[Approved] Onboarding & Workshop during NFT BCN -> ONBOARDING DAO part only

The original proposal for this workshop, plus discussion/comments can be found here:

The discussion led to the creation of two separate posts (this being one of them), since it’s been decided that two DAOs will fund different parts of the proposal.

The part to be funded by Onboarding DAO is:

  • neardrops for wallet creation and buying from each other: 0.5 N per person (max 30 attendants) = 15 N
  • developing of didactic materials: 200 USD (the materials will become open source and available for the community to reuse in the future)
  • printing of didactic materials and paper wallets: 30 USD
  • developing and managing of POAP / certificate of attendance NFTs for all participants: 100 USD

Total: 500 USD (330 USD + 15 N)


Hello @lenara,
Great. I think you can create a proposal on AstroDao and post the link here.


Thank! Proposal created on AstroDAO:


As majority of the onboarding dao councils agree on this proposal, We would move this to approved here.


We have the paper wallets ready.

Will also publish as an editable PDF in English and Spanish with open source license. Link soon.


Thanks for the update :wink:

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Hello Hello =) I am looking for the report, is done?

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The event is on June 1st, I will send the report after that :+1:

Was also going to ask… in the days since I submitted the proposal until it was approved by the council, the price on NEAR changed a lot. It was around 10 USD and dropped to half of that…

I remember some guidelines to have the amount updated, how can I apply for that?


Hello, I dont remember about any guideline regarding it, we will change the NEAR into DAI on our next iteration to avoid this issues.

Wish the best for your event, and thank u for your efforts. Big hug.


This is very nice! You can share the PNG design so we can use it on other onboarding events?


I will share an editable PDF in English and in Spanish.

Similar to what I did for Ethereum wallet a while ago here:

I can also release as PNG, why not, more options the better :slight_smile:


The templates in English and Spanish for the NEAR paper wallet are available for download here:

The #creatives:mintbase community has offered to do more translations, I will add to this web page as they become ready.

The didactic materials are available on GitBook and include a PDF version.

For now in Spanish:

(English version will come soon)

The POAP / certificate of attendance were distributed, here are the campaign stats:

Some photos from the workshop:


Thank you @lenara .
It would be great if you can share your experience (for us and other organizators) and the report about this event.

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Hi @mr_free and @FritzWorm

Here a more detailed report with tips and learnings from the experience:

  • The workshop was scheduled for 3 hours in total, and this proved adequate to cover the content we had proposed, including introduction, demonstrations, practical exercises, questions and one on one tutoring. Roughly the time used was: introductory concepts: 30 minutes, demonstrations: 30 minutes, practical exercises: 60 minutes, questions and tutoring: 60 minutes

  • Everyone was able to create their wallets, receive, mint, list and buy NFTs. The feedback was positive and this was their first NFT for many of them (some had already created NFTs on other chains before).

Some feedback we collected regarding different parts of the activities:

  • wallet creation: was very easy and the paper wallet instructions helped participants follow the flow without much help from the instructor. One person asked to create a second wallet. They seemed to be confused because in a previous workshop they attended (focusing on another blockchain) they were instructed to create burner wallets and didn’t realize in this workshop they would be creating a wallet meant to be used for real, so they at first didn’t choose a NEAR name they wanted to keep.

  • receiving NFTs: for the certificate of attendance NFTs we used a Satori campaign of type “event”. In this mode people have to scan a QR code and then input an authentication link that changes every few seconds. This proved to be quite fast and some people had to input it several times until they were able to claim it. It worked well in the end, but in the future for new audiences it might be better to have just a link without the extra security of adding a code. This was the first NFT they ever received for many of them.

  • registering on Mintbase: everyone could be easily added as minters as they created their wallets, but because of an unknown error on Mintbase, they were not able to fill their profiles with picture, name and email. This affected a bit the flow later as they did not receive notifications when people bought or made offers to their NFTs. We instructed them to fill the profile later and reported the problem to Mintbase so they could check and fix it.

  • minting: minting worked well for people who had static images, but again due to a problem with Mintbase, the interface was not accepting movies. As a workaround some created GIFs or static images for their NFTs and were instructed to try later when hopefully this problem would be fixed. They were all very pleased with their NFTs, and were instructed to create multiple editions, and to list some for very affordable prices (0.1 or 0.2 NEAR) so they could buy from each other.

