-person events is one of the areas that Taylor and his agency excel at.

See Previous Highlight Videos from Previous Events:
Growth Secrets - MarTech Stacks
Growth Secrets - Corporate Innovation
Growth Secrets - SEO
Growth-Hacking Mindset - Morning

*Note these are not launch events and can expect a far larger turn out.

Other local Near projects have expressed interest in attending including NearWeek and SwaggerDAO.

Additional local corporate banking partners have confirmed their interest in attendance upon the approval of this proposal.

Similar Funded Proposals

What impact will this event have for Near in the Scandinavia Ecosystem?

Media Attention: PR
The event is expected to gain significant media attention, in part due to the extensive network, attendees, and experience that Klint has in local, international, and events management.

Additionally, Near Nordic will be the first blockchain-specific accelerator paired with venture builders backed by a growing network of eager web3 investors in Denmark.

The event is expected to generate significant press interest from a novelty angle, especially as Blockchain, Web3, and NFT projects become increasingly relevant to Nordic consumers, startups, investors, and corporate innovators alike.

Demonstrate NFT Utility: NFT Based Invitations (Mintbase)
Invitations will be distributed as NFTs via NEAR wallets and NEAR will be prominently featured throughout the event:

  • A special NFT will be distributed to selected sign-ups for admittance to the event.
  • NEAR logo displayed on all promotional materials.
  • NEAR logo displayed prominently in the event space.

Connections: Forming Partnerships Early
The Near Nordic launch event is a prime opportunity to introduce key stakeholders in the Nordic region to NEAR.

The keynote presentations are meant to expose the need for greater adoption of blockchain solutions across many industries (beyond just finance).

Klint staff will also be on hand to provide assistance with reviewing NFT invitations, taking video and photos for future marketing distribution, and providing information about Near Nordic initiatives.

Building the List Early Adopters
We’re aiming to generate a list of start-ups, ambassadors, and investors to repurpose for the foundations of a Near-focused accelerator. This list will allow us to engage and inform people of upcoming events and ultimately form the start-ups and supports of the first accelerator batch.

New Near Wallets:
As stated earlier, we will require the creation of a wallet to be selected to receive an NFT and attend the event.

Detailed Projects and Budgets:

Event Promotion / Listing - $240
Prior to the event, Klint’s team will create event listings across channels


  • Simplified Event Outline
  • Creation of event on each platform
  • Manual Invite [FB / Linkedin]
  • Design Banner


  • Eventbrite
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Near Nordic’s Website


  • Minimum of 500 invites

10x Social Media Promotion - $350
Promotion of the event on Near Nordic’s Social Media

  • 7x SoMe - Pre-Event SoMe promotion (NEARNORDIC branding)
  • 3x SoMe - Post-Event Promotion
    Each post will be repurposed and adjusted for all channels:
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Facebook (group)
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


  • 50x Social Media Posts

Sponsored Announcement on Community Newsletters - $283
Using existing network newsletters, the event will be promoted via:

  • Distribution / contact
  • Email Copy
  • Send outline + links
  • Following up and management
    Channels [Email]
  • Nordic Community Web3 Newsletter
  • Nordic Community Events Newsletter
  • Nordic Most Popular Start-up Job Board Newsletter
  • Listing on 2 popular nordic events online calendars
    Estimated Deliverables:
  • Event published in 2-4 newsletters
  • Approx 15K impressions
  • 100+ sign ups
  • 50 New Near Wallets

Targeted Email Outreach - $698
Outreach to 500+ leaders and influential VIPs in the Danish ecosystem:

  • Web3 and Fintech communities
  • Founders and talents in the Nordic startup ecosystem
  • Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors
  • University Accelerator Leaders (DTU, ITU, CBS, KEA, CPH Business)
  • C-Level execs from large Danish corporations (including banks that have already expressed great interest in the project).
  • List creation
  • Enrichment
  • Validation
  • Email copy [3x Sequences + hyper-personalization]
  • Sequenced Outbound Emails
  • Management and Reporting
    Estimated Deliverables:
  • 500+ emails sent
  • 100+ Sign ups
  • 100+ near wallets

