[Approved] NEAR Reality onboarding seminar

Reality education/onboarding seminar in Africa.

As a part of NEAR x MUSIC guild and one of the creative team called CTRL which was United under NxM and inspired by the democracy and love in the Blockchain community.

As part of my own way to give back to the community and expose the potentials in African traditional and digital creators through onboarding them into the Near ecosystem with their Near wallet address set up and motivated enough to stay consistent in their creative space also help them explore the sweet potentials of using the Near Mintbase from the split revenue,forever royalties,cheap gas and some other features .

In order to achieve this,knowing the environment and how we react to informations I prefer we DEDE UKWU MOVEMENT(DUM) & alteist.com take COVID protocols during this reality onboarding & education seminar to set up a minimum 50 creators and educate & onboard them to the Near blockchain ecosystem as well as minting their piece in Near Mintbase under the Daorecords decentralized network.

Dede Ukwu Movement(DUM) & alteist.com is a platform of Pan-Africanist creators and alteist supporting each other’s dreams and fighting together to make a positive change in Africa and with the front lead of the leaderboard we will spearhead this seminars through the influences of our entertainment & social partners like ZEXMODE MUSIC / JACON GROUP / ALTEIST MAGAZINE / CHOCOLATE CITY / MAVIN RECORDS and other creative space that can help make sure the project is a consistent success.

Planning to kick off this reality onboarding seminar in West Africa ,Nigeria will be the starting point of the ONBOARD 1 MILLION AFRICANS envisioned by DEDEUKWU which will take place in 3 states with high ranking creators (Lagos,Abuja and Abia)of each African country.

The maximum amount for this proposal is 150 NEAR for the 1/3 reality seminar in Nigeria.

Near wallet:


This seminar is scheduled to hold in 2nd week of JUNE and will be covered to be showcased in the local Television channels and Newspapers we partner with here in AFRICA in order to reach out to traditional creators and every website or link related to Near blockchain will be inclusive.

Thanks for the platform



Thanks a lot for your proposal, seems like a great initiative to onboard users!

We suggest that you break down the proposal in several parts, and we can assign partial payment to each, this way you can receive payment as soon as the earlier phases are completed, instead of needing to wait until the whole project is finished to get paid.

You can divide it in the way it makes more sense for you. As a suggestion, some events in the past have proposed deliverables like the following:

  • Kickstart: a blog post outlining the project details and aimed at your public
  • Promotion: materials like posters, banners, social media posts, website, etc…
  • Documentation: photos, videos, interviews, etc. formatted as another blog post or published in the project website, including metrics achieved.

We suggest dividing the activities in 3 phases, but you can divide in more if it makes sense for your project.

You should then suggest an appropriate payment for each phase, for example:

Phase 1 - 25 NEAR
Phase 2 - 50 NEAR
Phase 3 - 75 NEAR

We will be waiting for you project breakdown so we can then approve it and give you instructions for submitting payouts.


Thank you Lenara for the idea,if i understand what you mean these are the steps to take first in order to achieve this goal;Firstly,we have LAGOS,ABUJA and ABIA STATE.

Basically,this activities breakdown is same with the remaining states in West Africa,Nigeria.We plan to use our website alteist.com and the @NxMLIVE instagram handle for the blog related documentations like the pictures,videos and interviews and other related articles we get during the activity.


Hi @Dedeukwu

We love your website and are looking forward to your project!

For the first onboarding seminar in Lagos, we suggest the following workflow:

Phase 1 deliverable:

  • Blog post outlining the project details and aimed at your public
    After you complete this deliverable and post the link here, you can submit a payout to the DAO for 50 NEAR. You can use this to pay your venue for example.

Phase 2 deliverable:

  • Promotional materials like posters, banners, social media posts, website, etc
    After you complete this deliverable and post the link here, you can submit another payout for 50 NEAR. You can use this to pay your staff bounties for example.

Phase 3 deliverable:

  • Event documentation including photos, videos, interviews, etc. formatted as another blog post or published in the project website, including metrics achieved.
    After you complete this deliverable and post the link here, you can submit a third payout for 50 NEAR. You can use this to pay the team and any other services you choose.

Nicee,I’m on it just give me some time.


@Dedeukwu this is amazing, I live in Lagos Nigeria, am an architect and also in the music industry and I thing this is an amazing proposal, I would like to follow up and be part of this.