  • buying: since the NFTs were all created in a single Mintbase contract, it was easy and convenient to see them all together and browse through them. Most people listed between 3-10 editions and many became “sold out”. They then listed more editions for a slightly higher price, and appreciated this possibility and strategy of offering discounts for “early supporter” collectors while keeping the option of charging more as their editions sell.

  • we believe this step of buying from each other is extremely important and should not be regarded as “optional” or “unnecessary”. First, it makes the whole experience more “real” - they can experience collecting and selling, which are both very rewarding activities. Besides, it models the behaviour of creators supporting each other, which is associated with greater success in the space. It therefore also leads to more future engagement in the ecosystem and a better return from the time and funds invested in workshop activities.

  • metaverse: the experience of being part of a virtual exhibition was received very enthusiastically, as the metaverse is often associated with NFTs and blockchain, and we think this can also help motivate further engagement. We are planning a tour of the virtual exhibition soon, here’s the invitation: (it will also be recorded for those who can’t make it live)

The materials created for the activity - paper wallet and booklet with instructions - were published as templates that can be used by the community. Here are the links:

Some photos were posted on a previous comment, and here are a couple more:

It was a very positive experience, we thank you again for the support from Onboarding DAO.

**One downside of the funding process for this activity we should mention, was that between the time the payout proposal was submitted until it was approved, the price of NEAR fluctuated quite a lot, from 10 USD to roughly half that, so the funds received were only 250 USD instead of the 500 USD approved. If the Onboarding DAO would be willing to follow these Community funding guidelines (described in section “Phase 3” of linked post) and allow for an additional payout to compensate for such exceptional cases, we would be very grateful.


Great work @lenara!
Thanks for the event, contribution and prints!
It would be great if you can clarify the report about how funds were used and how many wallets (with proofs, I think you can get them from linkdrops) were created.

About the compensation: Sorry, I can’t provide a clear answer and instructions (maybe Fritz could explain more). DAO didn’t get compensation from NF and we can’t compensate you. Our treasury/funds (in equivalent to USD) was drop down too.

Thanks again for the support! @mr_free @FritzWorm

During the event 16 wallets were created. All the links were printed as QR-enabled paper wallets and the remaining unused links were given to the festival organizers who will use them to onboard local artists. I told them I will leave the links active for at least 3 months.

The rest of the funds were used according to the proposal items in the first post in this thread.

All materials are now released as open source (see links in my previous comments in this thread) and can be reused by the community for future events. Please direct them to the links, or feel free to publish them on your other platforms, just make sure to keep the creative commons licence and attribution.

About the compensation: this is for a very specific situation that happens when the prices drops between the time a proposal is submitted and the DAO votes the payout.

If the price drops after the payout is approved, then naturally there is no compensation needed, but this was not my case. I ask you to look carefully because my situation falls in this very specific scenario, and there is an official guideline for such:

In my case the proposal was submitted when the price was 10 USD:

In the few days it took for the council to vote and approve the proposal, the NEAR price dropped to 6.13 USD, so when I received it was equivalent to only 306 USD:

So if you would agree in following the official guidelines I would submit another proposal for 194 USD.

Thanks so much again for the consideration :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello @lenara ,

Thanks for your answer.

Sorry, I understand you and I support you personally. But I don’t know to do it correctly.
Maybe @FritzWorm can answer how to do it. Or could she use the rest of 15N (6.5N used 8.5N (9.5N on screen)) as compensation?! What do you think @FritzWorm ?

Also, the budget was 330$+15N, you got 306$. So the difference 24$+15N, right? it’s 8N+15N or 24$+ 50$ ~75$


We are not receiving compensations from Near price drop from Creatives DAO so we cant assure compensations.

Knowing this. I do support to make an exception here if we have the fundings for that. :white_check_mark:

@lenara @mr_free @zubairansari07


thanks @FritzWorm and @mr_free

The budget was:

I got 50 NEAR:


The part in NEAR is fine, no adjustment needed.

For the part denominated in USD: I submitted the payout proposal calculating 35 N for this, since the price was then around 10 USD. By the time the funds arrived at my account a few days later the price was 6.13 USD, making it equivalent to 214.55 USD.

So to complete the budget requested in USD of 330 USD, it would be great to get an additional 115.45 USD

Please double check if that’s ok and let me know if I can make a proposal.


Sorry, Fritz has answered the message above. :confused:
I understand you, and I support you personally.