NFT Minting 200 Event Invites (Mintbase) - $200

  • Design
  • Mintabase


  • Venue rental - $3000
  • Audio / Venue Staffing (required)- $750

Planning Organizers - $877

  • Management of minting process NFT
  • Confirming attendees
  • Promotion planning / execution
  • Meeting with venue event staff
  • Ordering food / beverages
  • Speaker selection and management

Speakers Fees: $750

  • Speaker #1 Crypto Expert / Future of crypto
  • Speaker #2 Blockchain Investor
  • Speaker #3 Web3 Founder
    ($250 per speaker each)

Press Release and Promotion: $949
International release aimed at larger publishers to build trust signals across web and SoMe

Videographer + Editing: $2500
*Collection of video to use the material for future promotion of NearNordics initiatives:

  • 4 Hours on-site video production
  • 8 hours post editing

Estimated Deliverables:
Create Videos to repurpose promotion for future events, Courses, Community contests, Social Media Visuals

  • Teaser / trailer for community (promote future initiatives)
  • Highlight reel of the event (entice people to join the community)
  • Landing page embed on NearNordic

Near Nordic Decorations + Promotions:

  • 2x Rollups (Design / Order): $400
  • 30x T-Shirts Shirts $660
  • 50x Postcards with QR codes: $150

Food and Drinks

  • Beverages - $2600
  • Catering - $1200


  • The launch event will be held Live and in-person on Thursday,Apr 22, 2022
  • Promotion prior to the event through SoMe and Email.
  • To gain entrance, attendees must receive an NFT.
  • Mintbase will be used to create 200 NFTs.
  • Invitations to be sent via Email including a form (supplying the Near Wallet ID).
  • 200+ attendees will be onboarded with NEAR wallets.
  • All email sign ups will be given updates for future events and the accelerator.
  • 3 speakers + Networking.
  • Video production to reuse for further promotion across SoMe.


Ultimately, the goal is to set in motion the relationships to expand the Near Nordic brand and set the foundations of all the initiatives outlined above the the 3 phase approach.

Minimum of 200+ Wallets created by the most influential people in the Start-up and tech ecosystem in Denmark

Build the mailing list and awareness of Near Nordic startup ecosystem by inviting high-value attendees:

  • Investors and VCs,
  • Leadership / Management of existing Nordic communities
  • C-Level execs from Nordic branches of large corporations
  • Selected blockchain start-up founders

Email sign ups:

  • ~500

New Social media followers by 500+ members:

  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Facebook Group


Event Promotion / Listing - $240
10x Social Media Promotion - $350
Sponsored Announcement on Community Newsletters - $283
Targeted Email Outreach - $698
NFT Minting 200 Event Invites (Mintbase) - $200

Venue rental - $3,000
Audio / Venue Staffing (required) - $750
Planning Organizers / Team - $1,177
Speaker Fees - $750
Press Release and Promotion - $949

Videographer + Editing - $2,000
Promotional Materials With Branding
2x Roll Ups + Design - $400
30x T-Shirts + Design - $660
50x Postcards with QR codes - $150

Catering and Drinks
Refreshments - $2,600
Catering and Drinks - $1,200

Total $15,407

Wallet ID: Klint.Near


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Pro-written proposal. Happy to see the success of the event. Great work ser


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THIS is a well thought out and well written proposal that sets the standard for others in the community to follow!

Thank you @Klint for your proposal. I believe it creates a template that could be used to launch other regional NEAR groups in the future.

To give the community an opportunity to learn from your experiences, I see that your are planning to make a video of the launch event. Great idea!

I also look forward to seeing your report and wish you the best success for your project.

More than happy to Approve


Thumbs up from me. Looking forward to seeing this come to life.

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