Hello NEAR fam! :smile: How are you doing? I hope you are having a very nice day

I’m creating this topic to announce that I will be opening a new community within NEAR, which will be Near Perú. We officially open the NEAR Telegram (here) and the channel of Perú on Near Hispano Discord (here)

The main idea is to promote the use and understanding of the Near protocol. Also, educate, support and promote more software developers to join in collaborating with the Near protocol and creating new products.

Our Peruvian community :peru: has been working with the ecosystem for a few years where we have been collaborating on different initiatives.

  • Rosa Maria Orellana (cryptochix.near)
  • Dennis Vivas Zelada (d3nn1svz.near)
  • Walquer Valles (wxvr.near)
  • Sebastián Gomez (semigoso.near)
  • Julia Gonzales (juliaigz.near)
  • Marilyn (marilynmeritocracy.near)
  • Cesar (inicio.near)
  • Sergio Aguilar (seed.near)
  • Erick Fiestas (3rick.near)

Thanks again to the whole NEAR community and thanks @FritzWorm for your constant work in growing this movement even further!

Near Peru Telegram is LIVE! Hope to see you there hare


Lovely :heart_eyes: I am happy to see more community growth on LATAM.

All my support, U know it ! Also that you build your own dev team with NCD certifications already I am sure you will help further growing the ecosystem.

I will tag here the Guilds team and Forum.

Next step you can propose to the community to receive funding for your guild activities.

@David_NEAR chief hope everything is going great, could you help us to create a Near-Peru tag ?

@simeon4real @jiten123321 @Jloc could we add Near Peru to our Guild List and guide them through the next steps ?

Big hug everyone, cheers :beers:


All done, boss :raised_hands:


Menudo equipazo @rosamaria !

Wonderful dream team! :star_struck:

I have recently put together a proposal for NEAR Malaysia. I hope I strengthen the team over the next couple weeks in a similar way that you guys have done!

@FritzWorm, vaya cantera de Guilds que estas apadrinando, muchacho! :clap:


Sure it is my pleasure to help them with their guild and also very interested to meet with @rosamaria, so I would like to request @rosamaria to DM me over the forum with Telegram Id so I can add you to the Guild leaders TG and I would like to set up a 15 min call with you to understand more about your Guild.


Hello @rosamaria I’m Jose from the guild ops team. How is everything going with the guild? here is my discord if you want to talk or have any issues josel | NEAR#2233

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