Sure ,let’s connect brother just hit me up in the NxM Telegram coz I’m actually working on the article with few here in Lagos and underground onboarding newbies in my Discord before blogging.


Hello @lenara,i’m just curious to know if something can be done on the amount i requested for NEAR ONBOARDING SEMINAR IN AFRICA considering the NEAR rate currently i can’t successfully carry out the project with the proposed amount and I’m ready to publish the blog post and start the first edition here in Lagos this month…Pls advice me on what to do.


Hi @Dedeukwu I brought your request to our last internal meeting, and we agreed it’s OK to adjust the budget in NEAR.

Please let us know what would be a good amount, would 100 NEAR instead of 50 NEAR for each of the 3 phases work?


Great…I have SAT.24th July in mind for the first edition here in Lagos state and from my team’s budget we request for 200 NEAR to get things done from the location,Website and team welfare

Payout wallet: dedeukwu.near
200 NEAR

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I am talking with the team and will get back to you. :+1:

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We approved doubling the amount of NEAR tokens for each phase of your project.

As soon as you finish the deliverables for phase 1 and 2 (blog post, plus promotional materials) and post them here, we can give you the green light to submit a payout of 200 NEAR.

It’s up to you how fast you want to do this. Just bear in mind that it can take a few days between the payout proposal is submitted and the council votes for it to pass.

From our point of view, we think you will have more time to plan and promote if you do the event at a later date than the one you suggested.

We want to help your event be successful and onboard a significant group of people to Mintbase and NEAR.

Some of the metrics you can give us after the event for phase 3 and your last payout are:

  • how many people attended
  • how many people opened NEAR wallets
  • how many people minted NFTs on a Mintbase store
  • total number of blockchain transactions generated during your event

Beside the numbers we are also very curious and happy to get feedback in the form of testimonies, for example short video interviews from attendants.

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Okay cool @lenara i’ve discussed this over with my team and we will shift the date to 31st July also will provide all the details you mentioned so now I can go ahead to publish the blog post ,artworks and book the location first while the vote is ongoing for payout.

Sounds great!

Please send the link to the blog post when you have it. Looking forward!

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Hey @lenara this is the link to the published article and we hope to get the 200 NEAR payout to book locations,pay the team and other arrangements for next week SATURDAY 31st July LAGOS EDITION and i would like to mint all the contents we get in the C1 guild mintbase store if that’s okay…

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Hi @Dedeukwu yes you can add minters and/or set up royalties and payouts to the people you onboard to a store of your choice on Mintbase.

I checked the article and would be good to add links to the tools mentioned, Mintbase, Createbase, NEAR wallet.

Also: Please make sure Mintbase is spelled correctly, I noticed a few wrong spellings.

Here some links you can use:

Mintbase website: www.mintbase.io
Createbase website: www.createbase.community
NEAR wallet: wallet.near.org
Mintbase telegram channel: t.me/Mintbase
Mintbase twitter: twitter.com/mintbase
Createbase twitter: twitter.com/createbase1
Mintbase instagram: www.instagram.com/mintbase_/

Please make sure to tag Createbase and Mintbase when you promote your event!

For the blog post you can submit a payout of 100 NEAR to the Createbase DAO as soon as the spelling is fixed and links are added :pray:

Your next deliverable for phase 2 of the project and another 100 NEAR is:

  • Promotional materials like posters, banners, social media posts, website, etc

Looking forward!

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Sure to tag them all,thank you @lenara i’ve made the corrections and attached the links.so I’ll now submit for payout in the SputnikDAO.

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Thanks for the corrections and for submitting the payout, the council will be voting soon :pray:

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Hey fam @lenara we have received the payout of 100 N which covers ALTEIST.COM / RED CARPET FLEX / GRAPHICS / REFRESHMENT / VIDEOGRAPHER from the SputnikDAO for the NEAR ONBOARDING REALITY SEMINAR phase 1 (LAGOS EDITION), and to buy the team time for promotions of the flex,social media,website article ect we decided to reschedule to SUNDAY 8th AUGUST so I will upload the promotional links and banner flex here for the vote on the 2nd payout of 100 NEAR which will enable us book the event location here in Lekki,Lagos state….thank you

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Happy to see the event taking shape!

Please keep us posted and feel free to reschedule in order to provide you with enough time to promote and organize, as those are very important for any event’s success :pray:

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