[APPROVED] muti Guild September

Project/Council Members:




Target: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance: 6546,60 USD in Dai, N and $mmj

Previous report: [REPORT] muti Guild August

We would like to focus on the more consistent and promising projects in September, because they help us to grow as DAO and collective. We will also be working on the association, and be present at NEARCON (with the mutibazaar at the Metapoly event from the Kin DAO) & the @marmajfoundation Marma J Hacker House, onboard the new stipend artists and run another NFT fair.
We are also planning on experimenting with Astro to involve the community more, details will follow.

Projects to be funded:

  • muti sessions with CUDO DAO / 600 USD (we would like to merge August & September funds to shoot 2 artist sessions in one day)
  • Artist Stipends (2x300 + 200 admin (submission form, publication, evaluation, onboarding, minting & promo of final works) / 800 USD
  • Gear for Self-Sustainability 2 (next item to be bought are the CDJs once back in stock) / 1200 USD
  • NFT Fair September/ 250 USD
  • NFT Exhibition artist contribution / 300 USD as the exhibition was planned with one artist from LENS side only but there are 6 hrs to fill with music. Costs will cover caché / travel costs & 100 USD for the design fo flyer/social promo
  • Booking agent 30 hrs / 300 USD
  • Council matters / 1478 USD
    Total 4928 USD

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

The Marketing DAO has denied our last proposal (it would have worked for one more month but as we have been working in the physical world we have not been able to reply in time so it has been closed) so the council will take over the social media activities again from now on, in a scaled-down version.

At the end of September, we will accompany one of our artists to the MUMI festival in Galicia, as our association facilitated the application process. We are working on building out our physical equivalent and therefore will include a budget for the booking manager again, as this will help us to grow outside of the NEAR funding and onboard more artists. The not spent value from the last month will be invested in September so that the bookings can be worked on now that the festival season has ended.


  • muti sessions: DAO collaboration; more than 3k views from the last 3 videos, received 3 contact requests regarding this (booking manager from Portuguese artist, NF foundation content writer & filmmaker)
  • 3 articles published about muti and how NEAR is used for creative endeavors
  • NFT Fair Pt. 3: Collaboration of 5 DAOs buying NFTs, the value of around 1000 USD in N overall to flow into Mintbase creations and to support artists;
  • Stipend: 2 more artists who will be onboarded into the ecosystem & report/document their works to be shared
  • Gear: saving up for the sound system, will help the DAO to grow in the physical world as a collective, event producer and agency as well as become independent from funding.
  • NEAR platforms used by muti: NEARhub, Mintbase, Paras, Tamago, ref.finance, Astro DAO, NEARdrops, 3xr, NEARcribs
  • Platforms/Ways to showcase NEAR: Youtube, IG, FB, Twitter, Medium, our website, Linktree, muti bazaar for physical NFT redeemables

Dear Muti DAO,

Thank you for putting up the proposal. Happy to inform that your proposal has been approved by the Creatives Moderators. Notes:

  • Diverse activities that focus on artists & community building
  • Wide range of collaboration between guilds/DAOs
  • Detailed breakdown with reasonable price

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .

Thank you!


Thanks a lot!

Here is the poll for the budget:


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