Createbase Guild - Monthly Report - July + August 2021

Project Name: Createbase Guild

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: Current DAO balance (31.08.2021) - 1441.67 NEAR


Updated Project Timeline:

In the last two months Createbase has continued to deliver on its mission: onboarding creators to NEAR and Mintbase, researching new use cases, technologies, tools and services, organizing events in VR and IRL highlighting NFTs, promoting online community calls as a platform for information, networking and discussion, producing tutorials and other video content, funding bounties to foster community growth, and providing support on NEAR and Mintbase forums and social channels.


  • 55 proposals approved and funded through the DAO
  • 8 Open Bounties
  • 3 new guides produced
  • 2 Hackathon challenges
  • 2 VR events (art tours, artist talks, DJ sets, parties, art exhibitions)
  • 4 Real world events
    • Wildeverse (Wilde Möhren Festival)
    • 2 Installation & Performances
    • 3 Presentations
    • 10 Workshops
    • 4 Artist Talks
    • Several Live DJ sets
  • 1 Community call
  • 5 AMA sessions
  • Social channel numbers:
    • Createbase Twitter: 1078 followers
    • Createbase Telegram group: 612 members
    • Createbase Youtube channel: 82 subscribers

DAO activity:

In the months of July and August 2021, 67 proposals were submitted to the Createbase DAO. We had a few expired proposals as the council was undergoing change, but the great majority of proposals were approved on time. A few proposals contained errors and had to be resubmitted or were duplicate. Overall we feel the community is getting well skilled in submitting DAO proposals correctly.

Real World Events:

In July and August Createbase put a lot of resources into the experiment at the Wilde Möhren Festival, with lectures, workshops and other NFT onboarding activities. It spanned over 4 editions with 4 days of activities each:

Wildeverse (Wilde Möhren Festival):

Mintbase, NEAR and Createbase collaborated on a pioneering experiment at the Wilde Möhren festival in Brandenburg, Germany. A mixed-reality metaverse was designed and built specifically for the festival, joining virtual and physical locations and experiences at Somnium Space and on site at the festival location. During the four weekends of the festival, several online and real-life events were organized, including online NFT art tours and artist talks, workshops, presentations, group paintings, and collaborative NFT minting. Guests were introduced to blockchain and NFTs by staff, artists and community members from Mintbase, NEAR and Createbase. For the first time ever (as far as we know), festival guests could buy a “beer NFT” and redeem it for a real ice-cold beer at the festival. Over 100 NEAR wallets were created, a community of over 7000 members was formed on Twitter (@Wildeverse1) and many lessons were learned about onboarding new users to crypto and NFTs. You can read more about it here:

VR Events:

The first weeks of July featured more Wildeverse art tours, with 2 events in our Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels parcels.

All together the Wildeverse VR events featured 26 artist talks and 9 music and performance sets (4 of this series of 6 events happened in June)

We also launched a collection of cryptovoxels wearables, to be given as thank you to the event attendants.

METABUIDL hackathon:

Createbase is sponsoring 2 challenges for the hackathon:

Articles and guides:

We continued with our guide writing bounty: ([Bounty] Creating Createbase Guides - 25 NEAR) which is generating excellent guides. Besides written articles, we are also opening it up for video guides, as well as translations of existing guides to other languages, in order to reach non-english-speaking communities.

Community submitted projects (highlights):

Below a few highlighted projects which are currently in different stages of completion:

Community Calls and AMA sessions:

We hosted one community call on Airmeet and 5 NFT AMA sessions on Discord, presenting news about Mintbase features and community projects, and providing a space for networking and answering questions by the community.


In August we started #CreatebaseThursday, with the goal of concentrating all main Createbase activities and events on Thursday (AMAs, Community Calls, Minter’s Highlights, VR Events on Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space, NFT giveaways, etc) in order to simplify community awareness and participation. The first activities included an AMA, a week-long NFT giveaway celebrating 1000 Twitter followers, and 04 minters’ highlights on Twitter. Moving forward, the goal is to schedule all important community-focused activities and events on Thursday.

Community Management:

Apart from the Createbase facilitators, we continue to have bounties for community members to help manage our communication channels, like Reddit and WeChat, as well as our website updates.


We submitted our learnings as a separate post available here:

Next Steps:

The next steps are included in our separate metrics post here under the subtitle: 4. Future Outlook: